Sample Responsibility Statements

Sample responsibility statements are intended to assist University employees in composing responsibility statements for the position description and the Job Documentation Questionnaire. The statements below are arranged by job focus and representative of the sentence structure to be used. When writing your own individual responsibility statements, please remember to:

  • Describe fundamental responsibilities as they currently exist and which account for five percent or more of the work;
  • List responsibilities of this job in descending order of importance;
  • Use clear and concise language; closely related duties should be grouped together in one responsibility statement;
  • Begin each sentence with an action verb;
  • Avoid gender-based language.

Sample statements for:


Identifies, solicits, cultivates, and stewards donors and donor prospects including corporations, foundations, and individuals.

Oversees the planning and coordination of fund-raising activities including television on-air, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns, and special events including banquets.

Writes solicitation proposals, reports, press releases, and communication materials.

Assists in short- and long-range strategic planning activities to create and implement fund-raising goals and objectives.

Designs and produces promotional materials including brochures, newsletters, and flyers.

Maintains database files and records including those used to track contributions and maintains accurate mailing lists.

Develops and maintains a comprehensive list of press, media, and community communication mediums; writes, produces, and distributes press kits, feature stories, calendar listings, public service announcements and other items for all sponsored events.

Conducts media relations efforts; establishes and maintains contacts with key media personnel; develops and implements press conferences, photo sessions, and press/media events.

Assists in the development of and manages production and delivery of publications, including season brochures, flyers, posters, direct mail promotions, calendars, and other marketing support materials; writes, designs, and produces materials.

Assists in the development and implementation of a variety of special events and promotional activities.

Develops and manages a promotional display and signage program.

Assists with sales and market analyses of public relations programs.

Interacts with donors and prospective donors to cultivate and increase support.

Oversees the maintenance of database records and files, including those used to track donor and gift information.

Coordinates and produces a range of financial, budget, and ad hoc reports, proposals, and analyses for management.

Maintains official records of endowments, scholarships, major gifts, and other contributions; prepares a variety of financial, statistical, and analytical reports for management and departmental use.

Plans, develops, and implements student recruitment strategies, goals and objectives, and administers and evaluates all recruitment activities for the school.

Oversees and coordinates the student applications process, and the development of applicant data; reviews and screens first-year, transfer, and visitor applications, and participates as a committee member in decision making regarding acceptance of applications.

Advises prospective and accepted students on a broad range of issues pertaining to admissions/acceptance standards and requirements, and financial and administrative assistance programs and resources.

Develops and administers operating policies and procedures pertaining to student admissions which are in compliance with related federal/state regulations and guidelines and overall University and school policies.

Develops and publishes various student recruitment and admissions materials; responds to external inquiries from a range of constituencies with regard to admissions and financial aid.

Oversees, coordinates, and administers the financial aid function for the school, to include grant aid and merit awards to students; interprets and implements financial aid policies, regulations, and procedures; directly participates in the solicitation of funding for financial aid programs.

Acts as principal liaison with the University Financial Aid Office in the provision of financial assistance for students and in the resolution of financial aid problems.

Plans, develops, and presents seminars, publications, and information materials regarding student admissions and financial aid programs.

Keeps abreast of current national and regional trends and data in student admissions and financial assistance programs; prepares and presents comprehensive written reports.

Represents the organization at various community and/or business meetings; promotes existing and new programs and/or policies.

Identifies, gathers, and summarizes bibliographic materials from both University and external resources for monthly higher education publication

Reads and summarizes research materials that have bearing on higher education to maintain information as a reference resource for articles.

Edits and proofreads documents to check for adherence to standards of usage and publishing style.


Plans, coordinates, and conducts scientific research requiring judgment in the independent evaluation, selection, and substantial adaptation and modification of standard scientific techniques.

Demonstrates and applies thorough understanding of scientific methods, research protocols, assessment instruments, and data interpretation.

Designs, performs, and/or oversees experiments and data collection to ensure data integrity, quality control, and protocol compliance.

Collects, analyzes, and interprets data; prepares statistical and narrative reports and/or graphs, as appropriate to the specific position; prepares manuscripts for publication; presents research results to scientific conferences and other groups.

Performs most research assignments independently with instructions as to the general results expected.

Ensures proper care in the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies; promotes workplace safety.

Maintains a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or systems.

Searches computer databases for reference works, literature, documents, newspaper articles, and statistical records to obtain data on assigned subject for research projects.

Analyzes data and prepares statistical models to evaluate validity of information utilized in the assigned research project.

