• The University of Delaware Charter
    • The Preface reads in part:
      "The University of Delaware had its corporate origin in the Act of the General Assembly of Delaware, passed February 5, 1833, incorporating ""Newark College."" The name of the College so incorporated has through the years undergone certain changes and now is known as the University of Delaware."

      Par. 5102 states the Purpose as:
      "The leading object of the University shall be to promote the liberal and practical education of persons of all classes in the several pursuits and professions in life through the teaching of classical, scientific and agricultural subjects, the mechanical arts, military tactics, and such other subjects as are related to and will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of a Land-Grant, State University."
  • Board of Trustees
  • The Path to Prominence
    • The Strategic Plan for the University of Delaware
      • President Patrick Harker (in part) from the May 2008 Executuce Summary:
        This strategic plan, which charts our "Path to Prominence," is part of a continuing University conversation. As the planning and implementation process now rolls out across the University at the college, school, and unit level, this dialogue will guide our steps, offering fresh ideas and approaches. While on our path, our destination remains constant: to fulfill the mission of the University and to be recognized around the world as one of the great public institutions of higher education in America.

    • The Guiding Principles
    • Strategic Milestones
        Strategic Milestones: How We Will Excel - Create a diverse and stimulating undergraduate academic environment

        II. Become a premier research and graduate university
        III. Acheive excellence in professional education
        IV. Advance an Initiative for the Planet
        V. Extend UD's impact through a Global Initiative
        VI. Increase Delaware's commitment to be an engaged university

    • Key Capabilities
        Key Capabilities: What We Will Need To Succeed

        - Faculty Excellence
        - Staff Excellence
        - Outstanding Facilities
        - Continually Advancing IT Infrastructure
        - Exemplary Management Practices
        - Leadership-Level Financial Resources
        - Excellence in All We Do
        - Readiness to Embrace Change

  • Administration
  • Policies
  • Systems Overview
    • Webforms
      • Introduction
          The campus community conducts much of its business using webforms. Secure login to the webform system is achieved with UD's Central Authentication Service (CAS). Use either your UDelNet ID and password, or your UD ID and PIN to log in.

      • Web Forms Menu and Instructions
          Web Forms Menu

          Help: Manage your Web Forms setting through the Help menu.

          Blanks: A list of the Web Forms available in alphabetical order. Click on a form name to begin your form.

          In Basket: Forms appear in your In Basket if they need your attention or they are completed. Completed forms will have the "Role" column set as "Copy."

          Out Basket: Check your Out Basket after a form is submitted to see the status of your form.

          Archives: If you choose to remove completed forms from your In Basket, a copy will appear in your Archives.

          Folders: You may choose to organize your Archived forms in Folders.

          Drafts: If you click the ""Save & exit"" button, your form will be saved under the Drafts tab without being submitted. You may come back to your draft at any time to resume where you left off. Once you submit the draft, it no longer appears in the Drafts tab. You may also use your draft as a template to reuse again and again. NOTE: Complete all required fields before you can Save & exit. Failing to do so will result in data not being saved.

          Log Out: Always use the Log Out tab to exit Web Forms.

          More information
          Questions, contact Web Development at it-webdev@udel.edu
      • UD Central Authentication Service (CAS)
          The authentication system we use at UD was originally created at Yale University. It allows a trusted way for our online systems and applications to verify the identity of users.

          There are two options for logging into CAS:

          1. UDelNet ID and password
          2. UD ID (Employee ID) and PIN
    • UD HR-Payroll Systems (HRMS)
      • The central repository of human resources information and processes
          The University uses Oracle/PeopleSoft HCM version 9.1 for:
          • Payroll
          • Employee records
          • Benefits
          • Employee recruitment/Candidate Gateway
          • Compensation

          Contact information:
          ● Payroll - Payroll & Records Management, 831-8677
          ● Benefits - Benefits, 831-2171
          ● Employee Recruitment, 831-2171
      • Requesting Access to HR Web Views
          Use the webform called Access Request: HR Web System

          Request access to one or more HRMS web views:
          • Personal Data View
          • Position View
          • Job Employment Data View
          • Additional Pay Data View
          • Requisition Data View
          • Employment Verification View
          • Wellness Dollar Detail View

      • Requesting Access to Labor Allocation Module (LAM)
          Payroll-Records Management owns the Labor Allocation Module. Request access to the LAM by sending an email to: lam-system@udel.edu
          Permission for access to LAM comes from either your department head or the designated individual for your unit and is based on the authorization procedures setup by your college or VP unit.

