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Add an International Roaming Service Plan Package
to your Current Plan
(Requires a phone compatible with each destination country.)

If your phone will work in your host country, you wil be charged expensive international roaming rates. For possible savings, check with your carrier to see if they offer an international roaming add-on package to your existing plan. Be sure to check if data (text messages and Internet) are included.
Pros Cons
Keep your current phone number.Pay roaming rates for both incoming and outgoing calls.
Service providers may allow you to add and delete the international roaming plan from your account as needed. Data (Internet and text) may not be included in the package.
Phone continues to work as you travel from country to country, if compatible. Requires a multi-band phone that must be compatible with the network used in each destination country.
For LOW usage, this may be the most economical route. Costs can be higher. Monthly international roaming package charge, plus international per minute rates can add up very quickly.
Local dialing pattern to the U.S. Must use the international dialing pattern for local calls within your host country.