Service Award milestones are:
  • Recognized for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years of service
  • Only for benefit-eligible employees
  • Celebrated every year in the spring for the current year honorees. (See: Service Award Chart)
  • Years of service are based only on benefited employment time
    • Student and miscellaneous wage employment do not count toward years of service
    • Unpaid breaks-in-service do not count toward the total years of service calculation
    • Faculty sabbaticals are not breaks-in service (and count toward years of service)

Service Award Gifts
  • UD uses MTM Recognition to provide a wide selection of gifts for each service award year
  • You will be invited to select a gift in the spring of the fiscal year that you reach a milestone year
  • You will receive an email with a link to the online catalog from MTM Recognition
    • Facilities & Auxiliary Services and Dining Services employees - MTM will mail a gift brochure to your home address
  • You may select a gift from your milestone year or lower
    • Example: When celebrating 15 years, you may select from the 15-, 10-, or 5-year collections.
  • To get a sneak peek at the gifts available for any level, log-in to the Service Award Program Website.  Click the Guest button and then any of the links under Your Collections.
  • Shipping of service award gifts is limited to U.S. locations
  • Service Award selections must be made by September 30th.

Retirement Gifts
  • UD has contracted with MTM Recognition to provide a wide selection of retirement gifts, including the much admired UD standard and rocking chairs.
  • You will receive a Retirement Collection brochure when you meet with Benefits to complete your retiree benefits enrollment.   You will contact MTM Recognition directly to order your gift and provide information for any personalized item chosen.
  • Shipping of retirement gifts is limited to U.S. locations
  • Retirement gifts must be selected within one-year of retirement date.

Service Award and Retirement Recognition Events
  • A luncheon held annually in March or April to honor employees with 5, 10 and 15 years of service
  • A dinner held annually in May to honor employees with 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years of service, as well as to honor retirees from the previous 12 months.  Each employee/retiree is encouraged to bring a guest.
Service Award Dates for Fiscal Year 201/2017 (Employees Honored in Spring 2017)
5 7/1/2011 and 6/30/2012 Luncheon
April 21, 2017
10 7/1/2006 and 6/30/2007
15 7/1/2001 and 6/30/2002
20 7/1/1996 and 6/30/1997 Dinner
May 23, 2017
25 7/1/1991 and 6/30/1992
30 7/1/1986 and 6/30/1987
35 7/1/1981 and 6/30/1982
40 7/1/1976 and 6/30/1977
45 7/1/1971 and 6/30/1972
50 7/1/1966 and 6/30/1967
  5/1/2016 and 4/30/2017 Dinner
May 23, 2017

Years of Service Honorees July 2016 to June 2017

Years First Name Last Name Dept
5 Behnam Abasht Animal and Food Sciences
5 Jesus Acevedo Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
5 William Adkinson Ctr for Composite Materials
5 Philip Albertson Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
5 James Anderson Music
5 Cristina Archer School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Ezequiel Ayon Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Rhonda Banks Prof Dev Ctr for Educatr(PDCE)
5 Sarah Bercaw Cooperative Extension Service
5 Richard Bernard Chemistry & Biochemistry
5 Joni Bero PCS-Prof & Noncredit Programs
5 Mary Boggs Biological Sciences
5 Deneka Bond General Accounting
5 Amber Bonsall Art and Design
5 Erica Bradshaw Student Health Services
5 Harold Brangman Ofc of Exec Vice President
5 Erin Brannick Animal and Food Sciences
5 Stephanie Breuer College Engr Business Office
5 Paul Brewer Communication
5 Coleen Bristow Procurement Services
5 Hunter Brown School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Chuan Cai Business Intl/DW
5 Kathryn Cardner Office of the President
5 Heather Catalino Tansley Career Services Center
5 Linda Chantler Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Taylor Clark UD Early Learning Ctr Wilm
5 Jonathan Cohen School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Daniel Connor IT-Network & Systems Services
5 Allison Constable Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Anita Cooper Animal and Food Sciences
5 Kelly Cox Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Kelsey Cummings Univ Honors Program
