Action Verbs list

ACCEPTS To receive; to regard as true, proper, normal, inevitable.
ACCOMPLISHES To execute fully; to attain.
ACCOUNTS To give a report on; to furnish a justifying analysis or explanation.
ACCUMULATES To collect; to gather.
ACHIEVES To bring to a successful conclusion.
ACKNOWLEDGES To report the receipt of.
ACQUIRES To come into possession of.
ACTIVATES To mobilize; to set into motion.
ACTS To perform a specified function to carry out a purpose; to exert one's powers in such a way as to bring about an effect.
ADAPTS To suit or fit by modification.
ADDS To affix or attach to; to perform mathematical addition of figures.
ADHERES To give support or maintain loyalty; to be consistent; to hold fast or stick; to bind oneself to observance; to follow closely; to carry out without deviation.
ADJUSTS To bring to a more satisfactory state; to bring the parts of something to a true or more effective position.
ADMINISTERS To verify, secure and ensure compliance with policies.
ADMITS To permit to enter or to join.
ADOPTS To take up and apply or put into practice; to accept, as a report.
ADVANCES To bring or move forward; to accelerate the growth or progress of; to raise to a higher rank; to promote; to bring forward for notice, consideration or acceptance; to make progress; to raise in rate.
ADVISES To recommend a course of action (not simply to tell or inform); to offer an informed opinion based on specialized knowledge.
ADVOCATES To recommend or speak in favor of.
AFFIRMS To assert positively; to confirm; to ratify.
AFFIXES To secure an object to another; to attach.
AIDS To help or assist; to give help or assistance to.
ALIGNS To arrange in a line; to array.
ALLOTS To assign as a share.
ALTERS To make different; to modify.
AMMENDS To change or modify for the better.
ANALYZES To separate into elements and critically examine to arrive at a conclusion; to study the factors of a situation or problem in order to determine the solution or outcome.
ANTICIPATES To foresee events, trends, consequences, or problems and deal with in advance.
ANWSERS To speak or vote in reply.
APPLIES To put to use for a purpose; to employ diligently or with close attention.
APPOINTS To name officially.
APPRAISES To give an expert judgment of worth or merit; to evaluate as to quality, status or effectiveness.
APPROPRIATES To take exclusive possession of; to set apart for or assign to a particular purpose or use; to take without permission.
APPROVES To accept as satisfactory; to exercise final authority with regard to commitment of resources; to sanction officially; to ratify (thereby assuming responsibility for).
ARRANGES To prepare for an event; to put in proper order; to form or fit into a systematic whole.
ARTICULATES To pronounce distinctly; to express in coherent verbal form.
ASCERTAINS To find out or discover through examination; to find out or learn for a certainty.
ASSEMBLES To collect or gather together in a predetermined order from various sources.
ASSERTS To state or declare positively.
ASSESSES To determine value of; to evaluate.
ASSIGNS To specify or designate tasks or duties to be performed by others; legally to transfer or make over to another.
ASSISTS To give aid or support.
ASSUMES To undertake; to take for granted; to take to or upon oneself.
ASSURES To state confidently; to make certain of; to confirm.
ATTACHES To connect; to bind or affix to; to fasten; to tie.
ATTAINS To come into possession of; to arrive at.
ATTENDS To be present for the purpose of making a contribution.
AUDITS To examine officially with intent to verify.
AUTHORIZES To approve; to empower through vested authority.
AVERTS To turn away or aside; to see coming and ward off.
AWARDS To confer or bestow.
BALANCES To compute the difference between the debits and credits of an account; to reconcile accounts; to arrange or prove so that the sum of one group equals the sum of another.
BATCHES To assemble into a group for one operation.
BUDGETS To plan expenditures.
BUILDS To construct.
CALCULATES To make a mathematical computation.
CALLS To communicate with by telephone; to summon; to announce.
CANCELS To mark out; to invalidate; to strike out, cross out, or revoke.
CAPITALIZES To write or print with an initial capital or in capitals; to convert into capital; to compute the present value of; to supply capital for.
CARRIES OUT To put into execution; to bring to a successful issue; to continue to an end or stopping point.
