Corporal/Community Police Specialist, Public Safety

FLSA Status: Nonexempt
Revised July 1, 1999
Under limited supervision, performs police patrol work. The principal emphasis is on providing positive interactions between the police, students, faculty and staff; focusing on community crime prevention through problem solving with the community; enforcing the laws of the State of Delaware, City of Newark and University rules and regulations; investigating crimes and other safety-related matters, and taking corrective and/or enforcement action as required; highly independent judgment is required in interpreting University policy in accordance with established laws, regulations and procedures; serves as a trainer/mentor for junior officers, regularly conducts crime prevention instruction in the community; requires the exercise of tactful human relations and communication skills. 

Depending on divisional assignment, the following are typical

* Patrols the campus, either on foot or by vehicle, to ensure the security of facilities and the safety of students, staff and visitors; prevents and deters crime by observation and confrontation of unusual circumstances and individuals and through collective problem solving with the community; 
* Responds to, initiates investigation into, and reports crimes or incidents in violation of State law, City code or University rules which impact on the safety of the University community; 
* Assists visitors, students and staff by providing information, directions and assistance; 
* Takes enforcement action and makes apprehensions as required; completes all necessary documentation including preparation of summonses or warrants, affidavits, reports, referrals, and arrest paper work; notifies supervisors of all enforcement related actions; 
* Preserves crime scenes, collects and preserves evidence, identifies and interviews witnesses, suspects and victims of criminal incidents; assists other law enforcement officers in investigations; 
* Prepares and presents, or assists in presentation of, cases in courts or other official proceedings; 
* Serves as a field training officer with responsibility for the instruction and evaluation of probationary personnel; 
* Conducts intra- and/or extra-departmental certification, training and informational programs; 
* Renders first aid; transports sick, injured or otherwise disabled persons; 
* Supervises other police officers, security officers and/or miscellaneous wage and/or student employees; 
* Performs other related duties as assigned. 

Requires a minimum of an Associate's degree or equivalent credits (minimum 60 credits) with at least one year of above average performance as a Master Police Officer; completion of a recognized community policing certificate program (such as offered by Continuing Education), and successful completion of a minimum of six credits in the social sciences including psychology, sociology, or communications. Requires basic computer skills; ability to communicate effectively and interact well with people of all ages and diverse backgrounds; or any equivalent combination of education and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator's license; must be able to be commissioned as a Police Officer for the University of Delaware; must pass a preemployment drug screening test and a battery of preemployment tests designed to measure mental skills, motor skills, writing skills and physical fitness and agility applicable to law enforcement officers and a comprehensive background investigation including driving records, financial status and criminal history; successful completion of mandatory police training in the State of Delaware or equivalent training acceptable to the Delaware Council on Police Training within first year of employment is required. 
The EXAMPLES OF WORK are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties assigned to this position.