5 Keith Davis Theatre
5 Andrea De Oliveira UD Early Learning Center
5 RoseMarie DeLooze Research Office
5 Danielle Dolan Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
5 Gregory Dominick Behavioral Health & Nutrition
5 Regina Donato Office of Student Conduct
5 Jessica Dougherty Theatre
5 Jodi Drake Univ Honors Program
5 Patricia Drake Procurement Services
5 Juley Dricken IT-University Media Services
5 Lori Elia-Tomovich Univ Development
5 Kara Ellerby Political Sci & Int Relations
5 Dawn Elliott Biomedical Engr Department
5 Matthew Engle Univ Development
5 Donald Ennis Facilities-Maint&Op CNT Utl Pl
5 Deborah Erickson Student Health Services
5 Chen Fang Confucius Institute
5 Giovanna Fiorentino Mathematical Sciences
5 Tommy Fisher-Klein Ctr Community Research & Serv
5 Chad Forbes Psychological & Brain Sciences
5 Sarah Georger Univ Honors Program
5 Joy Goswami Ofc Econ Innov and Partnership
5 Catherine Grimes Chemistry & Biochemistry
5 Lars Gundlach Chemistry & Biochemistry
5 Nancy Hicks Univ Development
5 Hartmut Hohensee School of Education
5 Richard Hudson Planning & Project Delivery
5 Julia Hulings Languages Literatures Cultures
5 Zamurrad Ilyas General Accounting
5 Bernard Innocent Public Safety
5 Brenda Jackson College Engr Business Office
5 Edward Jackson Environmental Health & Safety
5 John Jester Facilities-Grounds Services
5 Zelphia Johnson Physics & Astronomy
5 Marvin Johnson Conferences-Lewes
5 Sharon Karnado Univ Development
5 Sarah Katz Library
5 Jane Keeper Admissions Office
5 Christina King Residence Life and Housing
5 Steven Kirby Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
5 Margie Kiter Edwards University Studies Program
5 Munetaka Kubota Ctr for Composite Materials
5 Valerie Kuhlman Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
5 Arun Kumar Medical Laboratory Sciences
5 Kathryn Kutchen English Language Institute
5 Salil Lachke Biological Sciences
5 Josef Lachmann School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Patricia Leach Plant & Soil Science
5 Edward Lewandowski Col Earth Ocean & Environment
5 Susan Lewis Student Centers
5 Barbara Ley Communication
5 Mingxin Li Civil & Environmental Engineer
5 Kevin Liedel Univ Development
5 Jennifer Lobasz Political Sci & Int Relations
5 Adrienne Lucas Economics
5 Katherine Masso Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
5 Dennis McBrearty Student Centers
5 Michael McCormick College Engr Business Office
5 Allyson McCraw UD Early Learning Center
5 Melissa Melby Anthropology
5 Jennifer Merrill Col Earth Ocean & Environment
5 Stephanie Michael Physical Therapy
5 Kaci Middlemas Geography
5 Phillip Mink English
5 Amanda Minner Budget
5 Michael Moore DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
5 Peter Moore Delaware Environmental Inst
5 Michael Morris American Philosophical Assoc
5 Katherine Morrison Residence Life and Housing
5 Christine Motta Career Services Center
5 Ann Mule Weinberg John L Corp Gov Ctr
5 Joseph Naccarato Ofc Educational Technology
5 Abirami Narayan Procurement Services
5 Laura Nemec Animal and Food Sciences
5 Esley Newton Ctr for Disabilities Studies
5 Julia Oestreich Univ of Delaware Press
5 Lynn Okagaki Deputy Prov Acad Affairs
5 Maria Palazuelos-Jorganes Research Office
5 Ji Kyung Park Business Administration
5 Maria Anne Purciello Music
5 Kimberly Ragan Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
5 Laura Rapp Ctr for Drug & Health Studies
5 Brion Reilly IT-University Media Services
5 Raushan Rich Public Safety
5 Richard Rind Auxiliary Services
5 Kelly Ringgold Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
5 Michelle Rodgers Cooperative Extension Service
5 David Roldan Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
5 Diana Roscoe Ctr for Secondary Teacher Educ
5 Christine Rudkin Student Health Services
5 Chandran Sabanayagam DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
5 Andrea Sarzynski School Public Pol/Administratn
5 Michael Schlag Facil & Auxl Svc Fin & Mgt Svc
5 Elizabeth Schwenk Behavioral Health & Nutrition
5 Seth Shabo Philosophy
5 Natalya Shmunis Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Erin Sicuranza IT - Academic Technology Svs
5 Kimberly Silva Animal and Food Sciences
5 Abhyudai Singh Electrical and Computer Engrg
5 Jaclyn Sions Physical Therapy
5 Cheri Skipworth Residence Life and Housing
5 Michael Smith Facilities-Grounds Services
5 Michael Strusowski Facilities-Real Estate