CERTIFIES To confirm as accurate or true.
CHARTS To draw or plot data (as on a graph); to make a detailed plan.
CHECKS To verify; to compare with a source for verification; to examine.
CIRCULATES To pass from person to person or place to place; to disseminate.
CLARIFIES To make easier to understand; to explain.
CLASSIFIES To arrange or organize according to systematic groups, classes or categories.
CLOSES To bring to a conclusion; to bar passage; to shut; to suspend or stop operations; to end or terminate.
COACHES To teach or train; to tutor.
CODES To use symbols or characters (letters or numbers) to represent words or figures.
COLLABORATES To work jointly with; to cooperate with others.
COLLATES To organize or assemble in a predetermined sequence.
COLLECTS To gather; to assemble; to accumulate.
COMMANDS To direct authoritatively; to order or request to be given; to give orders; to dominate from an elevated position.
COMMUNICATES To impart a verbal or written message; to transmit information.
COMPARES To examine for the purpose of discovering resemblances or differences.
COMPILES To put together information; to collect from other documents.
COMPLETES To finish; to fully carry out.
COMPLIES To act in accordance with rules or requests.
COMPOSES To make by putting parts together; to create, to write (an original letter, report, instructions, etc.).
COMPREHENDS To grasp mentally; to understand.
COMPUTES To determine or calculate mathematically.
CONCURS To agree with a position, statement, action or opinion.
CONDENSES To make more compact.
CONDUCTS To carry on; to direct the execution of.
CONFERS To compare views; to consult.
CONFIRMS To give approval to; to assure the validity of.
CONFORMS To bring into harmony or agreement; to adapt oneself to prevailing standards or customs.
CONSIDERS To think about with care or caution.
CONSOLIDATES To bring together; to combine.
CONSTRUCTS To make or form by combining parts; to draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions; to arrange or set in order mentally.
CONSULTS To seek advice of others; to give professional advice or services; to confer.
CONTACTS To communicate with.
CONTINUES To maintain without interruption a condition, course, or action; to remain in existence.
CONTRACTS To establish or undertake by contract;
CONTRIBUTES To supply or give something; to submit for publication.
CONTROLS To measure, interpret, and evaluate actions for conformance with plans or desired results; to exercise directly, guiding or restraining power over.
CONVERTS To alter the physical or chemical nature of something; to alter for more effective utilization.
CONVEYS To move from one place to another; to transport; to communicate.
CONVINCES To persuade; to cause others to believe something, using evidence and/or argument.
COOPERATES To associate with another or others for mutual benefit.
COORDINATES To regulate, adjust, or combine the actions of others to attain harmony; to bring into common action or condition according to established policies..
COPIES To duplicate an original; to transfer or reproduce information.
CORRECTS To make or set right; to alter or adjust to conform to a standard; to rectify.
CORRELATES To establish or demonstrate a casual, complementary, parallel, or reciprocal relation.
CORRESPONDS To communicate with.
COUNSELS To give advice or guidance; to consult with.
CREATES To bring into existence; to produce through imaginative skill.
DEBUGS To detect, locate, and remove mistakes from a routine of malfunctions from a computer.
DECIDES To arrive at a solution; to bring to a definitive end.
DEDICATES To set apart to a definite use; to become committed to.
DEDUCES To derive a conclusion by reasoning (inference in which the conclusion follows necessarily from the premises); to reach a conclusion by mental deduction.
DELEGATES To commission another to perform tasks or duties which may carry specific degrees of accountability and authority; to entrust to the care or management of another.
DELETES To strike out or remove.
DELIVERS To set free; to convey; to send to an intended destination.
DEMONSTRATES To illustrate and explain, especially with examples.
DESCRIBES To represent by a figure, model, or picture; to trace the outline of; to give an account of in words.
DESIGNS To conceive, create, and execute according to plan.
DETERMINES To resolve; to fix conclusively or authoritatively; to decide.
DEVELOPS To disclose, discover, perfect, or unfold a plan or idea.
DEVISES To form in the mind by new combinations or applications of ideas or principles; to invent.
DICTATES To read or speak information to be recorded or written by another.
