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Health Services Policy Research Group
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Health services policy focuses on issues that are vital to the physical and emotional well being of the world's population.  These questions concern the delivery and financing of health care and the outcomes of health care provided.  The Health Services Policy Research Group conducts research that addresses health care policy issues affecting the state, the nation and the world.

The studies that have been conducted by the Group over the last five years include:

The Health Services Policy Research Group is currently conducting a study of the need for alcohol and drug prevention programs in Delaware.

The graduate students affiliated with the group work with faculty and staff on the funded projects listed above and others.  There will be additional opportunities for students to work on the current projects and new ones over the next decade.  Students affiliated with the Group who are enrolled in the Masters in Public Administration Program pursue a concentration in Health Services Policy.

The future agenda of the Health Services Policy Research Group will focus on a wider range emerging scientific and policy issues relating to health care-at the local, state, and national level.  These include issues of service needs, financing, and evaluation of program effectiveness.

Dr. Paul L. Solano, Director                       
Ms. Mary Joan McDuffie, Research Assistant
Dr. Bethany Hall-Long, Associate Professor
Dr. James M. Gill, Senior Policy Associate

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