Thanks so much for taking on the important job of a United Way Champion in your workplace! Because of your work and that of thousands of other solicitors throughout New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties, your friends and neighbors will be able to receive services from 111 United Way agencies this year. You're performing an invaluable service for your community and we thank you!

Being a United Way Champion is not just asking your fellow employees for a pledge or contribution . . .

It's a Learning Experience!

You will learn about the hundreds of programs and services that are available to you, your family, friends and coworkers from over 111 United Way Agencies in over 100 locations throughout Delaware.

It's a Helping Experience!

Once you've attended an orientation and reviewed the materials on the web, you are prepared to help fellow employees find a day care center, locate a program that conducts tutoring, identify agencies that provide homemaker services, and call the "HELP LINE" when an employee, friend or neighbor needs to know where to get help.

It's a Meaningful Experience!

By the time that you have shared all of your United Way knowledge and experiences with your fellow employees, answered their questions and told them about a program for their children or themselves, they will want to contribute generously!

General Information

The 2013 campaign will run from October 14 to November 22. The theme for this year is "LIVE UNITED. GIVE.  ADVOCATE.  VOLUNTEER."

General campaign questions should be referred to the University's Campaign Coordinator, Michele Jones, at 831-0713.

As a result of the United Way web process, the champion's role has changed. In the past, a champion was expected to collect, audit, and record contributions as well as market the United Way. The web process has eliminated the record keeping function which will allow champions to spend their time communicating the benefits provided by a United Way contribution.

United Way Incentives List

Prizes will be awarded during a Thank you reception that will be held at the end of the campaign. If an employee chooses to participate in the incentives drawing, they cannot claim their donation as a tax deduction. The UD United Way Incentives List can be viewed here.

Important Points

Checks should be made payable to United Way of Delaware and submitted by the contributor to, the University's Campaign Coordinator, Michele Jones, at 831-0713.

If a contributor chooses to participate in the raffle, only a contribution amount above $120 may be used as an itemized income tax deduction. A check box is provided on the electronic pledge form to indicate a contributor's election concerning participation in the raffle.

Some Tips on Solicitation

Soliciting contributions is uncomfortable for most people. You may experience a variety of reactions from colleagues based on their opinion of the United Way or its member agencies. As a champion, do not feel you must defend every United Way policy or member agency. You may find it helpful to do a "trial run" of your solicitation with a friend or family member, allowing them to ask question and provide feedback.

The following ideas may give you some assistance:

Be Prepared. Read through the materials handed out at the Kick Off so that you will be familiar with United Way, its needs and its services. Consider also the particular needs of the people you will be contacting. For example, if one of your coworkers lives in a neighboring state, mention that contributions can be made to United Ways and United Way agencies in Maryland, Pennsylvania or New Jersey through the Donor Choice Option. The mechanics of completing the pledge form are important. Complete your web contribution form prior to soliciting your coworkers so that you may anticipate some of the questions or difficulties they may have. This will allow you to have answers prepared ahead of time. If you have any questions about the campaign, the University's Campaign Coordinator, Michele Jones, at 831-0713.

Be Considerate. You may want to take a few minutes at a staff or group meeting to inform your coworkers that you are the United Way champion. During this time the University’s United Way Web site should be discussed. Explain that contributions will be made via the electronic form.

Be Friendly. When you visit your coworkers, be positive and friendly. It may be helpful to explain why you're interested and supportive of the United Way.

Be Helpful. Let your colleagues know about payroll deduction, which makes giving practically painless. The following chart shows how a little can go a long way:

Deduction Each Paycheck Total Annual Contribution
$1.00 $ 24.00
$2.00 $ 48.00
$3.00 $ 72.00
$4.00 $ 96.00
$5.00 $120.00

Be Appreciative. Consider sending an email to thank each contributor for his or her gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Have a United Way Campaign?

The single, annual fund-raising drive which helps to provide a multitude of services is the most efficient, economical method yet devised. It works so well because volunteers can combine their resources for one appeal instead of many individual drives. Contributors, too, have the opportunity to see their human service dollars go the farthest to do the most good, helping to support many agencies through one gift.

Why Should I Contribute?

Your charitable dollar goes farther with United Way. United Way is run by volunteers, which insures that the maximum amount of every dollar contributed is returned to work in the community.