DIRECTS To guide work operations through the establishment of objectives, policies, rules, practices, methods, and standards; to govern or control.
DISASSEMBLES To take apart.
DISCIPLINES To penalize individuals or groups whose behavior is contrary to established rules and regulations.
DISCUSSES To exchange views for the purpose of arriving at a conclusion.
DISPATCHES To send off, or forward, to known destination or on specific business.
DISPLAYS To show; to spread before the view.
DISPOSES To sell or get rid of
DISSEMINATES To spread or disperse information or ideas.
DISTINGUISHES To perceive as being separate or different; to separate into kinds, classes, or categories.
DISTRIBUTES To deliver to proper destination; to pass around; to allot.
DIVERTS To turn from one course or use to another.
DIVIDES To separate into classes or parts.
DOCUMENTS To provide with factual or substantial support for statements made or a hypothesis proposed; to equip with exact references to authoritative supporting information.
DRAFTS To prepare papers or documents in a preliminary form.
DRAWS To compose or write up, following a set procedure or form (as in a contract); to pull or move something.
EDITS To revise and prepare material (written, film, tape, soundtrack) for publication or display.
EFFECTS To bring about; to accomplish.
ELABORATES To work out in detail; to give details.
ELECTS To choose or select carefully.
ELIMINATES To get rid of; to set aside as unimportant.
EMPLOYS To make use of; to use or engage the services of; to provide with a job that pays wages or a salary.
ENCOMPASSES To form a circle about; to envelop; to include.
ENCOURAGES To inspire with spirit or hope; to give help or patronage to.
ENDORSES To support or recommend.
ENFORCES To execute vigorously; to exercise executive or police power (refers to laws and statutes).
ENGAGES To interlock with; to mesh; to provide occupation for; to arrange to obtain the use or services of.
ENHANCES To increase or make greater.
ENLISTS To engage for duty; to secure the support and aid of.
ENSURES To make sure, certain, or safe; to guarantee.
ESTABLISHES To bring into existence; to institute.
ESTIMATES To forecast future requirements.
EVALUATES To determine or fix the value of; to appraise.
EXAMINES To inspect closely; to investigate; to scrutinize.
EXCHANGES To give or take one thing in return for another.
EXCLUDES To shut out; to bar from participation, consideration, or inclusion.
EXECUTES To put into effect; to carry out.
EXERCISES To exert influence or authority; to train by drills and maneuvers; to use repeatedly in order to strengthen and develop.
EXPECTS To look forward; to consider probable or certain.
EXPEDITES To accelerate the process or progress of.
EXPRESSES To represent in words; to make known one's feelings or opinions.
EXTRACTS To draw forth; to withdraw; to separate; to determine by calculation.
FACILITATES To make easier or less difficult.
FEEDS To move into a machine or opening in order to be used or processed; to furnish with something essential for growth, sustenance, maintenance, or operation.
FIGURES To compute.
FILES To arrange in a methodical manner; to rub smooth or cut away with a tool.
FINALIZES To put in finished form.
FINDS To encounter; to locate or come upon by searching or effort.
FLAGS To mark in some distinctive manner.
FOLLOWS UP To pursue closely in order to check progress; to see if results are satisfactory.
FORECASTS To predict; to estimate in advance.
FORMULATES To develop or devise.
FOSTERS To promote the growth or development of.
FULFILLS To put into effect; to bring to an end; to measure up to; to develop the ful1 potentiality of.
FUNCTIONS To act or operate as; to serve.
FURNISHES To provide what is needed; to supply.
GATHERS To collect; to harvest; to accumulate and place in order.
GENERATES To bring into existence; to cause to be; to produce.
GIVES To grant or bestow; to administer; to make a present of.
GOVERNS To exercise continuous sovereign authority over; to control and direct the making and administration of authority over; to hold in check; to have decisive influence.
GRASPS To make the motion of seizing.
GUARANTEES To secure; to answer for the debt, default, or miscarriage of.
GUIDES To show or lead the way to; to manage the affairs of; to influence the conduct or opinions of.
HIRES To engage the services of for a set sum; to employ.
IDENTIFIES To establish the identity of; to associate with some interest.