5 Paul Sulzer A&S Undergrad Academic Servcs
5 Timothy Sumereau Student Centers
5 Katalin Takacs Haynes Business Administration
5 Brandon Toole ID Office
5 Brooke Uhde Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
5 Madeline Valinski Appl Economics & Statistics
5 Lin Wan School of Marine Sci & Policy
5 Junhua Wang Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
5 Timothy Ward PCS-Prof & Noncredit Programs
5 Bruce Weber Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
5 Candice Welhausen English
5 Jacqueline Woodlen Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
5 Regina Wright School of Nursing
5 David Wunsch DE Geological Survey
5 Yushan Yan Engineering
5 Valerie Yancy Student Centers
5 Haihong Yang Languages Literatures Cultures
5 Kimberly Zahm Ctr for Counsel & Student Dev
10 Karen Adams Agriculture Research/Education
10 Lucille Angeline School of Marine Sci & Policy
10 Dawn Arnold Engineering
10 Cristina Bacuta Mathematical Sciences
10 Nancy Bickings Engineering
10 Ann Birney Facilities-Grounds Services
10 Christopher Bogan School of Marine Sci & Policy
10 Karl Booksh Chemistry & Biochemistry
10 Ethna Boyd Biological Sciences
10 Michael Brannan Public Safety
10 David Brinley Art and Design
10 William Brock Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Julie Bruck Plant & Soil Science
10 Jerry Buchanan Facilities-Electronic Services
10 Robert Burnham IT-University Media Services
10 Joan Buttram DE Educ Research & Develop Ctr
10 Brenda Carboni Chemistry & Biochemistry
10 David Cardillo Library
10 Vicki Cassman Art Conservation
10 Catharine Cathell Physics & Astronomy
10 Jeffrey Chase Communications & Public Affair
10 William Cissel Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
10 Catherine Conrad Agriculture and Natural Resour
10 Kristin Cook Cooperative Extension Service
10 Joanne Cooper Animal and Food Sciences
10 Jesse Coppedge Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Kathryn Corbitt Univ Development
10 Betty Cowgill Biological Sciences
10 Amy Cowperthwait School of Nursing
10 Jane Craft Student Centers
10 Kenneth Cranker English Language Institute
10 Matthew Decamp Physics & Astronomy
10 Christian Derr Communications & Public Affair
10 Derek Dolby Library
10 Nicole Donofrio Plant & Soil Science
10 Abigail Donovan Art and Design
10 Jason Etherington Ctr for Composite Materials
10 Ashley Fields Procurement Services
10 Kathleen Forwood Materials Science
10 Colette Gaiter Art and Design
10 Jeanne Galvin-Clarke Research Office
10 Lisa Gensel Univ Archives and Records Mgmt
10 Paul Glenn Facilities-Grounds Services
10 James Gordon Facilities-Grounds Services
10 Tanya Gressley Animal and Food Sciences
10 Katie Griffin Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Suzanne Grube Student Centers
10 Geoffrey Gustavsen Student Health Services
10 Fraser Gutteridge IT-Network & Systems Services
10 Leslie Hague Research Office
10 Jevonia Harris IT - Academic Technology Svs
10 Freddie Hazzard Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
10 Changming He DE Geological Survey
10 Michal Herzenstein Business Administration
10 Diane Hess Research Office
10 Gregory Hicks Physical Therapy
10 Jamie Holder Physics & Astronomy
10 Yi Ji Physics & Astronomy
10 Eric Johnson Facilities-Electronic Services
10 Lori Keller Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
10 Leon Kukulka Ice Arena
10 Susan LaMedica Univ Development
10 Edward Larkin English
10 Mariana Laws Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Erik Leefeldt Arts & Sciences
10 Cynthia Lees Languages Literatures Cultures
10 Diana Levering Medical Laboratory Sciences
10 Xiaoming Li Electrical and Computer Engrg
10 Stephen Litterst IT-University Media Services
10 Dilia Lopez-Gydosh Fashion & Apparel Studies
10 Teresa Louise Computer & Info Sciences
10 Michael Lourdemaria Ctr for Composite Materials
10 Christy Mannering Agriculture and Natural Resour
10 Khalil Masmoudi Languages Literatures Cultures
10 Catherine Matthews Office of Conferences
10 Mark Maull Facilities-Lewes Maint & Op
10 Adrian McCleary University Studies Program
10 Ronnie McGhee Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Meghan McInnis-Dominguez Languages Literatures Cultures
10 Christopher Meehan Civil & Environmental Engineer
10 Kathryn Meier Arts & Sciences
10 Alexis Milam Office of Conferences
10 Darren Miller RFC-Facil-Bldg Maint Op Newark
10 Andrew Mitchell Conferences-Newark
