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From The President

From the President

Our world, which once seemed unimaginably vast, has shrunk. Faster than ever before in our history, technology and policy have opened up communication, commerce, investment, travel and migration — essentially laying the globe "flat."

mepi connection

Middle East partnership
connects Arab world & U.S.

Eighteen students from 15 countries participated in the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) at the University of Delaware during the past summer, gaining both academic knowledge and a worldly experience not soon forgotten....

lifting up lives


Physicists from UD's Bartol Research Institute are part of an international team that is completing a novel telescope deep in the Antarctic ice. Besides the South Pole, our Travelogue also features people and activities in Ghana, Latin America, the Middle East, South Korea and Spain!

interview with lisa griffiths

Building bridges for
international education

Lesa Griffiths, director of UD's Institute for Global Studies (IGS), knows firsthand the power of international experiences. She calls them "life changing." Since 1999, the professor of animal science has been leading study-abroad trips to New Zealand, a top producer of cattle and sheep.