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As you proudly step out into your graduation procession, distinguish yourself as a graduating senior who has internationalize and individualized your undergraduate curriculum through your participation in one or more study abroad programs.


What better way to signify your pride in being a part of the University's outstanding study abroad legacy than by wearing a sash at all of your graduation day ceremonies.


Study abroad sashes are an optional piece of graduation garb to be worn over the graduation gown. Each attractive, eye-catching sash displays the colors of the flag, some with national emblems, of the country in which the study abroad program was held.


When your own graduation is due, consider joining the many students who have already worn the colors of the country which hosted their study abroad program. (Some students who have studied in more than one country have worn more than one sash at a time.)


Sashes are ordered along with caps and gowns through the University Bookstore. Each sash is made of highest quality satin and lined, making each one a lasting memory of your study abroad experience(s) at Delaware.








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