10 Shannon Modla DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
10 Dharni Moharil IT-Management Information Serv
10 Judith Moser Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
10 Carrie Murphy Cooperative Extension Service
10 Elaine Nelson Mechanical Engineering
10 Iva Obrusnikova Behavioral Health & Nutrition
10 Brenda Olmo Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Piping
10 Renee Ormsbee Conferences-Newark
10 Anne Owen English Language Institute
10 Michelle Parent Medical Laboratory Sciences
10 Ruthann Parsons UD Early Learning Center
10 Sandeep Patel Chemistry & Biochemistry
10 Yasser Payne Sociology
10 Sarah Petersen English Language Institute
10 Ashley Pigford Art and Design
10 Maria Poole Internal Auditing
10 Michael Popovich Agriculture and Natural Resour
10 Margaret Reign Small Business Development Ctr
10 Lisa Ridenour Col Earth Ocean & Environment
10 Aurelia Rio Languages Literatures Cultures
10 Luis Rodriguez-Almodovar Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Phyllis Roland UD Early Learning Center
10 Andrew Roosen Electrical and Computer Engrg
10 Barbara Ruane Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
10 Ellen Saienni PCS-Prof & Noncredit Programs
10 Pablo Sanchez Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
10 Karen Seymour University Studies Program
10 Sowmya Shankar IT - Web Development
10 Patrick Shields Ofc of Univ Registrar
10 Michelle Shumate FYE/LIFE Program
10 Janet Siar Library
10 Stephen Siegel Computer & Info Sciences
10 Patricia Sloane-White Women and Gender Studies
10 John Smith Music
10 Michael Smith Health Sciences Deans Office
10 Wendy Smith Business Administration
10 Sherri Sobocinski Library
10 John Starmer Theatre
10 Peggy Stinson Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
10 Millicent Sullivan Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
10 Karen Sunkler Conferences-Newark
10 Jeannette Taylor Facil & Auxl Svc Fin & Mgt Svc
10 Yohannes Tesfaye Agriculture and Natural Resour
10 Christina Thomas Admissions Office
10 Joseph Trainor School Public Pol/Administratn
10 Kathleen Turner Plant & Soil Science
10 Anthony Valentine Arts & Sciences
10 Kenneth Van Golen Biological Sciences
10 Wayne Voelmeck School of Nursing
10 Daniel Waegel IT - Web Development
10 Jiannan Wang B&E Accounting & MIS
10 Jeanne Warrington Physical Therapy
10 Tyra Webster Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
10 Bingqing Wei Mechanical Engineering
10 Matthew Weinert Political Sci & Int Relations
10 Nancy Weiss Health Sciences Deans Office
10 Scott Welsh Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
10 Mary Wheatley Agriculture Research/Education
10 Charles Willis Agriculture-Newark Farm
10 David Wilson Arts & Sciences
10 Richard Wisk Health Sciences Deans Office
10 Kristen Wolanski Mail Service
10 Jeffrey Work Environmental Health & Safety
10 Billie Wright Animal and Food Sciences
10 Sonya Yasack Physical Therapy
10 Jennie Yeow Ctr Community Research & Serv
10 Dannagal Young Communication
10 Susan Zarebicki Communication
10 Melinda Zoehrer Plant & Soil Science
10 Ryan Zurakowski Biomedical Engr Department
15 Benigno Aguirre Sociology
15 Desiree Alexander Univ Development
15 Jean Anderson Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
15 Ken Anunda Health Sciences Deans Office
15 Krzysztof Bakowski Facil & Auxl Svc Fin & Mgt Svc
15 Brenda Ball Parking Services
15 Jack Baroudi Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
15 John Bartley Assoc in Arts Prog
15 Eric Benson Animal and Food Sciences
15 Deborah Boyer Ctr for Disabilities Studies
15 Benjamin Bruening Linguistics& Cognitive Science
15 Eileen Burns Chemistry & Biochemistry
15 Eric Cantrell Arts & Sciences
15 Allan Carlsen Theatre
15 John Carter Facilities-Lewes Maint & Op
15 Meera Chung Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 David Costrini IT - Web Development
15 George Crawford Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Bryan Crissinger Mathematical Sciences
15 Joseph Deitzel Ctr for Composite Materials
15 Devon Earl Movers Services
15 Eve Ellis Library
15 Jeremy Firestone School of Marine Sci & Policy
15 Barbara Ford Political Sci & Int Relations
15 Joseph Fox Chemistry & Biochemistry
15 Eric Furst Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
15 Xiang Gao Music
15 Nancy Getchell Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
15 Carol Gillund Ctr for Counsel & Student Dev
15 John Gizis Physics & Astronomy
