Graduate Students Senate



Works to make sure that the needs and concerns of all groups on campus are being met by the policies and programs of the University

and advocates for diversity in demography and in ideas across the University.

Co-Chairperson: Kristen Hefner
Co-Chairperson: Andre Ifill




Graduate Student  Government - Diversity Committee Spring 2012 Agenda


Mission Statement
The Graduate Student Government’s Diversity Committee is open to all graduate students at the University of Delaware. Those who are interested in supporting the underrepresented graduate student populations in their ever-changing needs throughout the University are encouraged to participate.  


We seek to accomplish this goal by:
1. Offering graduate students the opportunity to network and engage in dialogue about specific diversity-related issues with their peers in an inclusive environment.
2. Fostering community building through committee meetings, events, and by serving as a general information resource.
3. Working collaboratively with various departments, organizations and programs across campus and within the Newark community to identify and address the various issues and needs faced by underrepresented graduate student populations.


We believe that an emphasis on diversity advocacy can help to create an appreciation and understanding of various cultures, perspectives, talents, and abilities of others, while contributing to the overall experience of graduate students at the University of Delaware.



Fall 11’-Spring 12’ Co-Chairs:
Andre Ifill:
M. Kristen Hefner:


Spring ‘12 Goals:
1. Revise our outreach letter to graduate students and our method of distribution.
2. Setting a new date to send this letter out.
3. Planning and executing two Diversity Luncheons with the OGPE.
4. Continuing to improve and build relationships with organizations such as the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI), Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA), and the Office of Graduate and Professional Education (OGPE).
5. Building a partnership with the Center for the Study of Diversity (CSD).
6. Establishing building blocks for future leadership, committee structure, and committee members.



Agenda & Goals: Fall 2012
1. Work with the Office of Graduate & Professional Education to have representatives attend the 2012 Fall Convocation & any welcome events being hosted by them.
2. Have chair(s) work with Fall 2012 members to develop a Fall agenda (to be discussed at the first Diversity Committee Meeting). 



Long term Goals
1. Increase membership
2. Establish a consistent/reliable presence amongst G.S.G and on campus.
3. To improve our communication and relationships with those who support the underrepresented graduate student population in their ever changing needs throughout the University through various means such as flyer, e-,mails, and our G.S.G. Website and Facebook page.