"Global Agenda 2002"

Group Project Assignment #2

"Freedom Fighters" vs "Terrorists"

Due: Wednesday, March 6


This is a group project assignment. You'll work in groups of five. Organize your own groups and divide your responsibilities as you see fit.

To some extent, "terrorism" has always been in the eye of the beholder. A colonist participating in the Boston Tea Party in the 1700's might have been characterized as a "terrorist" by the British royalty or a British shipping executive. The same Bostonian might have been considered a "freedom fighter" or "revolutionary" by other colonists, or by the judgment of history.


With your group, choose one of the following organizations. Research their activities, philosophy and goals. Prepare a presentation to deliver in class on Wednesday, March 6, in which some members of your group portray themselves as "freedom fighting" members of these organizations while others present themselves as government officials who consider them "terrorists." Your presentation may consist of "speeches" given by each side, or a "debate" between the opposing sides, or, perhaps, in other creative ways. Some ideas:

  • a "press conference" in which representatives of each view make their case
  • a "prison cell" in which "prosecutors" attempt to obtain information from their captives.
  • a "courtroom" in which the activists are on trial for a heinous crime
  • a "shouting match" or argument over tactics among dissident members of the group itself
  • a "panel" presentation to a classroom
  • an "argument" among members of the U.S. Congress over whether the U.S. should support or oppose your group
  • Feel free to dream up other formats!

Your presentation should aim at 10-minutes, but class on March 6 may extend beyond the normal time to allow all presentations to take place. I'll let you know of details. Because of your limited time, you'll have to be concise. Your presentation must make clear to the class the nature of the group, the conflict, and the kinds of "terrorism" involved.


Your group must submit a bibliography of sources used to develop your presentation. There is no other writing component to this assignment. You'll be judged on your presentation.

Select your organizations from the following list. You must receive approval for your selections so that we avoid duplicates in our class.

Notes: Not all of these groups remain active today. Some groups use several different aliases.

  1. KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) (Yugoslavia)
  2. PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) (Turkey & Syria)
  3. Hizballah (Lebanon)
  4. Hamas (West Bank & Gaza)
  5. PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) (various countries and the West Bank & Gaza)
  6. ANO (Abu Nidal organization) (various countries)
  7. ETA (Spain)
  8. FMLN (El Salvador)
  9. FARC (Colombia)
  10. Sendero Luminoso (Peru)
  11. MRTA (Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement) (Peru)
  12. AD (Action Directe) (Europe)
  13. PIRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army) (Ireland)
  14. RAF (Red Army Faction) (Germany)
  15. BR (Red Brigades) (Italy)
  16. JRA (Japanese Red Army) (Asia)
  17. NPA (New People's Army) (Philippines)
  18. ANC (African National Congress)
  19. Afghanistan mujaheddin of the 1980's (based in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia)
  20. Chechnya rebels (Russia)
  21. Aum Shinrikyo (Japan)
  22. Iraqi National Congress (Iraq, based in England)
  23. You may choose another group if you wish, but you must seek approval.