15 Brad Glass School of Education
15 Vicki Goettel School of Education
15 Keith Goossen Electrical and Computer Engrg
15 Pamela Green Plant & Soil Science
15 Kimberley Green College Engr Business Office
15 Cristina Guardiola-Griffiths Languages Literatures Cultures
15 Theresa Haga Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Michael Haney Electrical and Computer Engrg
15 Bazle Haque Ctr for Composite Materials
15 Vanessa Harper Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
15 Denise Heldorfer Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
15 Michael Henry Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Theresa Hessey Library
15 Gladys Ilarregui Languages Literatures Cultures
15 Douglas Isakoff Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
15 Ian Janssen Univ Archives and Records Mgmt
15 Michele Jennings College Engr Business Office
15 Wayne Johnson Facilities-Grounds Services
15 Francis Karani Ofc Laboratory Animal Medicine
15 Marieileene Keane Communications & Public Affair
15 Joan Kern Library
15 Seung Kerr Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Kristi Kiick Engineering
15 Deborah Kirwan Univ Development
15 Jong Lee Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Brian Leefeldt Interdiscipl Sci Learn Labs
15 Barbara Lewis-Kuszyk Disability Support Services
15 Jeffrey Lindell Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Felix Lopez Facilities-Grounds Services
15 Michelle Magana Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Lisa Malbone PCS-Prof & Noncredit Programs
15 Shelton Mason Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Anne McCullin Ofc Internatl Stu & Scholars
15 Michael McGuinness Facilities-Engineering Service
15 Lisa McInnis PCS-Financial Services
15 Connie McKinney Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Patrick McMahon Chemistry & Biochemistry
15 Kamesha Medley-Flamer Communications & Public Affair
15 Xiaolan Meng Library
15 Debra Morris Physics & Astronomy
15 Diane Muckle Facilities-Grounds Services
15 Cynthia Munyan Univ Development
15 William Nester Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Francis O'Malley Prof Dev Ctr for Educatr(PDCE)
15 Robert Opila Materials Science
15 Elizabeth Orsega-Smith Behavioral Health & Nutrition
15 Linda Osoinach PCS-Financial Services
15 Robert Pekala DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
15 Crystal Persaud Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
15 Deborah Powell DE Biotechnology Institute DBI
15 Paul Pusecker Arts & Sciences
15 Gina Pusey Physical Therapy
15 Verlyn Rayfield Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Martha Reyes Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Ruth Riale Residence Life and Housing
15 Paula Rixham University Printing
15 Benjamin Rohe Biological Sciences
15 Marcia Rollison Lerner Colg of Bus & Econ
15 Maura Ruffing Arts & Sciences
15 Sara Schiavoni Student Health Services
15 Shouyuan Shi Electrical and Computer Engrg
15 Robert Sikes Biological Sciences
15 William Simpson Library
15 Mark Stanton Psychological & Brain Sciences
15 Margaret Stetz Women and Gender Studies
15 Jeffrey Stonebraker Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
15 Harold Taylor Conferences-Lewes
15 Peggy Thomas Research Office
15 Serap Tilav Physics & Astronomy
15 Fabrice Veron School of Marine Sci & Policy
15 Siyan Wang Economics
15 Mark Warner School of Marine Sci & Policy
15 Nina Warren English
15 Mary Werth Art History
15 Susan Williams Ofc of the President
15 Miranda Wilson English
15 Diana Woodring Univ Development
15 Jeffrey Yarnall Facilities-Grounds Services
15 Neal Zondlo Chemistry & Biochemistry
20 Michael Blyskal Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
20 Cynthia Boettger Animal and Food Sciences
20 Nedra Boyer Mail Service
20 Linda Brannen Plant & Soil Science
20 Thomas Buchanan Mechanical Engineering
20 Martha Buell Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
20 Joanne Burchard Physics & Astronomy
20 Jinfa Cai Mathematical Sciences
20 Jason Cash IT-Information Technologies
20 Pei Chiu Civil & Environmental Engineer
20 Darwin Davis Business Administration
20 Cheryl Davis-Robinson TRIO Programs
20 Keith Decker Computer & Info Sciences
20 Peter Feng English
20 Ronald Ford Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
20 Lee Glen Languages Literatures Cultures
20 Eileen Gorman Procurement Services
20 Patti Hall Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