I Don't Need to Give Because My Spouse Gives Where He (She) Works.

We're glad to hear that your spouse supports United Way. But, as an individual, your gift is important also. When your spouse gives his/her fair share, he/she is giving based on his/her individual salary. We are asking that you do the same, as an individual, by making a contribution based on your salary.

Who Uses United Way Services?

People from all walks of life. People suffering the stress of unemployment, the elderly, the handicapped, youth, and families. Anyone who has ever taken a course from the Red Cross. . . children who have enjoyed a Scouting program. The list includes 111 agencies, all providing services to a wide spectrum of people.

I'm Not Going to Use These Services, Why Should I Support Them?

It's possible that you may never use United Way services. However, some people give because they want to maintain the services in case they do need them, like disaster assistance or home health care for an elderly relative, or youth development programs. But a number of people give because there are persons in our community who cannot pay their own way . . . who really cannot help themselves as much as they would like . . . an abused child, a handicapped youngster, an elderly invalid, the mentally ill. They need help . . service . . . so they can learn to help themselves.

What Are the Standards for Admitting an Agency to United Way?

Volunteers serving on the Membership Committee review a wide range of information before admitting an agency to United Way. Standards an agency must meet include nonprofit status, a solid financial responsibility record, providing needed services, serving Delawareans, having an active, responsive voluntary board, having services readily available regardless of race or creed and a competent agency staff.

Should I Give Even If I Don't Like All the Member Agencies?

It would be impossible for United Way to fund 111 agencies that would appeal to everyone. It is this very scope of services that is United Way's main selling point. Be assured that all agencies receiving United Way support are carefully reviewed each year by committees of volunteers drawn from the community.

Who Decides How Much is Allocated to Each United Way Agency?

Volunteers–people like yourself--decide how much is allocated. The allocation of United Way dollars is a continuing review process involving volunteer participation to assure contributors that every dollar is spent wisely. Volunteer committees, representing all segments of our area, work together to review agency programs and budgets.

Can I Designate Specific Agencies To Receive My Donation?

Yes, United Way's designation system lets you designate specific local agencies, neighboring United Ways, specific agencies with other United Ways, and eligible Delaware nonprofit organizations.

How Carefully Are Agency Expenditures Overseen?

An important element in United Way agency admission is sound fiscal management. Periodic financial reports and annual audits insure this.

Why Do Some Agencies Charge Fees?

United Way funded services are used by all kinds of people–not as a charity, but as an aid to everyday living. The funds raised by the campaign go far to ensure that no one in need will be deprived. People who can afford to pay do so; others pay what they can afford.

Do I Have to Contribute?

No, all contributions are voluntary. United Way policy states, "Giving is a personal matter and a personal decision; whether individuals wish to give and how much they choose to give are up to the individual." Employee giving should not have a stated or implied affect on employment status.

What Is The Percentage Overhead?

Eighty-nine percent of the money contributed goes directly to the United Way agencies while eleven percent goes to administrative costs.

Electronic Pledge Form

CAS integration on the front-end has been requested!

  1. The Electronic Pledge Form is unique to each employee and will be sent to your University email account as follows:   Welcome to the University of Delaware's 2013 United Way Campaign.  Please click on the link below to log into the E-Pledge system.  The user name and password that you will need for the E-Pledge system is embedded in this link. Please DO NOT forward this email to any other person. It is very important to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Navigator (not Netscape) to access this site.
    If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to call the United Way E-Pledge helpline at 302-573-3791, or the University's Campaign Coordinator, Michele Jones, at 831-0713.

  2. The Electronic Pledge Forms must contain the following:

    • Pledge Amount
    • Raffle Participation Choice
    • Pledge Method
    • Pledge Acknowledgement Choice

Donor Options

Each donor has the option of designating all or a portion of his/her contribution/pledge to community care, targeted care or specific care, or eligible Delaware nonprofit organizations. This is done on the second page of the electronic form and instructions are included on the form.

The electronic pledge form has a drop down box that lists other neighboring United Way agencies. If an agency's four-digit code for a Cooperating United Way is not listed, it can be obtained by calling United Way at (302) 573-3791.

The final page of the electronic web form may be printed as a receipt and will list all of the choices you have made.