POSC 105

Review Questions for the Third Test

Recall that I said "within" government negotiations are often as difficult as between (or inter-government) bargaining. Policy does not flow from a simple presidential command or directive but results from bureaucratic in-fighting.

You had to be in class to know this. Remember that I talked about how the AEC used outside consultants to evaluate the safety of nuclear reactors and that the consultants came or worked for the nuclear industry.

I can't stress this point enough.

Besides being a central point in the film, I mentioned it explicitly in class.

Parties do not contribute as much as PACs. So, to whom will a candidate feel obligated to support if elected?

Note: I stressed that public financing applies only to presidential elections. A hotly debated idea or proposal is to extend such funding to congressional elections. But that reform has not yet been accepted.

Again, I suggest that you follow the strategy I have mentioned several times before: read the question and think about the general proposition or point that it addresses before looking at the alternatives. As you do, ask "what would I expect one of the choices to be?" Then pick the best response.

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