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World Image Info

Professor Ralph J. Begleiter

POSC/COMM444-011 & 080

Updated 1/7/02

Teaching Assistant Shae Johnson

Click to view the entire enlarged image (patience, please; large download)

The image of the world shown on these pages depicts the world at night as seen from space. It is a composite satellite photograph taken by NASA, probably over many nights (to avoid cloud cover) and stitched together digitally. The lights you see as you peruse this image are actual lights on the earth, illuminating dramatically the portions of the world which are "developed" and those which are not. Presumably, the Arctic and Antarctic continents, and some countries in the north Atlantic are illuminated by moonlight reflecting from ice and snow.

I chose this image for Global Agenda because it helps explain, in one way, why foreign policy makers and media generally focus their attentions on certain regions and ignore others. (It doesn't justify that; it only explains it.)

You will find it interesting to carefully examine the enlarged image; it is extremely detailed. See if you can identify pockets of "civilization" as defined by the limited criterion of electric lighting.

To learn more, directly from NASA, click here.

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