• How to report facility emergency problems or request corrective maintenance
    • Emergency repair or problem
      • Call Operations Center at 302-831-1141
    • Routine repair work
      • Fix it requests  are routine, non-urgent corrective maintenance repairs to existing University owned property and equipment. They do not require immediate attention.

        - Send email to fixit@udel.edu
        - Use Fix-it Service Request at www.facilities.udel.edu/servicerequest(fix-it).aspx
        Procedurally, all e-mails sent to Fix-It are handled in the same manner as a call placed to the Operations Center (831-1141). However, calls take precedence over e-mails, therefore making it imperative for the customer to place emergency requests by phone and not through fixit@udel.edu.

        The following information is required when reporting a problem in your workplace.
        1. Location of the problem
        2. Floor and room number (if applicable)
        3. Other location information if floor/room not available
        4. Your name
        5. Your phone and UD role (i.e. faculty, staff, etc.)
        6. Your manager's name
        7. Your manager's phone number
        8. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible
        9. Has the problem been called in before or is this the 1st time being reported
    • Non-routine work
      • Request For Service - Facilities webform
        (UD Webforms) are non-routine maintenance repairs for University-owned property and equipment.

        Request For Service forms require a departmental purpose code before any request is approved, as such repairs are reimbursable to the assigned Facilities' shop and all costs are covered by the requestor.

        Request For Service forms are processed through an electronic database and sent to the appropriate shop via the Maximo work order system; as opposed to corrective maintenance, however, each job is designated as an Operations & Maintenance Project.


  • Request for Service webforms
    • Request for Service - Facilities
      • Use this form to request non-routine maintenance repairs for University-owned property and equipment. 

        This form requires a departmental purpose code before any request is approved and all costs are covered by the requestor.

        Facilities Operation Center: 302-831-1141
    • Request for Service - Lock Shop (keys only)
      • Use this form to request copies of University keys (by key number)

        Campus security initiative dictates that keys will no longer be sent by Campus Mail. You may pick up keys at the Lock Shop or pay for Lock Shop delivery.

        In submitting this request, you agree to the following:
        - You will not lend this key.
        - You will not permit this key to be duplicated.
        - You will immediately report its loss to Facilities Management.
        - You will return this key to Facilities - Management when it is no longer needed for your University duties.

        Lock Shop: 302-831-2935
    • Request for Service - Bus Service
      • Use this form to request a UD Shuttle bus or Coach bus

        Transportation Services: 302-831-1187
    • Request for Service - Central Stores products
      • Use this form to order custom forms and archive boxes:
        Academic forms
        Admin forms
        Archive boxes
        Office Max Catalog
        Employee forms
        Teachers Ed
        UD watermark paper

        Central Stores: 302-831-2157
    • Request for Service - Motor Pool
      • Use this form to request the use of vehicle for University business.  The available vehicles include:
        4x4 Enclosed Cargo (7-8 people)
        4x4 Pick up Truck (3 people)
        ADA Touring Van (10 people/2 wheelchairs)
        Mid size Sedan (5 people)
        Full size Sedan (6 people)
        Mini Van (7 people)

        Transportation Services: 302-831-1187
    • Request for Service - Movers
      • Use this form to request items be moved from one place to another on campus.  The options include:
        Items to be trashed
        Items to be delivered to Surplus
        Inter-office move
        Special Event

        Mover Services: 302-831-2157"
    • Request for Service - Shredding (non-Archives)
      • Use this form to request items be removed and shredded.  There is a charge of $4.50 per box.  For over 15 boxes, there are additional charges and a Request for Service-Movers webform is also required.

        Supporting Services: 302-831-2157
  • Requesting locks, keys and small signage, Lock and Hardware Services
  • Cleaning or pest control issues in academic, administrative or residence hall buildings
  • Grounds and Recycling
    • Report an issue with the grounds or recycling on campus
      • The grounds unit maintains all university grounds, gardens and the athletic complex. Our staff of heavy equipment operators, refuse collectors, grounds equipment technicians, caretakers, grounds workers, arborists, horticulturists, grounds technicians, excavators, drivers and their supervisory staff are dedicated to providing exceptional service to the University of Delaware community.

        Grounds Services is responsible for all grounds maintenance functions as they relate to the safety and appearance of the campus. We are also the central point for snow removal, solid waste and recycling services and pavement sweeping services.

        Use FIX-IT Service Request to report non-urgent problems with facilities:
        Request for Recycling: recycle@mail.facilities.udel.edu
  • Vending Machine problems
  • Renovations & Estimates
  • Other Services
    • Campus Delivery
      • Campus Delivery services include:
        • Receive and deliver incoming freight. 
        • Receive shipments for the University from commercial carriers such as United Parcel Service, Federal Express and various trucking companies. These shipments are unloaded, sorted, then distributed to departments all over campus.
        • Transport packages from building to building on campus including University Printing printed materials, Data Entry packages, records storage boxes, telephone books and shredding.
        • Pick-up/delivery of packed and taped boxes no larger than  a standard paper box. This includes pick-ups for Archives storage or shredding. For 15 boxes or more, fill out the webform, Request for Service - Movers.

    • Surplus
      • Campus Delivery maintains an area for the storage of surplus office furniture and computer equipment, which can be viewed and re-distributed to departments on campus. Please call ext. 2157 or 8510 for availability of items. Note: Larger items may require transport by Movers Services.

