Study Abroad

2018 Study Abroad Photo Contest

Overall Photo Winner


Two people sit on a dock meditating and smiling. Blue water and the bottom of a mountain appear in the background.

"Local Friend at Halong Bay, Vietnam" by Katherine Chaney

'18W Vietnam/Cambodia FINC

"While sailing along Halong Bay on a boat cruise, we stopped to take some pictures of the most breathtaking sights. This is where I also captured some photos of me and our local friend, who was showing us around the area!"




An underwater view of coral, fish and a light coming from the sky.

1st Place: "The Borderless Aquarium" by Colin Bennit

'18W Cayman Islands MAST

“This photo was taken at the dive site eagle ray roundup, off the south coast of Little Cayman. I love this photo not only for its beautiful lighting, but also because of the 10 different coral species within the picture frame. This stood out to me as this level of biodiversity was seldom recorded throughout the entire trips photo-quadrat data sampling. After thousands of photos were taken, this one truly captured the beauty of little caymans reef city.”


A view of blue and white glaciers, snow-capped mountains and a bright blue sky.

2nd Place: "El Calafate" by Jenna Lee

'18W Argentina DLLC

“A breathtaking view of the glaciers in Patagonia.”


A view of the Aegean Sea with the sun setting in the background and a golden walkway.

3rd Place: "Nafplio" by Rebecca Cerone

'18W Athens ENGL

“This photo was taken in Nafplio, Greece of the Aegean Sea right before sunset.”




A view of a man squatting and holding his chicken against a background of greenery.

1st Place: "Gà Trông" by Madeline Schmid

'18W Vietnam/Cambodia FINC

“Taken on November 26, 2016. While in Morocco, I decided to take a trip into the western Sahara Desert. I snapped this picture on our way back to the Berber village after spending a night in the open Sahara Desert. We rode camels for two hours, stopping once to take pictures as the sun rose. The man pictured here was my Berber guide who calls the desert his home.”


A photo of a woman holding a small animal at a marketplace.

2nd Place: "Fuzzy" by Dillon Holdren

'18W Australia/Thailand BUAD/FINC

“Taken at the floating market in Thailand.”


A photo of a man smiling and waiving while on a horse and surrounded by a number of other horses.

3rd Place: "Señor Gaucho" by Holly Pyles

'17F Buenos Aires, Argentina

“This photo was taken at the Estancia Santa Susana on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. My day there was filled with amazing food, friendly gauchos and an incredible tango performance. This gaucho has lived on the ranch for many years. He is light-hearted and very goofy. He enjoys having guests come to the ranch and ride his horses.”




A selfie of a man and a woman smiling.

1st Place: "Experiencing Gaucho Culture" by Olivia Davis

'17F Buenos Aires, Argentina

“We took a day trip to experience the gaucho culture of Argentina!”


A photo of a woman and two men smiling and dressed in costumes.

2nd Place: "Orgullo Mundial" by Dakota Edwards

'17J Granada DLLC

“This photo is of my sister, another participant in this program, with members of a Pride organization in Spain during the World Pride parade in Madrid.”