Service Award milestones are:
  • Recognized for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years of service
  • Only for benefit-eligible employees
  • Celebrated every year in the spring for the current year honorees. (See: Service Award Chart)
  • Years of service are based only on benefited employment time
    • Student and miscellaneous wage employment do not count toward years of service
    • Unpaid breaks-in-service do not count toward the total years of service calculation
    • Faculty sabbaticals are not breaks-in service (and count toward years of service)

Service Award Gifts
  • UD uses MTM Recognition to provide a wide selection of gifts for each service award year
  • You will be invited to select a gift in the spring of the fiscal year that you reach a milestone year
  • You will receive an email with a link to the online catalog from MTM Recognition
    • Facilities & Auxiliary Services and Dining Services employees - MTM will mail a gift brochure to your home address
  • You may select a gift from your milestone year or lower
    • Example: When celebrating 15 years, you may select from the 15-, 10-, or 5-year collections.
  • To get a sneak peek at the gifts available for any level, log-in to the Service Award Program Website.  Click the Guest button and then any of the links under Your Collections.
  • Shipping of service award gifts is limited to U.S. locations
  • Service Award selections must be made by September 30th.

Retirement Gifts
  • UD has contracted with MTM Recognition to provide a wide selection of retirement gifts, including the much admired UD standard and rocking chairs.
  • You will receive a Retirement Collection brochure when you meet with Benefits to complete your retiree benefits enrollment.   You will contact MTM Recognition directly to order your gift and provide information for any personalized item chosen.
  • Shipping of retirement gifts is limited to U.S. locations
  • Retirement gifts must be selected within one-year of retirement date.

Service Award and Retirement Recognition Events
  • A luncheon held annually in March or April to honor employees with 5, 10 and 15 years of service
  • A dinner held annually in May to honor employees with 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years of service, as well as to honor retirees from the previous 12 months.  Each employee/retiree is encouraged to bring a guest.
Service Award Dates for Fiscal Year 2015/2016
(Employees Honored in Spring 2016)
5 7/1/2010 and 6/30/2011 Luncheon
March 16, 2016
10 7/1/2005 and 6/30/2006
15 7/1/2000 and 6/30/2001
20 7/1/1995 and 6/30/1996 Dinner
May 11, 2016
25 7/1/1990 and 6/30/1991
30 7/1/1985 and 6/30/1986
35 7/1/1980 and 6/30/1981
40 7/1/1975 and 6/30/1976
45 7/1/1970 and 6/30/1971
50 7/1/1965 and 6/30/1966
  5/1/2015 and 4/30/2016 Dinner
May 11, 2016
Years of Service Honorees July 2015 to June 2016

Years First Name Last Name Dept
5 Michael Alexo Graduate and Professional Educ
5 Nicole Allaband Library
5 Angela Anderson Research Office
5 Noel Archambeault Music
5 Karen Asenavage English Language Institute
5 Sarah Ashley Student Financial Services
5 Donna Ayers-Alexander Chemistry & Biochemistry
5 Henry Baker Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
5 David Baldini Small Business Development Ctr
5 Wayne Bartsch Agriculture-Newark Farm
5 Kamile Basoglu B&E Accounting & MIS
5 Chantelle Batson A&S Undergrad Academic Servcs
5 Tracey Bauernschmidt Univ Development
5 Ruma Beldona Grad/Exec Programs
5 Eleanora Bell English Language Institute
5 Jacqueline Bender Admissions Office
5 Craig Bennett Univ of DE Energy Institute
5 Frederick Bereskin B&E Finance
5 Susan Biddle Plant & Soil Science
5 Shawn Biddle Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Piping
5 Garnett Booker UD Early Learning Center
5 Leigh Botner Research Office
5 Thomas Botwright Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
5 Jessica Brannen Library
5 Carol Breeze Medical Laboratory Sciences
5 Andrew Brett IT-University Media Services
5 Brad Brewster Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Piping
5 Michele Brown Engr Acad Affairs
5 Nigel Brown Student Services for Athletes
5 Ronald Brozek Facilities-Bldg Maint & Oper
5 Alison Burris Ed & Hum Dev-Ofc of Dean
5 Kathryn Callihan Univ Development
5 James Cannon IT-Network & Systems Services
5 Adam Cantley Dean of Students
5 Anthony Carroll Physical Therapy
5 Artika Casini Univ Development
5 Maureen Cech Library
5 Wilfred Chen Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Sanjib Chowdhury Ctr for Composite Materials
5 Lodevicus Claessens Geography
5 Kimberly Clark Psychological & Brain Sciences
5 James Clause Computer & Info Sciences
5 Ann Cochrane Library
5 Gabriela Coleman Career Services Center
5 Felice Cook Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Lynn Corbett Political Sci & Int Relations