Writes reports and presents data to professional groups in formats such as abstracts, graphs, bibliographies, or maps to convey mutual understanding of the research findings and results.

Interviews individuals to seek answers to research questions and to obtain data in accordance with study protocol.

Develops technical manuals and reports on the operation of complex apparatus uses in instructional and demonstration laboratories to assist laboratory workers in proper use of facilities and equipment.


Conducts scheduled counseling sessions with each first-year student for the purpose of monitoring progress toward individual goal achievement.

Plans and implements life and study skill workshops and special orientation sessions to enhance student's university experience.

Provides accurate, relevant information to students regarding financial aid and post-secondary educational institutions to assist students in making appropriate informed selections.

Promotes communication among various University-wide programs and services which aid new students in the transition to the University in order to coordinate related services and to identify operating efficiencies.

Counsels undergraduates on all facets of career planning and placement so that students will have clear understandings of available career paths after graduation.

Analyzes trends in student recruitment and retention programs; designs and implements recruitment programs for targeted groups of potential students and develops strategies for program evaluation.

Creates and distributes a range of resource and promotional materials designed for the recruitment and retention of targeted groups.

Prepares reports and proposals and responds to inquiries from students and external agencies.

Plans, organizes and implements class reunions using direct mail, telephone, and personal solicitations to ensure optimum participation.

Monitors the assignment of all classrooms and the movement of courses within the University registrar's classroom pool and performs space utilization analyses to ensure that available space is put to most efficient use.

Establishes and maintains residence life programs and services for University single student residence halls.

Responds to inquiries and investigates and resolves problems related to transactions handled by the department; serves as liaison with other departments or units in the resolution of day-to-day administrative and operational issues.

Coordinates the assignment of apartments, duplexes, houses and individual rooms within the residence halls in order to ensure high levels of resident occupancy, safety and security.


Monitors revenue and expenses for departmental or unit accounts; ensures expenditure control and compliance with funding and reporting requirements, University policy, and standard accounting procedures.

Prepares financial data for input into the institution's automated financial and human resources management systems and generates reports; performs calculations which may include interest and depreciation.

Coordinates the preparation of regularly scheduled and special billings, costs reports, analyses, studies, inventories, and financial statements for local, state, federal, and private funding sources.

Reviews and approves expenditure, personnel, and purchasing documents for availability of funding, mathematical correctness, and compliance with University policy and state and federal funding requirements.

Analyzes, reconciles, balances, and maintains accounting records; develops budgets and special financial reports.

Prepares, reviews, and processes budget, revenue, expense, payroll, and related correcting entries and may prepare bank reconciliations of intermediate complexity.

Instructs department members in unrestricted and restricted funding requirements and methods and provides information for budget development.

Monitors and reviews accounting and related system reports for accuracy and completeness; prepares and reviews budget, revenue, expense, and payroll entries, invoices, and other accounting documents.

Analyzes revenue and expenditure trends for the funding monitored by this position; recommends appropriate budget levels and ensures expenditure control.

Develops accounting applications for personal computers, supervises the input and handling of financial data and reports for the institution's automated financial and human resources management systems, and serves on committees which develop fiscal policies and procedures.

Interacts with internal and external auditors, participates in auditing projects, and provides information and access to accounting records as required.

Oversees daily processing and accounting for revenue and expenditures by departments; audits and reports financial transactions to funding sources; ensures accuracy, completeness, and compliance with University, local, state, and federal requirements, and standard accounting and audit procedures.

Maintains key unrestricted and/or restricted fund ledgers and provides specialized accounting for the maintenance, control, and reporting of revenues, expenditures, assets, liabilities, equities, and payroll.

Interprets and analyzes financial operations and transactions, forecasts trends, and develops special complex reports and analyses for management and funding agencies; makes recommendations for asset utilization and expenditure control.

Designs complex accounting and database applications for personal computers; balances and maintains ledgers for the automated financial and human resource management systems.

Keeps abreast of University policies and procedures, current developments in accounting and auditing professions, and changes in local, state, and federal laws, as applicable.

Oversees the supervision of assigned personnel, which includes work allocation, training, and problem resolution; evaluates performance and makes recommendations for personnel actions; motivates employees to achieve peak productivity and performance.

Plans and develops archival collections, including participation in the establishment and implementation of policies and standards for the archive.

Analyzes and evaluates printed and/or non-printed materials to appraise value to posterity; coordinates the acquisition, cataloging, maintenance, and preservation of valuable material and the disposition of worthless material.

