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UD Symphony Orchestra

Maestro Luis Vicario from Pontificia Univrsidad Javeriana guest conducts the UD Symphony Orchestra during an October 2012 visit.

Doug Buttrey’s grandfather

The Salt Cathedral near the town of Zipaquirá.

The University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra, a group of more than 65 student musicians, will travel to Colombia, May 28-June 3, to perform at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá and neighboring locales. The visit, part of an ongoing academic collaboration, marks the first UD orchestra trip to Colombia, a trip to be filled with unforgettable sights and sounds.

One location where the orchestra will perform is an architectural wonder-the Salt Cathedral near the town of Zipaquirá. This Roman Catholic church was built in the 1950s in the tunnels of a salt mine where years earlier miners had created a small sanctuary for saying their prayers.