5 Terry Costanzo Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Duane Cottrell Music
5 Iain Crawford English
5 Barbara Cullis Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
5 Matthew Darron Movers Services
5 Kelly Davis UD Early Learning Center
5 Kyle Dempsey Mail Service
5 Weihua Deng Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Karen Di Stefano Electrical and Computer Engrg
5 David Diefenbeck Facilities
5 Josephine DiGiovanni School of Nursing
5 Patricia Dooling Prof Dev Ctr for Educatr(PDCE)
5 Nancy Dornstauder Public Safety
5 Alison Dubinski Prof Dev Ctr for Educatr(PDCE)
5 Chevelloni El UD Early Learning Center
5 Laure Ergin VP & General Counsel
5 Jessica Estok Stu Wellness & Hlth Promotion
5 Sherrie Fauvelle PCS-Associate Provost
5 Pier Gabrielle Foreman English
5 Nathan Franklin Student Financial Services
5 Judith Free Interdiscipl Sci Learn Labs
5 Brian Freedman Ctr for Disabilities Studies
5 Philip Gentry Music
5 Michael Gladle Environmental Health & Safety
5 Laura Gleason Student Life
5 Olga Gorbachev Economics
5 Melanie Graybeal Ofc of Univ Registrar
5 Alicia Greco Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
5 Christine Grott Sociology
5 Younes Haboussi Payroll
5 Ellen Hakim Physical Therapy
5 Megan Hancock Ctr for Composite Materials
5 Ingrid Hansen School of Nursing
5 Shabool Henry Univ Development
5 Joshua Hildebrandt Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Alenka Hlousek-Radojcic Biological Sciences
5 Tracey Holden Communication
5 Katie Holden Ofc of the Provost
5 Willie Howze Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Daniel Hoy Student Financial Services
5 Jason Hustedt Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Katherine Hutchison Records Management
5 Kenneth Hyde English Language Institute
5 Nicole Hylton Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Casey Impagliazzo Student Centers
5 Deb Jaisi Plant & Soil Science
5 Feng Jiao Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Adam Jines Recreation Services
5 Karen Johnston Cooperative Extension Service
5 Alexander Johnston Library
5 Cheri Jones Arts & Sciences
5 Wendy Jordan Cyber Security Initiative
5 Aloysius Kelly Facil & Auxl Svc Fin & Mgt Svc
5 April Kendra English
5 Christy Kettner Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 John Keys Student Financial Services
5 Eui Jung Kim English Language Institute
5 Daniel Kinderman Political Sci & Int Relations
5 April Kloxin Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Christopher Kloxin Materials Science
5 Evan Krape Communications & Public Affair
5 Peter Krawchyk Facilities/Real Estate/Aux Svc
5 Jenifer Laird Career Services Center
5 Katherine Lakofsky Computer & Info Sciences
5 Ryan Lawrence Univ Development
5 Volha Lazouskaya Plant & Soil Science
5 Jenny Leaberry Facilties-Bldg Maint & Op Hous
5 Hannah Lee Library
5 Anja Leefeldt Behavioral Health & Nutrition
5 Hong Li Animal and Food Sciences
5 Francis Livoy DE Ctr for Teacher Education
5 Thomas Lochner Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
5 Leonardo Lopez Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
5 Xin Lu Mechanical Engineering
5 Susan Luchey Student Centers
5 Leslie Lundgaard Univ Development
5 Edward Lyman Physics & Astronomy
5 Julie Ma Admissions Office
5 Richard Mantici Public Safety
5 Julia Maresca Civil & Environmental Engineer
5 Philip Martelli Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
5 Christopher Martin IT-University Media Services
5 Angelo Maurelli VP Finance & Deputy Treasurer
5 Lorraine Mayhew Medical Laboratory Sciences
5 Kyle McCarthy Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
5 Christopher McCurdy IT - Web Development
5 Alexander McKee English
5 Brian McMahon Facilities
5 Sean McNulty School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Giorgio Melloni Languages Literatures Cultures
5 Karol Miaskiewicz DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
5 Dawn Miller The College School-Education
5 Lie Min DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
5 Peter Monari Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Catherine Morrissey Ctr for Hist Arch & Design
5 Shirley Morton Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
5 Jennifer Naccarelli Reese Women and Gender Studies
5 Vinay Nagarajan Plant & Soil Science
5 Naomi Nash Ofc of Univ Registrar
5 Miao-Jung Yvonne Ou Mathematical Sciences
5 Denita Patrick Univ Ticketing Services
5 William Patterson Ctr for Composite Materials
5 Anita Paulson The College School-Education
5 Phillip Penix-Tadsen Languages Literatures Cultures
5 Christopher Petrone Col Earth Ocean & Environment
5 Joseph Petrucci Transportation Services
5 Trong Pham Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Vejsuwan Phommachanh Facilities-Maint & Op Cust Ser
5 Stephanie Pickering IT-Client Support & Services
5 Patricia Post Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
