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  A&S Arts & Sciences, College of
  AAUP American Association of University Professors
  ACCESS Adult Centers for Continuing Education Student Services
  ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
  ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder¬†
  AFSCME American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees
  AO Authorized Official
  ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  ASEL Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories
  ASPIRE Academic Support Program Inspiring Renaissance Educators¬†
  ATS Academic Technology Services
  B&E Business & Economics, Alfred Lerner College of
  BAA Broad Agency Announcement
  BAMS Black American Studies
  BCC Bob Carpenter Center (the Bob)
  BSU Black Student Union
  BU Bargaining Unit
  CAA Colonial Athletic Association
  CABER Center for Applied Business & Economic Research¬†
  CACR Center for Applied Coastal Research
  CADSR Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research
  CANR College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  CAS Central Authentication Service
  CAS¬† Cost Accounting Standards
  CAS¬† College of Arts & Sciences
  CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement
  CBC Criminal Background Check
  CBC Center for Black Culture
  CBER Center for Biomedical Engineering Research¬†
  CCCL Center for Climate and Land-Surface Change
  CCEI Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation
  CCM Center for Composite Materials
  CCR Central Contractor Registration
  CCRS Center for Community Research and Service
  CCSD Center for Counseling and Student Development
  CCST Center for Catalytic Science & Technology
  CDAS Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies
  CDS Center for Disabilities Studies¬†
  CE College of Engineering
  CEEE Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship
  CEEP Center for Energy & Environmental Policy
  CEHD College of Education and Human Development
  CEOE College of Earth, Ocean and Environment
  CFDA Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
  CFR Code of Federal Regulations
  CHAD Center for Historic Architecture & Design
  CHS College of Health Sciences
  CIBE Center for Innovative Bridge Engineering
  CITE Center for Intercultural Teacher Education
  CMET Center for Molecular & Engineering Thermodynamics
  CMS Community Music School
  COA Chart of Accounts
  COI Conflict of Interest
  CPC Center for Political Communication
  CPI Co‚ÄźPrincipal Investigator
  CRS Center for Remote Sensing
  CS&S Client Support & Services (formerly User Services)
  CSB Carpenter Sports Building (the Little Bob)
  CSMP Center for the Study of Marine Policy
  CT Cash Transmittal (webform)
  CTE Center for Teaching Effectiveness (new name: Center for Teaching and Learning)
  CTL Center for Teaching and Learning
  CURC Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification¬†
  DBI Delaware Biotechnology Institute
  DC Direct Costs
  DCTE Delaware Center for Teacher Education
  DELCAT DELaware CATalog (online library catalog)
  DENIN Delaware Environmental Institute
  DERDC Delaware Education Research and Development Center
  DGS Delaware Geological Survey
  DLE Discovery Learning Experience
  DRC Disaster Research Center
  DRC Documentation Review Committee (LD/ADHD Services)
  DSS Disability Support Services
  DTI Delaware Transportation Institute
  DWRC Delaware Water Resources Center
  EAR Export Administration Regulations
  ECCE Electronic Community Citizenship Examination
  EDD Employee Demographic Data (webform)
  EE&D Employee Education and Development
  EHS Environmental Health & Safety
  ELC Early Learning Center
  ELI English Language Institute
  ERA Electronic Research Administration
  EVP Executive Vice President
  F&A Facilities & Administration
  FAME Forum to Advance Minorities in Engineering
  FAQ Frequently Asked Question
  FAR Federal Acquisition Regulations
  FDP Federal Demonstration Partnership
  FDP Forms Data Processor
  FERPA Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (of 1974)
  FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act
  FIN Federal Identification Number
  FIPRD UD Financials production database (Oracle/PeopleSoft)
  FIRPT UD Financials reporting database (Oracle/PeopleSoft)
  FMLA Family Medical Leave Act
  FOB Freight on Board (or Free on Board)
  FOIA Freedom of Information Act
  FP&C Facilities Planning & Construction
  FSA Flexible Spending Account
  FSAP Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
  FTP File Transfer Protocol
  FY Fiscal Year
  FYE First Year Experience
  GA General Accounting
  GNCP Graduate Non Contract Pay (webform)
  GPG Grants Proposal Guide
  GSCRF Graduate Student Contractual Responsibility Form
  GUI Graphical User Interface
  GUR General University Research
  HR Human Resources
  HRIS Human Resources Information System
  HRMS Human Resources Management System (PeopleSoft)
  HRPRD HR-Payroll production database (Oracle/PeopleSoft)
  HRRPT HR-Payroll reporting database (Oracle/PeopleSoft)
  HRSA Human Resources Systems Administration (Now called Payroll & Records Management)
