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Coach Profile


Name: Scott Gregory

Phone: 302-275-7664





National and International Coach

1988, 1987 National Senior Dance Champion

1984, 1988 Olympian

7 time World team member

Member of the Delaware Sports Museum Hall of Fame, inducted in 2017

1983 Skate America and Skate Canada Dance Champion

1978 National Jr Dance Champion Freestyle

Member of the Professional Skating Accociation (P.S.A.) and United States Figure Skating Association (U.S.F.S.A.)

Years of Experience: 27, Freestyle, Moves in the field, Dance, Stroking and edge work, Harness Specialty in Video Analysis using Dartfish software since 2003.

Awards & Honors:

Award for Commitment to Excellence in the sport of figure skating, presented from the Univesity of Delaware High Performance figure skating center in 2011.

Award of gratitude presented from the Skaneateles figure skating club 1998

Gold Seal Award for Leukemia 1982

Honorary spokes person for Spcial Olympics 1984

Olympic Torch Carrier 1995

Current & Past Clients:

Tara Lipinski, Patrick Chan and Kimmie Meissner.

Past Intermediate and Junior Dance champions

Skating coaches that taught me Richard Callaghan, Ron Ludington, Robbie Kaine, Diane Agle, Jill Cosgrove, Mike Pakin.

Author of the book "Champion Mindset", refusing to give up your dreams, dealing with overcoming adversity.

Currently have a skating seminar to help promote the sport of figure skating called "The Ice Revolution Figure skating Seminar"






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