5 Ioannis Poulakakis Mechanical Engineering
5 Wenche Pyle Hotel,Restaurant Management
5 Dorit Radnai-Griffin Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Ramnarayan Rawat History
5 Dana Reece Small Business Development Ctr
5 Carolyn Reynolds Ofc of Univ Registrar
5 Jose-Luis Riera Dean of Students
5 Karen Roberts Col Earth Ocean & Environment
5 Marta Rosario College Engr Business Office
5 Ruth Rosenberg Univ Development
5 Joel Rosenthal Chemistry & Biochemistry
5 Joan Rosman School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Eric Roth Psychological & Brain Sciences
5 Tania Roth Psychological & Brain Sciences
5 Mary Sarmiento English Language Institute
5 Kimberly Saunders McNair Scholars Program
5 Francisco Sayas Gonzalez Mathematical Sciences
5 Lowan Schaffe General Accounting
5 Skye Schmidt Plant & Soil Science
5 Robert Schmidt Physics & Astronomy
5 Abagail Scout Small Business Development Ctr
5 Nicole Servais English Language Institute
5 Hagit Shatkay-Reshef Computer & Info Sciences
5 Matthew Shatley Col Earth Ocean & Environment
5 Melinda Shaw Agriculture and Natural Resour
5 Susan Sherry Ctr for Econ Educ & Entreprnr
5 Olga Shevchenko DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
5 James Shuler Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Piping
5 Amanda Slack HR Systems
5 Diane Smith Admissions Office
5 James Smith Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
5 John Soltys Health Sciences Deans Office
5 Elizabeth Soslau School of Education
5 Michelle Spencer Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Trudy Springer School of Nursing
5 Sharon Stewart Energy Conversion
5 LaVonne Sumler Health Sciences Deans Office
5 Jessica Sun Ctr for Composite Materials
5 Robina Lynn Sydnor Career Services Center
5 Phillip Sylvester Cooperative Extension Service
5 Fontella Taylor Cooperative Extension Service
5 Senel Tektas Biological Sciences
5 Adam Thomas Agriculture and Natural Resour
5 Fredrick Thompson Recreation Services
5 Lydia Timmins Communication
5 Jillian Trabulsi Behavioral Health & Nutrition
5 Bruce Tychinski Music
5 Rolf van de Kerkhof Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
5 Mallory Vogl Cooperative Extension Service
5 Cindy Walkusky Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
5 Susan Walton English Language Institute
5 Liang Wang Mechanical Engineering
5 Yuqi Wang Computer & Info Sciences
5 Danielle Wenzel Career Services Center
5 Nancy Wick Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
5 Mark Williams Recruitment
5 Sharon Wilson Student Financial Services
5 Samuel Wilson Budget
5 Alan Wilson Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
5 Jeanne Wojnarowski Physical Therapy
5 Donna Woulfe Biological Sciences
5 Corey Wright Benefits
5 Chengmo Yang Electrical and Computer Engrg
5 Jung Eun Yoo Hotel,Restaurant Management
5 Joanna York School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Nora Zelluk PCS-Marketing
5 Deborah Ziomek DE Ctr for Teacher Education
10 Deborah Alvarez English
10 Lea Asti Conferences-Wilmington
10 Maria Azocar Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Walton Babich English Language Institute
10 Harsh Bais Plant & Soil Science
10 Sandra Baker Behavioral Health & Nutrition
10 Daniel Bautista Animal and Food Sciences
10 Lisa Berry B&E Accounting & MIS
10 Deborah Bieler English
10 Denise Bierlein Ofc Econ Innov and Partnership
10 Peggy Bradley UD Early Learning Center
10 Jane Branden Procurement Services
10 Robert Brown Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 David Bunel Facilities-Maint&Op CNT Utl Pl
10 Jinwei Cao B&E Accounting & MIS
10 Stavros Caratzoulas Catalys Ctr Energy Innovation
10 Barbara Carrig Univ Development
10 Kristine Carter Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
10 Christopher Chandler Campus and Public Safety
10 Diane Clark History
10 Robin Crawford UD Early Learning Center
10 Diane Crossan Lab Preschool
10 Kenneth Davis Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Electr
10 Rafael Delgado Guana Languages Literatures Cultures
10 Elizabeth Deramo-Kollra Records Management
10 Laura Deschere IT - Web Development
10 Marsha Dickson Fashion & Apparel Studies
10 Teresa Doggett Benefits
10 Cynthia Dolan PCS-Marketing
10 Zhiyin Dong Languages Literatures Cultures
10 Allen Earl Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 David Edwards Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
10 Steven Eidelman Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
10 Patricia Eklund Student Health Services
10 Thomas Epps Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
10 John Famiglietti Chemistry & Biochemistry
10 Giuseppina Fazzone Languages Literatures Cultures
10 Kimberly Feldmann Student Health Services
10 Daniel Fendler Ctr for Disabilities Studies
10 Sharon Fitzgerald University Museums
10 Kristy Fletcher Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
