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POSC/COMM444-011 & 080
Spring, 2002

Professor Ralph J. Begleiter

Updated 5-24-02

Teaching Assistant Shae Johnson

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Course Meeting schedule
Wednesdays 3:30-4:45pm -
Gore Hall 219

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Wednesdays 5:00 - 9:00pm
(weeks with guest speaker) -
128 Clayton Hall

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In the aftermath of the attacks on New York and Washington in September, 2001, policy analysts and governments around the world are observing how Washington behaves in the international arena. Understanding international terrorism involves an intricate web of politics, religion, culture, intelligence, and diplomatic and military maneuvers. Most Americans explore terrorism and the world through a newly global news media. Journalists and policymakers alike must sort out their response to world issues, often interacting in ways which help shape the events themselves.

This weekly seminar focuses on the geopolitical challenge of international terrorism facing the U.S. Government and worldwide officials and news media in 2002.

Approximately every other week, guest lecturers, practitioners in diplomacy and international media from around the world, visit the UD campus to explore with students the problems, the foreign policy and the media's role influencing them. Students in this seminar will attend exclusive small-group talks and private dinners with visiting speakers, and will be joined by members of the university and public community who are invited to the series of Wednesday evening lectures.

On intervening weeks, the seminar will explore topics upcoming and just passed in the speaker series. This course is appropriate for Juniors and Seniors interested in geopolitics in policy and journalism who are eager for lively interaction with our visiting speakers.

Please note the mechanics of the course:

This class will meet once a week, on Wednesdays in Gore Hall 219.
In weeks when there is a guest speaker, students are required to attend the following events with the speaker (and no other course activities):

• seminar, with limited enrollment to allow lots of interaction with the guest (begins at 3:30pm) - 219 Gore Hall

• informal reception, exclusive to students in the class, to allow off-topic discussions (5:00-5:30pm) - Clayton Hall

• dinner with the guest, exclusive to students in the class, to allow informal continuing discussion (begins at 6:00pm) - NOTE: To make the event a rich opportunity for discussion, the dinners will be small. Approximately 10-12 students will be able to attend each dinner; a rotation system will be established early in the semester to assure all students have ample opportunity to converse with our guests. - Clayton Hall

• formal evening lecture, open to students outside the class and to the general public (begins at 7:30pm) - 128 Clayton Hall

In weeks when there is no guest speaker, the class will meet in Gore Hall 219 on Wednesday at 3:30pm for discussion of the upcoming guest's topic and review of the previous week's speaker. This will be a standard-length class. (3:30-4:45pm)

There will be readings - usually from current-affairs publications - and several papers, but no final exam.

Registration is limited.

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