20 Bethany Hall-Long School of Nursing
20 Paul Imhoff Civil & Environmental Engineer
20 Mckay Jenkins English
20 Rolf Joerger Animal and Food Sciences
20 Chandra Kambhamettu Computer & Info Sciences
20 Gail Knapp Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
20 John Koh Chemistry & Biochemistry
20 Gail Kracyla Disaster Research Center
20 Marie Laberge Women and Gender Studies
20 John Laznik Ctr Applied Demograpy & Survey
20 Kevin Lee IT-Network & Systems Services
20 Shwu Leung Library
20 Thomas Mackiewicz Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Struct
20 Robert Marley Facilities-Electronic Services
20 Thomas McKenna DE Geological Survey
20 Mary McLane Medical Laboratory Sciences
20 Cynthia McLaughlin Electrical and Computer Engrg
20 Susan Miller Sociology
20 Nancy Moore Student Health Services
20 Edward Moyse Library
20 Randolph Murphy Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
20 Wayde Naylor Facilities-Maint&Op Outly Boil
20 Lyle Neff Library
20 Deborah Nelson Electrical and Computer Engrg
20 Michelle Parnell PCS-Academic Programs
20 Maria Pautler Plant & Soil Science
20 Robyn Phillips Art and Design
20 Mary Ruth Pierce Ofc of Univ Registrar
20 Kristen Poole English
20 Riccarda Saggese Languages Literatures Cultures
20 David Saylor Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
20 Laura Schmitt Physical Therapy
20 Christine Schultz Univ Honors Program
20 Della Scott Theatre
20 Robin Secor Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
20 Cynthia Shenkle A&S Undergrad Academic Servcs
20 Wilfredo Sierra Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
20 Kathleen Splane Cooperative Extension Service
20 Suzanne Stanley Ofc of Univ Registrar
20 Rachel Strickland Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
20 Angela Stringham Library
20 Krista Urbaniak Ofc of Univ Registrar
20 Sharon Watson Business Administration
20 William Wright Communications & Public Affair
20 Julian Yates English
25 Anne Bowler Sociology
25 Ida Brinkley Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
25 William Cain Biological Sciences
25 Siu-Tat Chui Physics & Astronomy
25 Anne Colwell Assoc in Arts Prog
25 Joseph Daniel Economics
25 Judith David Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
25 Lisa Dorey Col Earth Ocean & Environment
25 Paul Evenson Physics & Astronomy
25 Betty Farmer Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
25 Nettie Fitzgerald Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Electr
25 Karen Gartley Plant & Soil Science
25 M Giambi Library
25 William Hawkins Agriculture Research/Education
25 Donna Hendrie Student Health Services
25 Paul Hyde IT - Academic Technology Svs
25 William Johnson Student Centers
25 Michael Klein Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
25 Daniel Leathers Geography
25 Ajay Manrai Business Administration
25 Mark Miller Languages Literatures Cultures
25 Kathleen Minke School of Education
25 Dermott Mullan Physics & Astronomy
25 Russell Murray Music
25 Nadine Neiger Engineering
25 Stanley Owocki Physics & Astronomy
25 Maria Pippidis Cooperative Extension Service
25 Lori Pollock Computer & Info Sciences
25 John Pullella Facilties-Bldg Maint & Op Hous
25 Sonja Rathel Ctr for Disabilities Studies
25 Randolph Raye Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Struct
25 Debra Sage Kinesiology & Appl Physiology
25 John Sawyer Ofc of Institutional Research
25 Kathleen Schell School of Nursing
25 Janice Selekman School of Nursing
25 Qaisar Shafi Physics & Astronomy
25 Priscilla Smith Art and Design
25 Sherri Stewart Office of Student Conduct
25 Octavus Williams Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
30 Helen Arrants IT-Client Support & Services
30 Mark Baker Agriculture-Newark Farm
30 Stacie Beck Economics
30 Anthony Bell Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
30 Theodore Blackson Public Safety
30 Jeffrey Boys Library
30 David Caldwell Mathematical Sciences
30 Bruce Campbell Facilities-Lewes Maint & Op
30 Dana Chatellier Chemistry & Biochemistry
30 Susan Cheadle Chemistry & Biochemistry
30 Mary Cleveland Arts & Sciences
30 Kimberly Corbman Public Safety
30 Michael Cotsell English
30 Karen DeMonte Residence Life and Housing
30 Faye Duffy Admissions Office
30 Marvin Duffy IT-University Media Services
30 Evangelos Falaris Economics
30 John Frett Plant & Soil Science
30 Joseph Glutting School of Education
30 Lesa Griffiths Animal and Food Sciences