10 Samantha Fowle Computer & Info Sciences
10 Jeffrey Frey IT-Network & Systems Services
10 Boniface Gachiri Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Eric Garrison DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
10 Peter Georgopulos Physics & Astronomy
10 Nancy Gregory Plant & Soil Science
10 Carla Guerron-Montero Anthropology
10 Philippe Guyenne Mathematical Sciences
10 Christine Hanna-Ronald School of Nursing
10 Ian Hennessy Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
10 Arba Henry Agriculture and Natural Resour
10 Yu Hogg Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Wendy Holmes Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
10 Lindsay Hughes Agriculture Research/Education
10 Melissa Ianetta English
10 Shreeram Inamdar Plant & Soil Science
10 George Irvine PCS-Prof & Noncredit Programs
10 Xinqiao Jia Materials Science
10 Thomas Jones Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
10 Patricia Kelly Ofc of Institutional Research
10 Lisa Kelly General Accounting
10 Mary Keyser Facil & Auxl Svc Fin & Mgt Svc
10 Muqtedar Khan Political Sci & Int Relations
10 Paul King Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Electr
10 Tina Kojro PCS-Financial Services
10 Brian Kunkel Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
10 Aaron Kupchik Sociology
10 Jean-Philippe Laurenceau Psychological & Brain Sciences
10 Sherry Lewis UD Early Learning Center
10 Bernadine Lopez Research Office
10 Sharon Louth Small Business Development Ctr
10 Alice Lundgren IT-University Media Services
10 Katherine Lyons Agriculture and Natural Resour
10 Judith MacBride Ctr for Disabilities Studies
10 Robin Mack Ctr for Composite Materials
10 Jaime Margalotti Library
10 Dora Marin Languages Literatures Cultures
10 Jennifer McConnell Civil & Environmental Engineer
10 Bernard McKenna English
10 Sue McNeil Civil & Environmental Engineer
10 Kevin McSweeney Environmental Health & Safety
10 Eric Melega IT-Network & Systems Services
10 Anthony Middlebrooks School Public Pol/Administratn
10 David Mitchell Agriculture Research/Education
10 Danny Molligan Ctr for Composite Materials
10 Mark Murphy Library
10 Stacey Muzzi Univ Development
10 Michael O'Neal Geological Sciences
10 Thomas Palmer Music
10 Peter Pascucci Assoc in Arts Prog
10 Brian Peasnall Assoc in Arts Prog
10 Victor Perez Sociology
10 Patricia Peters Mail Service
10 Denise Petrella Parking Services
10 William Pfaff Small Business Development Ctr
10 Eileen Pothier Research Office
10 Thomas Powers Philosophy
10 Jennifer Pyle Environmental Health & Safety
10 Brenda Radziewicz School of Education
10 Robert Rausch Small Business Development Ctr
10 Christine Reoli Civil & Environmental Engineer
10 Kristen Ritchey School of Education
10 Earl Ross Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
10 Diane Rudolphi School of Nursing
10 Vimalin Rujivacharakul Art History
10 Linda Rust Student Health Services
10 Christopher Sanger Psychological & Brain Sciences
10 Edgard Sankara Languages Literatures Cultures
10 Michele Schwander Biomedical Eng Program
10 Marcia Scott Institute for Public Admin
10 Purnella Scott Student Health Services
10 Daniel Severson Cooperative Extension Service
10 Michael Shay Physics & Astronomy
10 W Shriver Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
10 Eileen Sklodowski B&E Accounting & MIS
10 Heidi Skopowski School of Nursing
10 Beth Smith School of Nursing
10 Stephen Smith Public Safety
10 Jorge Soares Economics
10 Melissa Stone Student Financial Services
10 Jessica Strengari UD Early Learning Center
10 Susan Sullivan Ed & Hum Dev-Ofc of Dean
10 Madhuri Surampudy IT-Management Information Serv
10 Charles Swanik Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
10 John Swartz Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Donna Szewczyk School of Nursing
10 Maria Taylor Engineering
10 Tonilynn Thomas UD Early Learning Center
10 Jaime Tomlinson DE Geological Survey
10 Benjamin Toole Facilities-Grounds Services
10 Deborah Torbert Lab Preschool
10 Arthur Trembanis School of Marine Sci & Policy
10 Chung-min Tu Languages Literatures Cultures
10 Roger Uhline Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Struct
10 Robin Underhill Assoc in Arts Prog
10 Jill Vamos Research Office
10 Darnell Vaughan DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
10 Dana Veron Geography
10 Norris Waller Agriculture Research/Education
10 Sandra Walls Ctr for Disabilities Studies
10 Heather Walters Medical Laboratory Sciences
10 Liyun Wang Mechanical Engineering
10 Donna West Dean of Students
10 Cory Whaley Agriculture Research/Education
10 Jennifer Whisler IT-Network & Systems Services
10 Vicky White Library
10 Darryl Wilkerson Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Jeffery Williams Cashier's Office
10 Jeffrey Williamson Theatre
10 Bradley Yops Ofc Econ Innov and Partnership
10 Shi Xin You Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Jingyi Yu Computer & Info Sciences
