Study Abroad

Study Abroad Programs

The University of Delaware offers a variety of travel study programs throughout the academic year.  By definition, “travel study” involves enrolling in courses for academic credit.  Scholarships are available for full-time UD undergraduate students accepted to UD travel study programs. Students enrolling at UD as World Scholars study abroad as first-semester freshmen and, again, in their junior year.



Browse our program database by "Academic Session" or “Country” if you are looking to study abroad during a particular term or in a specific location.  Browse by “Course” or “Requirement” to see which programs would fulfill your academic needs. 



  • 3-month programs offering a variety of courses
  • students take 12-15 credits
  • all courses approved as “UD courses” (no transfer of credit)


Winter/Summer – Standard Programs

  • 4-5 week programs offering 2 courses (6-7 credits)
  • courses typically taught by UD faculty who accompany the group
  • some – but not all – are focused on specific disciplines
  • many programs open to students from all Colleges


Winter/Summer – UD Micromesters

  • 3-week programs offering 1 course (3-4 credits)
  • course taught by UD faculty who accompanies the group



  • Semester or year-long programs in which UD 1-2 students swap places with students from partner institutions abroad
  • Enroll directly at the partner institution and take courses with locals, in the local language
  • Transfer credit to UD to apply towards degree requirements


Unpaid Internships:

  • Summer programs varying from 2-8 weeks in length
  • Enroll in one internship course for 1-3 credits supervised by a UD faculty member who may travel with the group
  • Spend weekdays working/volunteering in a company, NGO, health-care facility or other organization


UD World Scholars Program:

  • Four-year globally-focused undergraduate program
  • Begins with study abroad in first semester of freshman year and continues with on- and off-campus global engagement, including a second study abroad in junior year
  • Students are invited to apply to the Program at time of admission to the University of Delaware
  • See Undergraduate Admissions for more information




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