Prepares descriptions and reference aids for use of archives, such as lists, indexes, guides, bibliographies, abstracts, and microfilmed copies; cross-indexes materials as required.

Develops and implements procedures for the acquisition, processing, and preservation of archival materials.

Advises and assists researchers in the application of archival materials in research activities; interprets requirements and supplies and consults on archival information.

Requests and/or recommends pertinent materials available in libraries, private collections, or other sources for inclusion into archives.

Supervises development and preparation of research proposals, contracts and subcontracts, including assistance in budget and form preparation and interpretation of funding requirements and regulations; serves as an advisor and liaison for administrators, faculty, and/or staff requiring assistance in the preparation of proposals, contracts, and agreements.

Analyzes and evaluates contract and grant budgets for correct calculation of expenditure categories such as salaries, percentage of effort, salary adjustment increases, fringe benefits, indirect costs, materials, and equipment.

Acts as the lead negotiator and liaison between the University, funding agencies, and contract entities; researches, drafts, and approves formal responses to requests for proposals, quotations, contracts, and agreements.

Analyzes and evaluates awarded proposals, contracts, and subcontracts for compliance with funding agency, state, and University policies and procedures; prepares required acceptance documentation and obtains official University signatures.

Formulates processes and procedures to effectively and efficiently negotiate contract and grant pre- and post-awards to meet University requirements within policy parameters; researches appropriate federal, state, and local requirements to facilitate compliance by all parties; assists in arbitration and resolves conflicting interests as necessary.

Coordinates receipt of awards and contracts with principal investigators and post-award contract and grant accounting administration; maintains proposal and funding records in database systems and prepares scheduled and special reports, studies, and analyses; recommends approval or rejection of deviations from contract specifications.

Participates in special projects and performs associated administrative duties as assigned; may provide functional direction to lower level technicians on assigned work.

Manages multi-craft activities involved in preventive, scheduled, and emergency maintenance, cleaning, repair, and renovation of buildings, mechanical systems, physical plant, and grounds.

Oversees all facets of the daily operations of the organizational unit, ensuring compliance with University, state, and federal laws, policies, and regulations.

Develops and implements policies and procedures consistent with those of the organization to ensure efficient and safe operation of the department.

Oversees activities of contractors, vendor personnel, and suppliers.

Monitors contracts for compliance and controls costs; monitors general expenditures of unit.

Maintains compliance with departmental security, audit procedures, and University policy.

Assists in facility and space usage planning; advises administration on the application of institutional policy, regulations, and standards relating to the management of physical resources.

Performs quality control inspections to ensure adherence to contract specifications and industry standards.

Develops and implements systems to maintain records on employees, equipment, and compliance activities.

Develops and maintains emergency/disaster preparedness and recovery plans.

Provides information, resolves problems, and trains customers on products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Ensures proper care in the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies; promotes work place safety.

Manages daily operations of employment programs reflecting the highest service orientation including recruitment activities, applications processes, candidate screening and referral services; reviews employment practices and departmental selection processes; provides direction and leadership in the management of employment strategies, programs, and practices.

Monitors program efficiency; develops reporting procedures and other methods to establish program accountability and measure success; revises processes and procedures to reflect contemporary approaches to human resource management and to improve program effectiveness.

Supervises professional and administrative support staff; assigns work and special projects; monitors workload and productivity; evaluates performance; promotes staff training and development; provides assistance in analyzing and resolving complex issues.

Provides guidance to managers and staff regarding employment practices, policy interpretation, problem resolution, and compliance with University regulations and state and federal law.

Designs and implements programs and services that assist individual applicants, enhance career opportunities for current employees, and strengthen the quality of applicant pools.

Directs and evaluates the development of valid assessment tools, scoring and rating standards used in evaluating job applicants' training and experience, and researches and applies valid selection criteria.

Supervises the maintenance of search, applicant, and employee personnel files and the accurate entry of data to human resources information systems and databases to achieve the optimal use of available technology.

Conducts outreach recruitment activities with University and community groups, minority organizations, and public employment offices to establish rapport, maintain employment referral contacts, and enhance job placement opportunities for members of protected groups.

Oversees the new employee orientation program.

Manages and administers a variety of employee- and employer/employee-supported benefits programs, including group life insurance, health and accident insurance, flexible spending accounts, and retirement programs; monitors program effectiveness and makes recommendations for program improvement.

Writes requests for proposals, negotiates with insurance carriers and contractors, and oversees administration of contracts or other agreements involving employee benefits.