    • Shredding (Non-Archive)
      • • Materials must be packed in boxes no larger than a standard paper box, taped securely closed, and marked clearly for shredding.
        • A Request for Services-Shredding (non-Archive) webform must be completed.
        • Cost is $4.50 per box
        • Please allow extra time for pick-up on quantities larger than 10 boxes
        • 15 boxes or more will also require a Request for Services-Movers Services webform

    • Mover Services
      • Movers Services is responsible for the relocation of furniture, equipment and sundry items for the entire University community. We are also responsible for the setup and breakdown of special events.

        Use the Request for Service-Movers webform to arrange for one of these services.

  • Facilities Work Order Cost Report
  • Conference Services
    • First-rate conference centers in three locations provide an ideal location for conferences, meetings, special occasions and weddings. 

      The locations are:
      • Newark - Clayton Hall, The Bob Carpenter Center and more
      • Wilmington - Goodstay Center and Arsht Hall
      • Lewes - Virden Center

      Information: www.udel.edu/conferences/
  • Dining Services / Catering
    • UD Catering takes great pride in offering a variety of services for faculty, staff, and students. Our services include served dinners, buffets, receptions, coffee breaks, and à la carte menus.

      For your special event, place your trust in Catering by the University of Delaware. We have so much to offer, every one of your guests is sure to be satisfied and impressed with your event.

  • Courtyard by Marriott
    • Owned and operated by UD and managed by Shaner Hotels, the Courtyard hotel also is home to the University's Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management (HRIM) practicum, in which 50 students each semester gain first-hand experience by participating in the hotel operations. 

      The hotel has received many awards for its outstanding guest services.

  • Reserving outside/green space (Auxiliary Services)
    • The Outside Facilities Use Request Form is used for areas outside of residence halls, as well as other areas outside of campus building.

      • Some events may require special approval from Campus Police, Newark Police, the Safety Office, or the Associate Treasurer for Finance.
      • Resident Student Organizations (RSO) must speak with the Student Centers Activities & Programs Office before the Green Reservation Form will be processed.

      Request Form:
  • Reserving Other (non-Auxiliary Services) event space, fields or classrooms
  • Printing
      Big jobs, small jobs, rush jobs, or planning a major campaign, University Printing serves all your printing needs.

      Full-service printing facility located in the General Services Building on S. Chapel Street.

  • Flex Accounts
    • Flex is a declining balance account that can be used in place of cash all around campus.  Faculty and staff can establish a Flex account for personal use for convenient purchasing at over 200 campus locations.  Departmental cards are also available.  

  • Mail
    • The University operates a substation for the distribution of regular mail to the campus received from the U.S. Postal Service. Mail received will be distributed to the designated office or person.

      Concurrently, the University operates its own distribution service, commonly referred to as Campus Mail. This service provides for the in-house distribution of University business and printed matter of importance and relevance to approved University programs and services.

      The "Campus Mail" system, is a restricted service. It is not available for the personal use of University employees or students, or for the personal use, private gain, or use by non-University groups or for the advertisement of programs not sponsored by the University.

  • Parking & Transportation Services
    • Parking Services
      • Parking Services provides students, faculty, staff, and visitors with adequate, accessible and well maintained parking facilities.
        Carpooling and other incentives are offered to reduce the number of single occupant vehicles driven to the University.

        A variety of parking permits/options is available for the many categories of people who need to park on campus:
        Resident student
        Commuting student
        Graduate student
        Handicap parking privileges
        Contractor, vendor or visitor

        Parking Services is located at 147 Perkins Student Center 325 Academy Street

        General information:
        Parking permits:
        Parking appeals and tickets
    • Transportation Services
      • Helping people get around campus efficiently is an important part of the University of Delaware's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

        This website links to helpful information about:
        UD Shuttle Buses
        Local & regional travel
        UD Fleet Services

        Information: www.udel.edu/transportation/
    • University Shuttle Bus
      • UD Shuttle Buses runs 10 routes around campus and surrounding locations, with many running 7 days a week.  Special bus routes  including evening service, a Saturday shopping center route, Hen After 10 (pm) and Football shuttles for home games.  

        A real-time bus tracking system allows riders to see the actual bus locations and anticipate arrival times.  Riders can access route and schedule information in one of four ways: text, mobil web, phone or on the regular web.

        General information:
        Real-time shuttle bus tracking:
    • Motor Pool
      • Motor Pool maintains a regularly serviced base fleet of 35 vehicles for temporary business use by the University community as well as tracking and titles for all motor vehicles owned by the University and insured through the State of Delaware located on the Newark, Wilmington, and Lewes Campuses.

        Use the Request for Service-Motor Pool webform to reserve a University vehicle.
        The available vehicles include:
        4x4 Enclosed Cargo (7-8 people)
        4x4 Pick up Truck (3 people)
        ADA Touring Van (10 people/2 wheelchairs)
        Mid size Sedan (5 people)
        Full size Sedan (6 people)
        Mini Van (7 people)

    • Charter Bus Service
      • Transportation Services provides charter bus service to the University community. Each department or University student group that wishes to use the service must provide authorization by submitting a Request for Service- Bus Service webform. This form must be received at least one week prior to the date of service.

        Before submitting a request, contact the Transportation Service office (831-1187 or bus@udel.edu) to ensure availability.