IMPLEMENTS To carry out; to execute a plan or program; to give effect to.
IMPORTS To bring from a foreign or external source.
IMPROVES To make something better.
INDICATES To show; to demonstrate with precision.
INFORMS To communicate information or knowledge; to acquaint.
INITIATES To start; to introduce; to originate.
INNOVATES To exercise imagination or creativity in introducing something new or in making changes that lead to improvement.
INSERTS To put (something) into, between, or among other materials; to introduce, as a word in a sentence.
INSPECTS To examine or determine; to critically analyze for suitability.
INSTALLS To set in position or adjust use; to settle in a certain place or condition, or status; to set up for use in office.
INSTITUTES To organize, establish, and set in operation; to begin.
INSTRUCTS To teach; to coach; to impart or communicate knowledge; to direct or order.
INSURES To cover with insurance; to make certain.
INTEGRATES To unify; to make whole by putting all parts or elements together.
INTERPRETS To give the meaning of; to explain to others; to elucidate.
INTERVIEWS To obtain facts or opinions through inquiry or examination of various sources.
INVENTORIES To catalog or to count and list.
INVENTS To think up or imagine; to create.
INVESTIGATES To observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry.
INVESTS To spend or use time, money or effort to achieve a future benefit.
ISSUES To put forth or to distribute officially.
ITEMIZES To list; to write down in detail.
JUDGES To form an authoritative opinion; to determine and pronounce after inquiry and deliberation.
JUSTIFIES To prove or show to be right or reasonable; to align words such that both left- and right-hand margins are in line (typing term).
KEEPS To hold or retain; to maintain.
LEADS To guide or direct on a course or in the direction of; to channel; to direct the operations of.
LEARNS To gain knowledge or understanding of.
LISTS To enumerate; to enter into a catalog with a selling price; to itemize.
LOADS To place in or on a means of conveyance; to increase the weight of by adding something heavy.
LOCATES To find, determine, or specify by means of searching, examining, or experimenting; to seek and find.
MAINTAINS To continue; to carry on; to keep current or in an existing state, as records or files.
MAKES To cause to happen to; to cause to exist, occur, or appear; to create; to bring into being by forming, shaping, or altering material.
MANAGES To direct, control, or make or keep compliant.
MARKETS To expose for sale; to sell.
MATCHES To set in competition with; to provide with a worthy competitor; to cause to correspond.
MEASURES To determine length, width, or quantity of.
MEDIATES To interpose with parties to reconcile them; to reconcile differences.
MEETS To cope with; to come together from different directions; to provide for.
MENTORS To serve as a mentor or coach for
MERGES To combine items from two or more similarly ordered sets into one set that is arranged in the same order.
MIXES To unite or blend into one group or mass.
MODIFIES To make less extreme; to limit or restrict the meaning of; to make minor changes in.
MONITORS To watch; to observe; to check for a specific purpose.
MOTIVATES To arouse or stimulate to action.
MOVES To go from one point to another; to begin operating or functioning or working in a usual way.
NEGOTIATES To confer with others with a view to reaching agreement.
NOTES To observe; to recognize.
NOTIFIES To make known; to inform.
OBSERVES To see, notice, or watch something or someone.
OBTAINS To acquire or gain possession of.
OCCUPIES To take possession of; to fill.
OMITS To leave out; to disregard.
OPENS To make available for entry or passage; to make accessible; to expose to view; to disclose.
OPPOSES To resist; to withstand; to place opposite or against.
ORGANIZES To arrange; to systematize or methodize.
ORIENTS To cause to become aware of, familiar with, or adjusted to facts, principles, procedures, or situations.
ORIGINATES To create; to invent or produce as new.
OUTLINES To make a summary of significant features.
OVERCOMES To get the better of; to gain superiority.
OVERSEES To watch over and direct; to superintend; to supervise.
PARTICIPATES To join or share with others; take part.
PERFORMS To fulfill or carry out some action; to accomplish; to execute.
PERMITS To consent to; to authorize; to make possible.
PERSUADES To move by argument or entreaty to a belief, position, or course of action.
PLACES To locate and choose positions for.
PLANS To devise or project the realization or achievement of a course of action.