15 Dorothy Abbott Cooperative Extension Service
15 Cheryl Ackerman Health Sciences Deans Office
15 Ali Alalou Languages Literatures Cultures
15 Tammy Anderson Sociology
15 Erica Armstrong Dunbar Black American Studies
15 Jason Atkinson IT-University Media Services
15 Kathleen Atkinson Communications & Public Affair
15 Alice Ba Political Sci & Int Relations
15 Diana Baczkowski Admissions Office
15 Sergey Baldychev IT-Management Information Serv
15 Mark Bambach Business Administration
15 Jennifer Barker Music
15 Amy Becker Grad/Exec Programs
15 Thomas Beebe Chemistry & Biochemistry
15 Barbara Begleiter Student Health Services
15 Kristin Bennighoff Univ Honors Program
15 Erin Bernberg Animal and Food Sciences
15 Anjana Bhat Physical Therapy
15 Katharina Billups School of Marine Sci & Policy
15 Margaret Brumit Appl Economics & Statistics
15 Judith Buchanan Ctr for Drug & Health Studies
15 Denis Canty Facilities-Grounds Services
15 Teresa Clark Admissions Office
15 Karen Clark Cashier's Office
15 Veronica Commodore Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
15 Jennifer Conner Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 James Corbett School of Marine Sci & Policy
15 C Crouse Cooperative Extension Service
15 Sheldon Demby Engineering
15 Fred DeMicco Hotel,Restaurant Management
15 Timothy Deshields Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
15 Cynthia Diefenbeck School of Nursing
15 Kevin Dobson Energy Conversion
15 Tobin Driscoll Mathematical Sciences
15 Paul Dumigan Col Earth Ocean & Environment
15 Charles Elson B&E Finance
15 Catherine Evans Recreation Services
15 Joan Faull Instit for Global Studies
15 Joanna Fink Univ Development
15 Frances Fletcher Institute for Public Admin
15 Ruth Fleury Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
15 Benjamin Fleury-Steiner Sociology
15 Geraldine Foster Environmental Health & Safety
15 Daniel Freeman Business Administration
15 Deni Galileo Biological Sciences
15 Guido Geerts B&E Accounting & MIS
15 Michael Gutierrez Library
15 Eynat Gutman Languages Literatures Cultures
15 Daniel Hammer Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
15 Brian Hearn Agriculture Research/Education
15 Sarah Hearn Ctr for Disabilities Studies
15 Lori Hill VP & General Counsel
15 Thomas Hubbard Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Marcia Hutton Project Planning & Delivery
15 Dawn Jory Research Office
15 Barry Joyce History
15 Patrick Jubb Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Piping
15 David Kalb Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Struct
15 Stephanie Kotch-Jester School of Education
15 Michele Lobo Physical Therapy
15 Sharon Lucabaugh Cooperative Extension Service
15 Robert Majewski Facilities-BldgMnt&Op LockHard
15 Kenneth Milewski Facilties-Bldg Maint & Op Hous
15 Alice Moore Cooperative Extension Service
15 Patricia Moore Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
15 Kasandra Moye Ctr for Black Culture
15 Katherine Murray Plant & Soil Science
15 Chaoying Ni Materials Science
15 Ikem Okoye Art History
15 Catherine Painter IT-Network & Systems Services
15 Dana Perry Ofc of the Provost
15 Lauren Petersen Art History
15 Carolyn Quinci Health Sciences Deans Office
15 Janet Reid Student Health Services
15 Sydney Riggi Plant & Soil Science
15 Louis Rossi Mathematical Sciences
15 Todd Royer Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
15 Carol Scott Cooperative Extension Service
15 Tina Sheing Theatre
15 Nicholas Shevchenko Ctr for Composite Materials
15 Tammy Simpson-Turner Economics
15 Nickalus Smith IT-Network & Systems Services
15 Christopher Sommerfield School of Marine Sci & Policy
15 Darius Starkey Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Therese Stratton Ctr for Composite Materials
15 Gary Testerman Facilties-Bldg Maint & Op Hous
15 John Thiravong Ctr for Composite Materials
15 Douglas Tobias History
15 Randee Tobin Health Sciences Deans Office
15 Christopher Towers Classification & Compensation
15 Robert Vigliotta Transportation Services
15 Dionisios Vlachos Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
15 Michele Walfred Agriculture Research/Education
15 Mary Walters Records Management
15 Leland Ware School Public Pol/Administratn
15 Sharon Webb Agriculture Research/Education
15 Daniel Weile Electrical and Computer Engrg
15 Stacy Weile IT - Academic Technology Svs
15 Owen White History
15 Debra Wilder Ofc of Univ Registrar
15 Jeffrey Williams Facilities-Grounds Services
15 Christine Williamson Materials Science
15 James Wingrave Chemistry & Biochemistry
15 K Wommack Agriculture and Natural Resour
15 Diane Wright B&E Accounting & MIS
15 Lily Wu IT-Network & Systems Services
15 Mary Zielinski Graduate and Professional Educ
20 Kathleen Almondo Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
20 James Ancona Music
20 Rick Andrews Business Administration