30 Eileen Grycky Music
30 Brian Hanson Geography
30 Keith Heckert Communications & Public Affair
30 David Heckman Procurement Services
30 Janet Hedrick Public Safety
30 Mark Isaacs Plant & Soil Science
30 Tara Kee MALS Program
30 George Luther School of Marine Sci & Policy
30 John Madsen Geological Sciences
30 Gertrud Marshall Physics & Astronomy
30 Rodney McGee Facilities-Lewes Maint & Op
30 Sandra Millard Library
30 Jeanette Miller Delaware Environmental Inst
30 Richard Morris Agriculture-Newark Farm
30 Andreas Muenchow School of Marine Sci & Policy
30 Marcella Murphy Animal and Food Sciences
30 Timothy Murray Library
30 Barbara Necarsulmer Small Business Development Ctr
30 Jean Neff Employee Development
30 Ronald Nichols IT-Client Support & Services
30 George Parsons School of Marine Sci & Policy
30 Ellen Pletz DE Center - Transportation
30 Rakesh Rakesh Mathematical Sciences
30 Karen Rosenberg Anthropology
30 Michael Santare Mechanical Engineering
30 James Schelts IT-Network & Systems Services
30 Gilberto Schleiniger Mathematical Sciences
30 Anita Schwartz IT-Client Support & Services
30 William Shafarman Energy Conversion
30 Monika Shafi Languages Literatures Cultures
30 Donald Shenkle Communications & Public Affair
30 Dee Smith Arts & Sciences
30 Charles Smith DE Geological Survey
30 Jennifer Sparks Parking Services
30 Gary Stokes Treasury Services
30 Carl Thomas Movers Services
30 William Ullman School of Marine Sci & Policy
30 Donald Unger Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
30 Michael Van Leer B&E Accounting & MIS
30 April Veness Geography
30 Irene Vogel Linguistics& Cognitive Science
30 Gail Wade School of Nursing
30 Justina Webster Dining Services
30 Harry Weis Library
30 Glenn Williams Public Safety
30 Catherine Wojewodzki Library
35 John Antil Business Administration
35 Anna Bloch Payroll
35 John Byrne Ctr for Enrgy & Environmntl P
35 Martha Carothers Art and Design
35 Michael Davidson Civil & Environmental Engineer
35 Earl Davis Facil & Auxl Svc Fin & Mgt Svc
35 Cheryl Doherty Geological Sciences
35 Pamela Flockerzi IT-Network & Systems Services
35 John Gillespie Materials Science
35 Melba Haynes Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
35 Steven Hegedus Energy Conversion
35 J Hough-Goldstein Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
35 Helene Intraub Psychological & Brain Sciences
35 James Jones Psychological & Brain Sciences
35 Nobuhisa Kobayashi Civil & Environmental Engineer
35 Thomas LaPenta Human Resources
35 Vickie Lucas School of Education
35 John Morgan Physics & Astronomy
35 John Pesek Appl Economics & Statistics
35 Michael Porter IT-Network & Systems Services
35 Steven Sidebotham History
35 Todor Stanev Physics & Astronomy
35 Scott Stevens English Language Institute
35 John Wragge B&E Accounting & MIS
40 Jan Burns Mathematical Sciences
40 James Butkiewicz Economics
40 Patricia DeLeon Biological Sciences
40 Cecil Dybowski Chemistry & Biochemistry
40 Allan Fanjoy Special Sessions
40 Daniel Grim IT-Information Technologies
40 Julia Hamm Library
40 Gerald Hendricks Plant & Soil Science
45 John Anderson Assoc in Arts Prog
45 Christopher Boorse Philosophy
45 Roger Bowman Facilities-Grounds Services
45 Betty Haslett Communication
45 William Latham Economics
45 James Morrison School Public Pol/Administratn
45 Edward Ratledge School Public Pol/Administratn

Recent Retirees May 2015 to April 2016

First Name Last Name Department
David Ames School of Public Pol/Admin
Deborah Andrews English
Thomas Angell Mathematical Sciences
David Bartolf Public Safety
Alba Bates HRIM
Joseph Battaglia Student Health Services
Thomas Becker Business Administration
Barbara Begieiter Student Health Services
Ruth Bell Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
Ella Boyd Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
Anne Boylan History
Nancy Brickhouse Ofc of the Provost
Linda Brock Intercollegiate Athletics Prog
Rodney Brown University Printing
Karen Brown University Finance
J. Robin Buccos Materials Science
Sandra Carberry Computer & Info Sciences
Anna Ciulla Medical Laboratory Scineces
Catherine Colbert Student Health Services
William Cottle Music
Jane Crouch Ofc Econ Innov and Partnership
Marjorie Dickerson Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
Jeffrey Doucette Ice Arena
James Draper Chemistry & Biochemistry
Barbara Emery Ctr for Econ Educ & Entreprnr
Catherine Evans Recreation Services
