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Check for Yourself or Tell 'Em What You Think

Write Public Officials

During the semester I make a many arguments or statements that differ sharply from what politicians have been saying. You may or may not agree with my interpretation, but as educated people you have the responsibility to question my arguments and conclusions. One way to do so is to ask for different opinions. So way not drop your senator or representative or some other public official a line asking for their side of the story? Here are some addresses. All you have to do is click and type a message.

In addition, contacting public officials is also a good way to investigate first hand claims and counter-claims about the internet and democracy. I believe, for instance, that its advantages and potentials are greatly exaggerated; that it will not link us to the political system in any meaningful way. So, why don't you explore this idea by writing to an official to see if he or she responds meaningfully. Again, it take little effort on your part to find out something about this important issue. And, please let me know what you find out.

Here are the e-mail addresses of some senators and representatives from the region. Note, that many members of congress (especially Republicans) do not yet have e-mail addresses.)

C-Span Congressional Directory


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