20 Ronet Bachman Sociology
20 Victoria Becker Disaster Research Center
20 Cynthia Bendler Arts & Sciences
20 Nora Bonsall Library
20 Kristin Brady Theatre
20 Richard Braun Mathematical Sciences
20 Hans-Joerg Busch Languages Literatures Cultures
20 Daniel Cha Civil & Environmental Engineer
20 Nancy Chase Stu Wellness & Hlth Promotion
20 Junghuei Chen Chemistry & Biochemistry
20 Carolyn Clark Univ Writing Center
20 Timothy Conrad Transportation Services
20 Kim Correll-Comeau Physics & Astronomy
20 John Crampton Facilities-Grounds Services
20 Edgar Davis Facilities-Grounds Services
20 Deborah Durant IT-Client Support & Services
20 Winifred Erbe Library
20 Rebecca George Animal and Food Sciences
20 Quentin Golston Movers Services
20 Lisa Grimsley English Language Institute
20 Susan Groff Office of Equity and Inclusion
20 Scott Grzenda Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
20 John Hall IT - Web Development
20 Carol Henderson-Belton Ofc of the Provost
20 Donna Higgins Student Financial Services
20 Julie Hubbard Psychological & Brain Sciences
20 Jenny Hughes School of Nursing
20 Carla Humphries-Taylor Assoc in Arts Prog
20 Thomas Ilvento Appl Economics & Statistics
20 Leah Jackson Student Health Services
20 Yan Jin Plant & Soil Science
20 Keith Jones Library
20 Nancy Jordan School of Education
20 Edward Kenny Public Safety
20 Hye-Shin Kim Fashion & Apparel Studies
20 Cathlene Kinney Agriculture and Natural Resour
20 Colleen Leithren Geography
20 Raul Lobo Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
20 David Mackenzie Student Centers
20 Tina Martin Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
20 Joann McCafferty Ctr for Disabilities Studies
20 Susan McKenna Languages Literatures Cultures
20 Anne Morris School of Education
20 Timothy Morrissey Student Services for Athletes
20 Renee Moy Osher Lifelong Learning-Lewes
20 Janice O'Neill Conferences-Newark
20 P. Michael Peterson Behavioral Health & Nutrition
20 John Rabolt Materials Science
20 Jeanine Radice Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
20 Melvin Rau IT-Network & Systems Services
20 Terri Reed UD Early Learning Center
20 Ralph Reeves Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
20 Jeffrey Rosen Psychological & Brain Sciences
20 Heidi Sarver Music
20 Jeffrey Schneider Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
20 Amy Slocum Delaware Environmental Inst
20 Raja Rao Surampudy IT-Management Information Serv
20 Catherine Taylor Payroll
20 Ruth Toole Instit for Global Studies
20 Mark VanGessel Plant & Soil Science
20 Xiang-Gen Xia Electrical and Computer Engrg
20 John Xiao Physics & Astronomy
25 Avron Abraham Behavioral Health & Nutrition
25 Douglas Archbald School of Education
25 Lori Benscoter Library
25 Elizabeth Bolt Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
25 Bryan Bossard Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
25 Michael Chajes Civil & Environmental Engineer
25 Sheila Chandler Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
25 Ronald Cole Hotel,Restaurant Management
25 Gerald Collins Movers Services
25 Donna Coulet Dugard Languages Literatures Cultures
25 Margaret Cox Health Sciences Deans Office
25 Edward Dant Facilities-Maint&Op CNT Utl Pl
25 Michael Davis IT-Network & Systems Services
25 Nancy Deputy Transportation Services
25 Ardeshir Faghri Civil & Environmental Engineer
25 Alan Fox Philosophy
25 Patricia Gerhart Admissions Office
25 James Glancey Agriculture and Natural Resour
25 Susan Gleason Ctr for Secondary Teacher Educ
25 Karen Gouge Animal and Food Sciences
25 Christine Heyrman History
25 Nadine Howatt Theatre
25 Murray Johnston Chemistry & Biochemistry
25 Jeffrey Jordan Philosophy
25 Cecilia Kerlin IT-Client Support & Services
25 Kathleen Kerr Residence Life and Housing
25 Donald Lehman Medical Laboratory Sciences
25 Barbara Lutz English
25 David Lytle Library
25 James Malin Facilities-Grounds Services
25 Jon Manon School of Education
25 Cathy Matson History
25 Michael McClay Academic Enrichment Center
25 Sandra McCormick Assoc in Arts Prog
25 Ellen Monk B&E Accounting & MIS
25 Patrick Mwerinde Mathematical Sciences
25 Robert Nelson Hotel,Restaurant Management
25 Maryann Rapposelli Instit for Global Studies
25 Steven Rhoades Dining Services
25 Alexander Selimov Languages Literatures Cultures
25 Deborah Sharpley Economics
25 Denise Spencer IT-Network & Systems Services
25 William Start IT-University Media Services
25 John Stevenson Library
25 Diana Struzinski Library
25 Klaus Theopold Chemistry & Biochemistry
25 Elizabeth Thibault Languages Literatures Cultures
25 Norman Wagner Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
25 Belinda Wildy Facilities-Lewes Maint & Op
25 Shangyou Zhang Mathematical Sciences
30 Van Adams IT-Management Information Serv
30 Delores Aikens Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
30 Dennis Anderson Public Safety
