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March 21, 2012 7:30pm

HUMan INTelligence in the Digital Age

Robert Grenier served 27 years in the Central Intelligence Agency, most recently as head of its Counterterrorism Center. Among previous assignments, he led agent training at “The Farm,” was CIA representative to the White House on Iraq during the 2003 invasion, and, as CIA station chief in Islamabad, Pakistan, directed operations against the Taliban before, during and after the 9/11 attacks.

Grenier is Chairman of ERG Partners, a boutique investment bank providing strategic and financial consulting services for firms in the security industry. A highly-decorated twenty-seven year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Clandestine Service, Grenier is a recognized expert on the Near East and South Asia, with 15 years’ experience in foreign postings, including several as Chief of Station and Chief of Base. In his most recent assignments, Grenier served as director of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center (2004–2006), as the CIA’s Iraq mission manager (2002–2004), and as the CIA’s chief of station in Islamabad, Pakistan (1999–2002).

Earlier in his career, Mr. Grenier was deputy National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia, and a special assistant to the undersecretary of state. He conceived and organized the CIA’s Counter-Proliferation Division, serving as its first chief of operations. He was also chief of the CIA’s basic training facility, where he authored the Clandestine Service’s code of ethics.

Mr. Grenier received an AB in philosophy from Dartmouth College and later did graduate studies at the University of Virginia. A Life Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, he has appeared widely in both broadcast and print media.

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