          Your email to lam-system@udel.edu must include:
          ● Name and user name (UDelNet ID)
          ● Are you requesting update or view only access?
          ● Do you currently have access to FIPRD (financials production)?
          ● Do you currently have access to HRPRD HR production)?
          ● What tree node access do you need?
              ◦ Generally, the tree node = Dept. ID (access for one department)
              ◦ To have access to multiple departments, those departments must fall under the same higher level tree node
    • UD Financials
      • The central repository of financial information and processes
          The University uses Oracle/PeopleSoft Financials system version 8.9 for:
          • General Ledger
          • Purchase Order
          • Accounts Payable
          • Grants
          • Non-student Billing
          • Accounts Receivable
          • Cash Receipts (not Student Accts which is in UDSIS)
          • Labor Allocation Module (LAM)
          • Asset and Space Management

          Contact information:
          ● General Ledger - General Accounting (x2175 www.udel.edu/genacct)
          ● Purchase Order - Procurement Services (x2161 www.udel.edu/procurement)
          ● Accounts Payable - Procurement Services (x2161 www.udel.edu/procurement)
          ● Grants - Research Office (x2136 www.udel.edu/research/)
          ● Non-student Billing - Billing & Collection (x2126 www.udel.edu/bill_coll/)
          ● Accounts Receivable - Billing & Collection (x2126 www.udel.edu/bill_coll/)
          ● Cash Receipts (not Student Accts which is in UDSIS) - Cashiers' Office (x1242)
          ● Labor Allocation Module (LAM) - Payroll & Records Management (lam-system@udel.edu)
          ● Asset Management including Space Allocation Module – General Accounting (x2175 www.udel.edu/genacct)
      • Requesting Access to financial data
          Financial data is secured by Purpose code. Row level security to one or more Purpose code gives a person access to UDataGlance and PS Query for the financial data associated with those codes.

          Use the webform called Access Request: UD Financials-Query:
          • New users - request access to Purpose codes (as viewer or approver/viewer) with webform.
          • Delete users with the webform
          • Access changes for users with existing access, send requests to aft-access@udel.edu

      • Requesting Access to Grants Management system (FIPRD)
          The Research Office is the system owner of the Grants Management system, which is part of UD Financials (PeopleSoft/Oracle).

          Request access by email to ovpr-access@udel.edu through the appropriate Dean's Office (usually the Asst. Dean) or VP Office.

          Request one of the two roles in the Grants Management system:
          • For inquiry only - GM_RESEARCH_ADMIN
          • For data input - GM_RESEARCH_INQUIRY

          Approval must first be obtained through the appropriate Dean's Office/asst. dean who will then send an email request to ovpr-access@udel.edu. The request must include:
          • Person's name
          • User name (UDelNet ID)
          • Dept ID(s)
          • Which role: GM_RESEARCH_ADMIN (data input) or GM_RESEARCH_INQUIRY (inquiry only)
      • Requesting Access to Non-Student Billing and Accounts Receivable
          Departments should utilize UD Financials reports to identify aged receivables. Open balances over 120days will be sent to outside collection agency. Open balances over one year will be written off.

          Send email to Sondra Holbrooke Wagner (Sondra@udel.edu) and include:
          • Full Name
          • User name
          • Campus Address
          • Dept. name
          • Dept ID (very important)
          • Dept. contact phone number that will appear on invoices
      • UDataGlance
          UDataGlance (UD at a glance) is an online reporting tool to assist employees perform daily administrative tasks. The data is updated daily.

          These tabs are currently active:
          Financial Summary
          Statement View
          Proposal Data
          Award Data
          Fin(ancial) Position Report

          These tabs are coming in the future:
          Human Resources
          www.udel.edu/udataglance See Help link within the application to see additional information for specific tabs
    • UDSIS (UD Student Information System)
  • University Acronyms