POSTS To record information in ledgers or other forms from another source.
PRACTICES To perform or work at repeatedly in order to gain proficiency.
PREDICTS To declare in advance; to foretell on the basis of observation, experience or scientific reason.
PREPARES To make ready for a particular purpose.
PRESCRIBES To establish as a rule or guide.
PRESENTS To introduce; to bestow; to lay as a charge before the court; to offer to view.
PRESERVES To keep, guard, or observe; to keep safe, to protect; to keep free from decay; to maintain.
PREVENTS To stop something from occurring; to take advance measures against.
PRICES To fix, establish, or find out the value of.
PROCEEDS To begin to carry out an action.
PROCESSES To subject to some special treatment; to handle in accordance with a prescribed procedure.
PROCURES To obtain possession of; to bring about.
PRODUCES To grow; to make, bear, or yield something; to offer to view or notice; to exhibit.
PROGRAMS To arrange or work out a sequence of operations to be performed; to make a plan or procedure.
PROJECTS To extend forward; to present for consideration; to communicate vividly, especially to an audience.
PROMOTES To advance to a higher level or position.
PROOFREADS To read (copy or printer's proof) against the original manuscript for corrections.
PROPOSES To form or declare a plan or intention.
PROVIDES To supply what is needed; to furnish.
PUBLICIZES To give information concerning a person, group, event or product through various communications media to attract public attention.
PULLS To haul; to tow; to remove, as in filing.
PURCHASES To buy or procure by committing organizational funds.
QUANTIFIES To make explicit the logical amount of; to determine or express the amount of.
QUESTIONS To interrogate; to doubt; to dispute; to inquire.
RATES To assess the value of; to appraise; to arrange in sequence of rank.
READS To interpret; to scan; to study the movements of; to understand the meaning of; to utter aloud the printed written words of.
REALIZES To understand clearly; to get by sale, investment, or effort.
REASONS To use the faculty of reason (the power of comprehending, inferring or thinking, especially in orderly rational ways).
RECEIVES To acquire; to come into possession of; to take something that is offered or sent; to admit or welcome guests or visitors..
RECOGNIZES To perceive clearly; to acknowledge with a show of appreciation.
RECOMMENDS To advise or counsel a course of action; to offer or suggest for adoption.
RECONCILES To adjust; to restore to harmony; to make congruous.
RECONSTRUCTS To rebuild; to reorganize or reestablish; to restore.
RECORDS To register; to set down in writing.
RECRUITS To seek out others to become new members, students or personnel.
RECTIFIES To correct by calculation or adjustment; to remedy; to set right.
REDUCES To narrow down; to diminish in size or amount; to abridge; to lower in grade or rank.
REFERS To send or direct for aid, treatment, information, or decision; to direct attention; to make reference to.
REFLECTS To think calmly and quietly; to give back as an image, likeness, or outline; to make apparent.
REGARDS To pay attention to; to take into consideration; to relate to.
REGISTERS To enter in a record; to enroll formally or officially.
REGULATES To govern or direct according to rule; to bring under the control of law; to fix or adjust the time, amount, or degree of.
REINFORCES To strengthen with additional forces or additions.
REJECTS To refuse to have, use, or take for some purpose; to refuse to hear, receive, or admit.
RELATES To show or establish logical or causal connection between; to have meaningful social relationships.
RELEASES To set free as in releasing information; to permit the publication or dissemination of.
RELIES To depend on.
REMITS To send money in payment of; to submit or refer for consideration, judgement, decision, or action.
REMOVES To change the location, station or residence of; to dismiss from office.
RENDERS To furnish an opinion; to answer.
REPORTS To give an account of; to furnish information or data.
REPRESENTS To act in the place of or for.
REQUESTS To ask for something.
REQUIRES To have as a requisite; to call for as suitable or appropriate; to demand as necessary.
REQUISITIONS To make a request for, as in records or supplies; to ask in writing for something that is needed.
RESCINDS To make void; to repeal.
RESEARCHES To inquire specifically, using involved and critical investigations.
RESPONDS To answer; to show favorable reaction.
RESTRICTS To confine within bounds; to restrain.
RETRIEVES To regain; to rescue.