Responds to and resolves employee concerns regarding University benefits programs; advises, approves, or denies exception requests.

Ensures that development and execution of administrative policies governing employee benefits are in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Serves on designated committees and advisory boards as appropriate in order to maintain open

communications with faculty, staff, healthcare providers, insurance carriers, and other constituent groups.

Oversees processing of all documents necessary for implementation of various benefits programs and maintenance of such records as required for compliance with ERISA, COBRA, and other applicable regulations.

Compiles and analyzes financial and statistical data for contract negotiations, administrative reporting, and program evaluation.

Oversees and/or conducts employee benefits orientation sessions; oversees production and dissemination of all benefits information materials.

Informs, gives advice, and counsels management on trends and current developments in the field of employee benefits programs.

Establishes and implements short- and long-range goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.

Counsels staff on career issues; administers and interprets career and personality assessments.

Assesses mental and emotional health of staff; makes referrals when appropriate.

Oversees and coordinates day-to-day career counseling and advisement activities; plans, schedules, and delivers presentations on career development, job searches, personality types, and team building to University classes, student organizations, and other University departments.

Oversees materials in the career resource library; makes recommendations for purchases of books, software, videos, publications, and other career resource materials.

Prepares brochures, pamphlets, and handouts on career services for general distribution; prepares and distributes publicity for career fairs, speakers, and other services.

Oversees all facets of the daily operations of the organizational unit, ensuring compliance with University, state, and federal laws, policies, and regulations.

Establishes and implements short- and long-range goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.

Represents the organization at various community and/or business meetings; promotes existing and new programs and/or policies.

Oversees and coordinates the production of all biweekly, monthly, special compensation, and summer session/summer research payrolls; oversees the issuance of special checks on a daily basis.

Ensures the accurate payment and reporting of all University employee benefits in compliance with the provision of tax laws, federal/state regulations, and University policy.

Manages the development, implementation, and administration of department records systems and procedures; oversees, monitors, and controls quality of the data entry of all payroll records onto the human resources system.

Oversees and coordinates the planning, implementation and administration of programs to develop, adjust, and/or enhance payroll systems and procedures as required, due to changes in tax laws, regulations, and University pay policies/compensation initiatives.

Plans, coordinates, and oversees the production and distribution of all employee tax statements and notifications as required by law.

Develops and manages annual budgets for the organization and performs periodic cost and productivity analyses.

Plans, develops, recommends, negotiates, and administers complex contracts and proposals; evaluates and awards bids and proposals.

Ensures that purchasing business practices are compatible with University policies and state and federal laws.

Assists in responding to customer inquiries; serves as customer service representative.

Approves all large dollar volume acquisitions for compliance with appropriate regulations.

Manages specific small business and/or purchasing programs.

Ensures compliance with all environmental health and safety standards promulgated by all local, state, and federal agencies through development and implementation of on-site inspection and monitoring programs.

Researches, designs, constructs, and tests electronic systems and equipment to support the specific and immediate research needs of faculty members of the department.

Directs activities of staff to ensure that manufacturing, construction, installation, and operational testing conform to functional specifications and client requirements.

Monitors and maintains appropriate revenue levels by actions such as letter of credit draw downs and cost reimbursement or fee-for-service billings; oversees major liability accounts for the organization.

Designs complex accounting and database applications for personal computers; balances and maintains ledgers for the automated financial and human resource management systems.


Directs departmental operations and supervises employees directly and through lower level managers and supervisors.

Participates in development, implementation, and maintenance of policies, objectives, short- and long-range planning; develops tracking and evaluation programs to assist in accomplishment of established goals.

Develops and establishes policies and objectives consistent with those of the organization to ensure efficient operation of individual departments.

Consults and coordinates with University officials on matters of policy, interdivisional interaction, and capital improvement issues.

Collaborates with departments and administration to establish goals and priorities for technology solutions to meet institutional needs.

Develops and manages annual budgets for the organization and performs periodic cost and productivity analyses.

Develops and administers budgets and plans for technology development and deployment at the institution.

Recommends, participates in the development of, and establishes University policies and procedures; may serve on University planning and policy-making committees.

Maintains a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or systems.

Develops and designs methods and procedures for collecting, organizing, interpreting, and classifying information for input into computer and retrieval from computer utilizing knowledge of symbolic language, optical or pattern recognition, database construction, and retrieval methods.

Develops alternate designs to resolve problems in input, storage, and retrieval of information, utilizing knowledge of electronic data processing principles, mathematics, and computer capabilities.

