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Synchronized Skating

photo of figure skaters

Synchronized Skating is one of the fast growing disciplines of the four disciplines that are offered through US Figure Skating. 8-16 skaters performing footwork, difficult formations and intersections at high speeds require skill in many areas, including individual, dance and pairs. Moreover, one must understand team concept, respect and sportsmanship.

Delaware Synchronized Skating is about having PASSION for what you do no matter what your age is or skating level. It's about pushing yourself further then you think you can go in y our personal goals, as well as the team's goals. we are about living what you do, loving those that are sharing the sport with you, striving to be the very best you can be, as well as becoming a better person through the work that your put into your team and the program.

We always believe that reaching out to the community in the name of our program not only builds character on the ice, but gives us life skills that we can take with us in other areas of our lives. we have contributed to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, various cancer evens including Relay for Life, Cool Kids Campaign, Pockets Full of Hope & the Hurricane Relief Fund.

At Delaware, Synchronized Skating enhances each and every one of our skater's lives by offering a place for our skaters to make lifelong friendships, learn about teamwork and cooperation, travel to different places and meet a diverse group of people, as well as developing life skills such as time management, a solid work ethic and integrity.

What's great about Delaware is you can skate at any age and at any level. you can experience beginner level synchronized skating as a child and as an adult, as well as advance through the levels and earm a spot on our higher elite competitive teams.

Delaware Synchronized Skating is a place where skaters can grow in a fun, yet hard working environment. We offer a place for skaters who want to start and continue their own ... lifelong passion.

The Delaware's Synchronized Skating Program currently has 10 teams. This makes our program one of the largest synchronized skating programs in the United States.

During the 2009-10 season, our programs sent 4 teams to the National Championships, in Minneapolis, MN.

Please visit our website for more information:

Program is independent operated and not part of the University of Delaware.

Delaware Teams

For more information about the levels of teams and their contact information visit the Web sites listed below.

    — Team Delaware

    — Collegiate Team

    — U.S. Figure Skating















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