Reclassification Cycle Process

Approximately half of all University benefits-eligible positions (grades 25 through 36) are part of our job classification system. From time to time, shifting goals and initiatives may result in significant change to one or more positions within the unit. When this occurs with a position in the classification system, a review of the classification level of the job may be requested.

Requests for position reclassification will be evaluated on a cyclical schedule that follows the academic semester (see below). This change does not affect the classification/reclassified and recruitment for new or currently vacant positions.

As you evaluate staffing needs we ask that you also review how tasks and responsibilities are distributed within the unit and how work flow and staffing configuration meet unit demands now and in the future. If the unit feels that a classification review may be warranted, requests should be submitted through the supervisor to the Chairperson or Department Head. Approved reclassifications will be effective November 1 (Fall Semester) or April 1 (Spring Semester).

Fall Semester Spring Semester Action
July 15 December 15 Deadline for submission of reclassification documentation to Classification & Compensation.
September 15 February 15 Supervisor notified of the determination by Classification & Compensation.
September 30 February 28 Deadline for supervisor to appeal classification determination to Director of Compensation & Benefits.
October 15 March 15 Director of Compensation & Benefits notifies supervisor of appeal decision
Within 3 business days of appeal decision Within 3 business days of appeal decision Second level of appeal submitted to Chief Human Resources Officer by appropriate senior administrator.
Within 5 business days of second level appeal submission Within 5 business days of second level appeal submission Appeal decision complete and appropriate senior administrator notified of decision.
November 1 April 1 Effective date for any reclassification.

Please contact HR-Classification/Compensation by email or by phone (302-831-2171).