POSC 105


First set

Questions on the first test will resemble the ones here. Most of these appeared on class quizzes. The wording and choices on the final version may differ. So you make sure that you understand concepts or ideas involved. Don't look just at the line with the check mark. Read all of the alternatives to see why the checked one is best. Note also that one alternative is clearly better thant the others, even if by some wild stretch of the imagination another one is a possiblity.

  1. Which of these best represents the idea of popular sovereignty? (Circle the best response.)
    1. To be effective a government must be popular with its citizens
    2. Check markLegitimate power of government flows from the will and consent of the people.
    3. Legitimate power of government flows only from the Constitution.
    4. Legitimate power of government flows from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

  2. Which of these has been offered as an objection to populist or popular government?
    1. The people do not possess the knowledge, wisdom, and experience to govern.
    2. The people would look for or protect only their immediate short-term needs and interests.
    3. The people are really not that interested in governing themselves.
    4. Check mark All of the above.

  3. Which of these statements comes closest to the lecturer's argument or thinking about democracy?
    1. Check mark Political institutions have to encourage and facilitate public participation.
    2. Although political institutions can provide opportunities for participation, the people have the sole responsibility to take part in public affairs.
    3. Political institutions can not prevent determined citizens from participating in government.
    4. Political institutions aren't an important part of the definition of democracy.

  4. Which of these best statements best describes the "exclusionary" rule?"
    1. Evidence obtained from an arrest may be excluded from the defense in a criminal trial.
    2. Evidence obtained from an illegal arrest may be excluded from jurors but not the judge in a criminal trial.
    3. Check mark Evidence obtained from an illegal search or seizure may be excluded from evidence in a criminal trial.
    4. Evidence obtained from an illegal search or seizure may only be excluded from the jury in a criminal trial if the prosecution agrees.

  5. Which of these statements about the controversy over government spending is true?
    1. Check mark It is a "defining" or fundamental issue because how it is resolved affects how other public problems are handled.
    2. Only Republicans and conservatives care about it.
    3. It is no longer a major issue since both President Clinton and Democrats in Congress agree that the budget must be balanced.
    4. Most economists don't think it is much of a concern and feel Congress should spend its time on social legislation such as abortion and child abuse.

  6. Which of these statements about federal government spending is most accurate?
    1. Check mark Spending on mandatory and entitlement programs has increased since 1965 whereas outlays for discretionary programs have remained constant or even declined.
    2. Expenditures for entitlements mostly benefit the lower class while discretionary spending mostly helps the wealthy
    3. Public assistance (i.e., welfare) is now the largest part of the federal budget.
    4. Federal expenditures have increased despite public opposition to most government programs.

  7. How does the federal government's budget differ from a business or household budget?
    1. They do not differ.
    2. The federal budget distinguishes between outlays for investments in human and physical capital while business and house hold budgets do not.
    3. The federal budget hides a great deal of waste whereas business and household budgets do not.
    4. Check mark The federal budget counts every outlay or expenditure as consumption.

  8. Which of these can be considered an investment in "human" capital?
    1. Health care
    2. Education and training.
    3. Check mark Both health care and education and training.
    4. None of these.

  9. One can argue that the size of the national debt is frequently overestimated because people do not take into account
    1. the government's assets.
    2. the fact that a large portion of this debt is owed to the government itself.
    3. the fact that government bonds and securities are considered a very safe, if conservative, investment.
    4. Check mark All of the above.

  10. Fiscal policy attempts to manipulate _____________ to control aggregate demand.
    1. interest rates and bonds
    2. taxes and government spending
    3. tax increases and deficits
    4. employment and inflation

  11. Pump priming is an attempt to
    1. Check mark stimulate the economy by cutting taxes and/or increasing spending.
    2. decrease aggregate demand.
    3. accelerate or increase unemployment.
    4. All of the above.

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