Performs needs assessment activities and works with other information systems personnel to determine feasibility of development of new databases and/or enhancements or modifications to existing databases.

Develops specifications for data capture and input; monitors input to ensure consistency, quality, and integrity of data.

Programs, debugs, and runs a variety of scheduled and ad hoc listings, summaries, statistics, labels, and other electronic and/or presentation reports.

Provides technical assistance and training to department personnel in the use of personal computers, standard software packages, and on-line information systems.

Makes recommendations for on-line program enhancements; assists in testing and implementation of modifications and enhancements.

Sets up and maintains staff security access codes; manages departmental local area and/or wide area networks.

Maintains a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or systems.

Oversees and coordinates the provision of computer hardware/software and network support, to include systems design, implementation, and troubleshooting, security and backup design, user access, and administration.

Interacts with department faculty and staff to determine and interpret information requirements; acts as primary point of liaison with user departments, and plans, designs, and develops integrated hardware/software solutions.

Designs, creates, and oversees the implementation of software applications as appropriate to meet specific information requirements; oversees the development of programs and generation of reports.

Develops, installs, manages, and services the local area network(s) for the entity; performs file maintenance, responds to calls for assistance, and schedules and coordinates maintenance and repairs.

Evaluates, procures, and coordinates installation of computer hardware, software, and associated supplies in accordance with operational requirements and budget restraints.

Oversees all facets of the daily operations of the organizational unit, ensuring compliance with University, state, and federal laws, policies, and regulations.

Oversees the supervision of assigned personnel, which includes work allocation, training, and problem resolution; evaluates performance and makes recommendations for personnel actions; motivates employees to achieve peak productivity and performance.

Establishes and implements short- and long-range goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.

Plans and designs telecommunications, cable television, and campus data communications network conduits and cabling to meet organizational requirements; determines where and how cables should be laid, where to cut cable, what type of cable to use, and what route to follow.

Performs various traffic tests to determine cabling needs; consults with University administrators to plan network additions, renovations, and expansion.

Evaluates requests for system enhancements and develops schedules for completion.

Researches and documents existing conduits, cabling, and/or campus data communications networks; keeps charts and records to show location of all cables.

Performs tests and analyzes test figures made when cable faults occur to determine exact location of cable breaks or malfunctions; determines where and how cables should be cut and spliced.

Develops bid specifications, obtains project estimates from contractors, and coordinates work in progress.

Develops and maintains emergency/disaster preparedness and recovery plans.

Develops and implements concepts, policies, and standards for the operation of the Web site, within overall goals and parameters established by senior management of the organization; designs consistent methodologies for the development of Internet resources across the organization.

Coordinates, integrates, and manages information contributed to the Web site; establishes template formats and logical structures for Web pages as appropriate; may guide and assist contributors with editorial and publishing-related issues as appropriate.

Performs short- and long-term strategic planning of the integrated Internet resources for the organization.

Identifies training needs and prepares and delivers technical training to contributors and others on the use of authoring language, conversion tools, and other Web site methods and techniques, as appropriate.

Performs ongoing evaluation of Web site software and hardware to ensure the continued and future effectiveness and efficiency of the Web site.

Establishes and maintains Web site directory structures, configuration files, and content files; oversees the testing and troubleshooting of Web site systems and applications software and hardware.

Evaluates, recommends, and administers Internet search systems and programs; designs interactive authoring language forms to support on-line information exchange.

Instructs, assigns work, and functionally supervises staff and/or student employees engaged in similar work activities.

Collaborates with faculty and staff to research, design and produce highly complex computer media development and multimedia projects for use in computerized instruction, training, presentations, etc.

Researches, illustrates, designs, and supports comprehensive Web page development including motion graphics and audio files.

Trains and assists campus faculty in computer-based applications for use in World Wide Web publishing and instruction.

Consults with and advises manager with regard to project status, client budgets, and special requirements.

Estimates costs and provides detailed records of procedures, time worked, and billing information.

Illustrates, designs, and edits printed publications, brochures, flyers, catalogs, and curriculum.

Researches, locates, and coordinates with outside services including publishers, printers, video and live action digital media editors, photographers, and advertising and promotion companies.

Reviews and evaluates computer software to meet media design needs.

Utilizes new software and instructs internal staff and institutional clients in software applications as expertise is achieved.

Ensures that computers, printers, film recorders, and other specialized equipment are in working order; arranges for repairs as necessary.

Troubleshoots computer files, software and equipment.