  HTML Hypertext Markup Language
  HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  IBC Institutional Biosafety Committee
  IBS Institutional Base Salary
  IDC Indirect Costs
  IEC Institute of Energy Conversion
  IGERT Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship
  IGS Institute for Global Studies
  IP Intellectual Property
  IPA Institute for Public Administration
  IR Institutional Research (and Planning)
  IRB Institutional Review Board (for human subjects research)
  IRB Internal Review Board
  IRS Internal Revenue Service
  ISO Internal Service Organization
  IT Information Technologies
  ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations
  IT-ATS Information Technologies - Academic Technology Services
  IT-CSS Information Technology, Client and Support Services
  ITIN Individual Tax Identification Number
  IT-MIS Information Technologies - Management Information Services
  IT-MS Information Technologies - Media Services
  IT-NSS Information Technology, Network and Systems Services
  ITUE Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education
  IT-WD Information Technologies - Web Development
  JED Job Data (webform) - formerly called Job Employment Data
  JV Journal Voucher (webform)
  LAM Labor Allocation Module
  LD¬† Learning Disability
  LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered¬†
  LIFE Learning Integrated Freshman Experience
  LOC Limitation of Cost
  LOI Letter of Intent
  MALS Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Program)
  MPR Multipurpose Room (in Trabant University Center)
  MSERC The Mathematics & Science Education Resource Center
  MTA Material Transfer Agreement
  MTDC Modified Total Direct Costs
  NACUBO National Association of Colleges and Universities Business Officers
  NCE No Cost Extension
  NEO New Employee Orientation
  NGA Notice of Grant Award
  NIH National Institutes of Health
  NOA Notice of Award
  NSF National Science Foundation
  NSO New Student Orientation
  NUCLEUS¬† Network of Undergraduate Collaborative Learning Experiences for Under-represented Scholars
  OCEANIC OCEAN Information Center
  OCM Office of Communication and Marketing
  OEA Office of Academic Enrichment
  OEI Office of Equity and Inclusion
  OEIP Office of Economic Innovation & Partnerships¬†
  OET Office of Educational Technology
  OISS Office for International Students & Scholars
  OMB Office of Management and Budget
  OVPR Office of the Vice Provost for Research (former name of the Research Office)
  P2P Path to Prominence
  PA Program Announcement
  PAC Professional Advisory Council
  PBL problem-based learning
  PCS Professional & Continuing Studies
  PI¬† Principal Investigator
  PIN Personal Identification Number
  PO¬† Purchase Order
  PR Payroll
  PS PeopleSoft
  PTTP Professional Theatre Training Program¬†
    Purpose Acronyms (see General Accounting website)
  RBB Responsibility-Based Budgeting or Revenue-Based Budgeting
  RCR Responsible Conduct of Research
  REU Research Experience for Undergraduates
  RFA Request for Applications
  RFP Request for Proposal
  RISE Resources to Insure Successful Engineers¬†
  RO Research Office
  RSO Registered Student Organization
  RTR Request to Recruit¬†
  RFS Request for Service (various webforms)
  S&E Supplies and Expenses
  SACR Student Account Credit Form¬†
  SAPRD UDSIS production database (Oracle/PeopleSoft)
  SBIR Small Business Innovative Research
  SBTDC Small Business & Technical Development Center
  SFAF Student Funding Account Form
  SGA StUDent Government Association
  SHS Student Health Services
  SOS Sexual Offense Support
  SOW Statement of Work
  SPO Sponsored Projects Office¬†(part of the Research Office)
  SQL Structured Query Language
  SSA Student Services for Athletes
  SSAC Salaried Staff Advisory Council¬†
  SSN Social Security Number
  STTR Small Business Technology Transfer
  TCIP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  TDC¬† Total Direct Cost
  TII Temporary Investment Income
  TIN Taxpayer Identification Number
  TOA Task Order Agreement
  TRF (Bi-Weekly) Time Report Form (webform)
  TUC Trabant University Center
  UDECU University of Delaware Emergency Care Unit
  UDEW University of Delaware Enterprise Warehouse
  UDFCU U-Del Federal Credit Union
  UDRF University of Delaware Research Foundation
  UDRF SI University of Delaware Research Foundation Strategic Initiative
  UDSIS University of Delaware Student Information System
  UNOLS University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System
  UREL Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning
  URP Undergraduate Research Program
  VAST Volunteer Admissions Support Team
  VDC Venture Development Center¬†
  VPFA Vice President for Finance and Administration
  VPGC Vice President and General Counsel
  VPIT Vice President for Information Technologies
  VPN Virtual Private Network
  VP-SEC Vice President and University Secretary
  VPSL Vice President for Student Life
  WCCG Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance
  WRA Water Resources Agency¬†
  WVUD UD's non-commercial educational radio station

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