REVIEWS To consider; to reexamine; to analyze results for the purpose of giving an opinion.
REVISES To rework in order to correct or improve; to make a new, improved, or up-to-date version.
ROUTES To forward; to schedule or dispatch; to prearrange and direct locations to which an article is to be sent.
SATISFIES To carry out the terms of (a contract); to meet financial obligations; to make reparation to; to please.
SCANS To examine to search in order to locate specific data or information; to scrutinize.
SCHEDULES To plan a timetable; to set specific times for.
SCREENS To examine in orderly fashion to determine suitability or acceptability (as in appraising potential employees); to select.
SEARCHES To examine; to probe; to make a thorough examination or investigation of.
SECURES To gain possession of; to guarantee; to make safe; to obtain.
SEEKS To try to find or discover; to try to obtain or reach; to make a search or investigation.
SELECTS To choose the best suited.
SELLS To give up property to another for money or other valuable consideration.
SENDS To dispatch by means of communication; to convey.
SEPARATES To set apart.
SERVES To assist; to be of use; to hold office.
SETS UP To cause a condition to come into effect; to put in operation.
SHOWS To display; to give indication; to point out to someone.
SIGNS To formally approve or ratify a document by affixing one's signature.
SIMPLIFIES To clarify; to reduce to basic essentials.
SOLICITS To approach with a request or plea; to strongly urge.
SOLVES To find a solution for.
SORTS To separate or arrange according to a scheme; to rank by kind. class, division, etc.
SPEAKS To express oneself using words; to deliver an address or lecture.
SPECIFIES To state precisely in detail or to name explicitly.
SPENDS To use up or pay out.
STACKS To pile up.
STANDARDIZES To bring into conformity to something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or criterion.
STIMULATES To excite to activity; to urge; to rouse or spur on.
STRENGTHENS To make stronger.
STRIVES To endeavor; to devote serious effort or energy.
STRUCTURES To give arrangement or form to; to arrange or organize.
STUDIES To contemplate; to carefully examine or investigate; to deliberate.
SUBMITS To present data for the discretion or judgement of others.
SUMMARIZES To restate material (facts, figures, etc.) briefly; to make an abstract.
SUPERVISES To personally oversee, direct, inspect, or guide the work of others with responsibility for meeting certain standards of performance.
SUPPLIES To furnish something that is needed; to provide; to equip.
SUPPORTS To promote the interests or cause of; to argue or vote for; to pay the costs of; to hold up or serve as a foundation for.
SURVEYS To examine as to condition, situation, or value.
SUSTAINS To give support or relief to; to prolong; to support by adequate proof.
TABULATES To put in table form; to set up in columns or rows; to make a listing.
TAKES To assume possession of; to grasp; to gain approval of.
TERMINATES To bring to an end; to conclude.
TESTS To put to proof; to examine, observe, or evaluate critically.
TOTALS To add up; to compute.
TRACES To locate something by searching or researching evidence; to copy, as a drawing.
TRAINS To teach, demonstrate, or guide others in order to bring up to a predetermined standard.
TRANSCRIBES To transfer data from one form of record to another or from one method of preparation to another, without changing the nature of data.
TRANSLATES To turn into one's own or another language.
TRANSMITS To transfer or send from one person or place to another; to send out a signal either by radio waves or over a wire.
TRANSPOSES To change the usual order of.
TREATS To regard and deal with in a specified manner; to provide care for or deal with medically.
TURNS To make rotate/revolve; to cause to move around so as to effect a desired end (as locking, opening, shutting); to reverse the sides or surfaces of.
TYPES To write using a typewriter or keyboard; to arrange by categories.
UNDERSTANDS To grasp the meaning of; to have thorough or technical acquaintance with or expertness in the practice of.
UPDATES To bring current.
USES To put into action or service; to consume or take; to act with regard to.
UTILIZES To make use of.
VERIFIES To confirm or establish authenticity; to substantiate; to prove to be true.
VISITS To go or come to see in a professional capacity.
WEIGHS To ascertain the heaviness of; to consider carefully.
WRITES To set down letters, words, sentences, or figures on paper or other suitable material; to author; to draft.