30 Paul Anderson Library
30 Carl Asti IT-University Media Services
30 James Bacon Assoc in Arts Prog
30 Dale Bahr Facilties-Bldg Maint & Op Hous
30 Susan Barton Plant & Soil Science
30 George Bear School of Education
30 Antony Beris Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
30 Kirsten Brown Admissions Office
30 Steven Brown Chemistry & Biochemistry
30 Maryanne Brown-Mackay Health Sciences Deans Office
30 Antonio Ciro Mathematical Sciences
30 John Courtright Communication
30 Thomas Crampton Facilities-Grounds Services
30 Michael Cummings IT-Network & Systems Services
30 James Cunningham Theatre
30 Walter Dabell Student Health Services
30 Doris Donahue Facilities-Lewes Maint & Op
30 Ronald England Dining Services
30 Thomas Evans Plant & Soil Science
30 Sandra Fields Business Administration
30 Mitchell Fields B&E Finance
30 Jeffry Fuhrmann Plant & Soil Science
30 J. Ritchie Garrison Winterthur Pgm in Amer Matl Cu
30 Mark Grabowski Library
30 Shelia Harsha Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
30 Karl Hassler IT-Network & Systems Services
30 Karren Helsel Faculty Senate
30 Michael Keefe Mechanical Engineering
30 Robert Ketcham Biological Sciences
30 David Kirchman School of Marine Sci & Policy
30 Marie Kuczmarski Behavioral Health & Nutrition
30 James MacDonald Physics & Astronomy
30 Ronald Martin Geological Sciences
30 Karen May IT-Network & Systems Services
30 Colleen McCabe English
30 Kathleen McCoy Computer & Info Sciences
30 Janice McFarland IT-Network & Systems Services
30 Douglas Miller School of Marine Sci & Policy
30 Robin Morgan Animal and Food Sciences
30 Dean Nairn IT-Client Support & Services
30 Paula Newton Energy Conversion
30 Debra Norris Art Conservation
30 Mary Pfaelzer English
30 Bruce Raker IT-Management Information Serv
30 Katherin Rogers Philosophy
30 Scott Selheimer Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
30 Frederick Shermeyer Engr Acad Affairs
30 Kathleen Turkel Women and Gender Studies
30 Karl Unruh Physics & Astronomy
30 James Warrington School of Marine Sci & Policy
30 Mary Kate Webster IT-Information Technologies
30 Eunice Wellons Academic Enrichment Center
30 Kathlene Wheatley Communications & Public Affair
30 Joseph Williams Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Piping
30 Linda Wooters Residence Life and Housing
35 Carol Anderer IT-Client Support & Services
35 Charles Beale Ctr for Counsel & Student Dev
35 Joseph Bradley Student Financial Services
35 Daniel Chester Computer & Info Sciences
35 Anastasia Chirnside Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
35 Nancy Cotugna Behavioral Health & Nutrition
35 Paul Eggermont Appl Economics & Statistics
35 Bonnie Ferguson Behavioral Health & Nutrition
35 Alan Hamant Music
35 Janet Kurman American Philosophical Assoc
35 Brian McCandless Energy Conversion
35 Thomas Moy Public Safety
35 James Mulligan Economics
35 David Murray Engineering
35 Raymond Peters Univ Honors Program
35 James Richards Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
35 M. Lynn Richmond Ofc of Univ Registrar
35 William Schenck DE Geological Survey
35 Tamara Schirmer Agriculture Research/Education
35 Joseph Scudlark School of Marine Sci & Policy
35 Robert Straight Art and Design
35 Douglas Tallamy Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
35 John White Public Safety
35 Susan Zatto Engr Acad Affairs
40 David Black Economics
40 Cynthia Carroll Ctr for Counsel & Student Dev
40 Pamela Donnelly Col Earth Ocean & Environment
40 Sylvester Johnson Bob Carpenter Center
40 Charles Mason Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
40 Patricia Miller RFC-Facil-Bldg Maint Op Newark
40 Faye Tew IT-Network & Systems Services
40 Gerald Turkel Sociology
40 Jeanne Walker English
45 John Bernstein History
45 Suzanne Deshong University Finance
45 Lawrence Duggan History
45 Charles Epifanio Col Earth Ocean & Environment
45 Samuel Gaertner Psychological & Brain Sciences
45 Thomas Gaisser Physics & Astronomy
45 John Kelso IT-Management Information Serv
45 David Kuhlman Psychological & Brain Sciences
45 Charles Link Economics
45 Daniel Rich School Public Pol/Administration
45 Barbara Vaughn Library

Recent Retirees May 2015 to April 2016

First Name Last Name Department
David Ames School of Public Pol/Admin
Deborah Andrews English
Thomas Angell Mathematical Sciences
David Bartolf Public Safety
Alba Bates HRIM
Joseph Battaglia Student Health Services
Thomas Becker Business Administration
Barbara Begieiter Student Health Services
Ruth Bell Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
Ella Boyd Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
Anne Boylan History
Nancy Brickhouse Ofc of the Provost
Linda Brock Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
Rodney Brown University Printing
Karen Brown University Finance
J. Robin Buccos Materials Science
Sandra Carberry Computer & Info Sciences
Anna Ciulla Medical Laboratory Scineces
