healthcare Theatre

Healthcare Theatre is a unique interdisciplinary education program at the University of Delaware that helps healthcare professionals develop communication skills through interactive scenarios presented by theatre students.

With this transformative approach to education, theatre students are trained to portray patients and family members so that health sciences students can practice both technical and interpersonal skills in a safe environment without compromising quality of care.

The program was initiated by a team from the College of Health Sciences and the Theatre Department in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Delaware, but new partners continue to enrich the curriculum and the lab experience. For example, cultural diversity scenarios were recently added through a partnership with the Department of Anthropology.

Unique Features

  • Scenarios develop in an unscripted, yet professionally directed, give-and-take.
  • Feedback is provided by experts in both healthcare and communication.
  • Approach enables family members to be added to the dynamic.
  • Students across healthcare specialties learn to work together for better patient outcomes.
healthcare Theatre

Contact Us

Allan Carlsen

Allan Carlsen
Theatre Program Director

Amy Coperthwait

Amy Cowperthwait
Resource Simulation Center Coordinator

Debra Pelinski

Debra Pelinski



Jen Saylor

Jen Saylor
Asst. Professor

healthcare Theatre

Additional Components

  • Interdisciplinary undergraduate elective course, Healthcare Communication
  • A set of interactive videos for distance learning
  • Collaboration with local and regional clinicians

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