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Information for Recommenders

IGS weighs your recommendation heavily when considering students for acceptance.  Thank you for your thoughtful, thorough and accurate evaluation of the students whom you recommend.


How do I recommend a student? Complete the on-line recommendation form.
When should I do so? After the student submits an application to a program. You will be unable to submit an on-line recommendation until the student has actually applied.
Who should recommend a student?
  • For Foreign Language programs: a language professor or FLLT graduate teaching assistant.
  • For all other programs: a professor who knows the student’s work.
May a supervisor/manager/etc. recommend a student? Yes, but this should be in addition to the professor recommendation noted above.
Will my recommendation be used for multiple applications? Yes, for multiple applications in the same term. If a student applies for two Winter Session programs, your recommendation will be used for both. Applications for different terms, however, will require separate recommendations.



Thank you for taking a moment to help us learn more about one of our student participants!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (302) 831-2852 or



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