"Global Agenda 2002"

Writing Assignment #1


Due: Wednesday, February 20


In the past two decades, international terrorism incidents have undergone a notable shift in their focus. Gradually, terrorism has moved from being predominantly politically motivated to being predominantly ideologically or religiously motivated. This shift has affected the targets of terrorism, its methods of winning support, and methods of combatting it.


Using resources available on the Global Agenda web site, and others you find, write a 4-5 page paper illustrating these shifts. Use specific terrorism examples to demonstrate the trend, and show how the United States (and, perhaps, others) have changed their response to international terrorism. Please don't review every incident of terrorism in your paper; instead, choose specific cases which illustrate your points.


Things to remember:

  • This is a course about international terrorism
  • You must cite your sources, either in the body of your paper or in a bibliography.