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Applied Statistics Courses Offered Every Semester

These courses provide a two semester introduction to applied statistics for social and policy scientists. They cover topics students need in order to understand as well as carry out empirical analysis.

Both are continuously available from The Division of Continuing Education as so-called FOCUS classes. FOCUS classes, intended primarily for "distance learners" or people who cannot easily come to the campus, permit one to study the subject matter at a comfortable speed. They give individuals great flexibility because they are "taken" at one's own pace, subject to university and department requirements. My classes involve approximately 26 vido tapes per course. Each tape consists of one class and is accompanied by an extensive set of notes. Using this format one can move at one's own pace, review material as needed, skip sections that may be easily understood and the like.

As assignments (there are 11 per course) are completed, I evaluate them and return to the student. The classes do not have exams (final or otherwise) or long research reports. Instead, each person is asked to show mastery of the concepts and techniques by using "real" data that I supply to answer substantive or theorectical questions.