Catherine Colbert Student Health Services
William Cottle Music
Jane Crouch Ofc Econ Innov and Partnership
Marjorie Dickerson Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
Jeffrey Doucette Ice Arena
James Draper Chemistry & Biochemistry
Barbara Emery Ctr for Econ Educ & Entreprnr
Catherine Evans Recreation Services
Thomas Fernsler Prof Dev Ctr for Educatr(PDCE)
Joanna Fink Univ Development
Renee Fisher Assoc in Arts Prog
Robert Fitzwater Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
Deborah Fox Chemistry & Biochemistry
Roberta Gealt Ctr for Drug & Health Studies
Henry Glyde Physics & Astronomy
Virginia Greene Art Conservation
Norma Grice Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
Stephen Guerke Arts & Sciences
Karen Guzman Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
Cynthia Haley Physical Therapy
James Halloway Student Financial Services
Edith Havens Psychological & Brain Sciences
Evelyn Hayes School of Nursing
Janet Hethorn Art
Doris Hicks Col Earth Ocean & Environment
Elizabeth Higginbotham Sociology
Donna Higgins Student Financial Services
Geraldine Hobbs Research Office
Susan Holland Library
Yu-Chu Huang Plant & Soil Science
Carl Jacobson IT-Technologies
Lynn Jacobson Career Services Center
Jonathan Jeffrey Library
Mary Jennings Animal & Food Sciences
Claudia Johnson Ofc of Univ Registrar
Russell Johnson Facilities-Maint & Op Cust Ser
Cynthia Johnson Investment Accounting
Vera Kaminski Art
Peter Kolchin History
James Kolodzey Electrical and Computer Engrg
Linda Larue IT-University Media Services
Margaret Legates Geography
Toni Lesniak Theatre
John Mackenzie Appl Economics & Statistics
James Magee Political Sci & Int Relations
America Martinez Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
Ralph Mason ELI
Bernd Mayer Hotel,Restaurant Management
K. Gwen McCullough PCS-Academic Programs
Andrew McDermott Energy Conversation
Diane Murray Ctr for Drug & Health Studies
Frank Murray School of Education
Dean Nairn IT-Client Support & Services
Patricia Nelson Appl Economics & Statistics
Paula Newton Energy Conversion
Karen Nickle Public Safety
Joanne Nigg Sociology
Catherine Olsen Plant & Soil Science
James O'Neill Economics
John Osoinach Small Business Deveopment Ctr
Norman Passmore Assoc in Arts Prog
Kathleen Phelps Facil & Auxl Svc Fin & Mgt Svc
Joseph Pika Arts & Sciences
Thompson Pizzolato Plant & Soil Science
Alvina Quintana Women and Gender Studies
William Ritter Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Cynthia Robbins Sociology
Gail Rys Ed & Hum Dev-Ofc of Dean
Brenda Sciavos School of Nursing
Marie Severns Student Services for Athletes
Lloyd Shorter Music
James Sims Agriculture and Natural Resour
Gina Sinovich Planning & Project Delivery
Daniel Slaten University Printing
Douglas Snyder Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
Lori Squier Mail Service
Douglas Tuttle School Public Pol/Administration
M. Christine Ulrich Compensation & Benefits
David Van Hook Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Piping
Barbara VanDornick DE Ctr for Teacher Education
Ronald Vukelich School of Education
Sara Waugh Student Financial Services
Anita Wellner Library
Harold White Chemistry & Biochemistry
George Whitmyre Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
Janice Wiley Ofc of Univ Registrar
Debbie Williams Admissions Office
Kuo-Chuin Wong School of Marine Sci & Policy
Scott Wycoff Business Administration
Catherine Zinszer Budget

I just had my 5 year (10, 15, etc.) anniversary. Do I get to choose a Service Award gift right away?
No, the Service Award gifts are awarded once a year.  You will choose your gift in the spring.

Does my time as a student or miscellaneous wage employee count?
No, since work as a student or miscellaneous wage employee is not considered benefits-eligible employment.

I took a sabbatical leave last year. How does this affect my Service Awards eligibility?
Sabbaticals are a recognized part of faculty positions. Employees on sabbatical leave are considered as on-going employees of the University and their benefits-eligible status is maintained. Therefore, sabbatical leave is not considered a break in service for the purpose of the Service Awards.

I am a part-time employee hired 10 (15, 20, etc.) years ago. Am I eligible to receive a 10-year (15, 20, etc.) Service Award, or is my time prorated?
The Service Awards are designed to recognize total length of time as a benefits-eligible University of Delaware employee, regardless of full-time equivalency. Total amount of time in a benefits-eligible position should be calculated the same: based on actual years, whether part-time, full-time, or a combination during your years of service.

I joined the University fifteen years ago, but took a one-year leave of absence. Am I still eligible for my 15 year award this spring?

Unpaid leaves of absence do not count towards Service Awards.