Thomas Fernsler Prof Dev Ctr for Educatr(PDCE)
Joanna Fink Univ Development
Renee Fisher Assoc in Arts Prog
Robert Fitzwater Facilities-BldgMnt&Op HeatCool
Deborah Fox Chemistry & Biochemistry
Roberta Gealt Ctr for Drug & Health Studies
Henry Glyde Physics & Astronomy
Virginia Greene Art Conservation
Norma Grice Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
Stephen Guerke Arts & Sciences
Karen Guzman Facilities-Cust Svc Academic
Cynthia Haley Physical Therapy
James Halloway Student Financial Services
Edith Havens Psychological & Brain Sciences
Evelyn Hayes School of Nursing
Janet Hethorn Art
Doris Hicks Col Earth Ocean & Environment
Elizabeth Higginbotham Sociology
Donna Higgins Student Financial Services
Geraldine Hobbs Research Office
Susan Holland Library
Yu-Chu Huang Plant & Soil Science
Carl Jacobson IT-Technologies
Lynn Jacobson Career Services Center
Jonathan Jeffrey Library
Mary Jennings Animal & Food Sciences
Claudia Johnson Ofc of Univ Registrar
Russell Johnson Facilities-Maint & Op Cust Ser
Cynthia Johnson Investment Accounting
Vera Kaminski Art
Peter Kolchin History
James Kolodzey Electrical and Computer Engrg
Linda Larue IT-University Media Services
Margaret Legates Geography
Toni Lesniak Theatre
John Mackenzie Appl Economics & Statistics
James Magee Political Sci & Int Relations
America Martinez Dept of Foreign Langs & Lits
Ralph Mason ELI
Bernd Mayer Hotel,Restaurant Management
K. Gwen McCullough PCS-Academic Programs
Andrew McDermott Energy Conversation
Diane Murray Ctr for Drug & Health Studies
Frank Murray School of Education
Dean Nairn IT-Client Support & Services
Patricia Nelson Appl Economics & Statistics
Paula Newton Energy Conversion
Karen Nickle Public Safety
Joanne Nigg Sociology
Catherine Olsen Plant & Soil Science
James O'Neill Economics
John Osoinach Small Business Deveopment Ctr
Norman Passmore Assoc in Arts Prog
Kathleen Phelps Facil & Auxl Svc Fin & Mgt Svc
Joseph Pika Arts & Sciences
Thompson Pizzolato Plant & Soil Science
Alvina Quintana Women and Gender Studies
William Ritter Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Cynthia Robbins Sociology
Gail Rys Ed & Hum Dev-Ofc of Dean
Brenda Sciavos School of Nursing
Marie Severns Student Services for Athletes
Lloyd Shorter Music
James Sims Agriculture and Natural Resour
Gina Sinovich Planning & Project Delivery
Daniel Slaten University Printing
Douglas Snyder Facilities-Cust & Univ Service
Lori Squier Mail Service
Douglas Tuttle School Public Pol/Administration
M. Christine Ulrich Compensation & Benefits
David Van Hook Facilities-BldgMaint&Op Piping
Barbara VanDornick DE Ctr for Teacher Education
Ronald Vukelich School of Education
Sara Waugh Student Financial Services
Anita Wellner Library
Harold White Chemistry & Biochemistry
George Whitmyre Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
Janice Wiley Ofc of Univ Registrar
Debbie Williams Admissions Office
Kuo-Chuin Wong School of Marine Sci & Policy
Scott Wycoff Business Administration
Catherine Zinszer Budget

I just had my 5 year (10, 15, etc.) anniversary. Do I get to choose a Service Award gift right away?
No, the Service Award gifts are awarded once a year.  You will choose your gift in the spring.

Does my time as a student or miscellaneous wage employee count?
No, since work as a student or miscellaneous wage employee is not considered benefits-eligible employment.

I took a sabbatical leave last year. How does this affect my Service Awards eligibility?
Sabbaticals are a recognized part of faculty positions. Employees on sabbatical leave are considered as on-going employees of the University and their benefits-eligible status is maintained. Therefore, sabbatical leave is not considered a break in service for the purpose of the Service Awards.

I am a part-time employee hired 10 (15, 20, etc.) years ago. Am I eligible to receive a 10-year (15, 20, etc.) Service Award, or is my time prorated?
The Service Awards are designed to recognize total length of time as a benefits-eligible University of Delaware employee, regardless of full-time equivalency. Total amount of time in a benefits-eligible position should be calculated the same: based on actual years, whether part-time, full-time, or a combination during your years of service.

I joined the University fifteen years ago, but took a one-year leave of absence. Am I still eligible for my 15 year award this spring?

Unpaid leaves of absence do not count towards Service Awards.