May 9-26, 2016

Through this online process, you can review, change or confirm your UD benefit elections and print a confirmation statement for your records. The enrollment form shows the benefit cost, the University contribution in Flex Credit-UDollars, and your employee deduction or payroll credit.

Required Documentation
  • Marriage certificate for a spouse or birth certificate for a dependent child, if you are enrolling a spouse or child for the first time.
  • Spousal Coordination of Benefits form if you are covering your spouse under any UD health plan. Links to the Spousal Coordination form and other required forms are provided when you confirm your benefits and also through a confirmation e-mail. In addition, you will have the opportunity to upload scanned copies of any required documentation and/or forms.
  • Highmark Delaware and Aetna HMO Medical Plans require a primary care physician (PCP) number for each new member. The PCP locator link is provided on the FlexNet web form and on the Human Resources website.


  1. To begin, login to FlexNet
  2. Review your current medical plan election.
    • If no changes are needed, select “Next step” at the bottom of each page until you see the "Review Your Choices" page. After reviewing your selections, you must choose “Confirm and Submit” to finalize your enrollment.
    • If changes are needed
      • If adding a new dependent, select "Next Step". On the following page enter your dependent(s) information and select "Add Dependent". Then select “Next Step”. The new dependent(s) will be added under the medical, dental, vision plans. Select 'yes' in the pull down box next to the dependent's name to add him/her to each plan. Provide the primary care physician (PCP) ID code if selecting the Highmark Delaware IPA/HMO or Aetna HMO Medical Plan for the first time.
      • If changing plans or coverage levels, please select the corresponding radio buttons and indicate "yes" or "no" next to any dependents to be covered. Select "Next Step" at the bottom of each page until you see the "Review your Benefits Elections" page. After reviewing your selections, you must choose "Confirm and Submit" to finalize your enrollment.

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