Study Abroad

2017 Study Abroad Photo Contest

Overall Photo Winner


A photo of a Greek temple on a cloudy, stormy day.

"The Gods Must be Angry" by Philip Swaney

'17W Athens ENGL Micro

“This photo of the Parthenon was taken at the top of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. It had been a rainy Wednesday and everyone was still jet lagged from our flights. The dark clouds had turned the skies grey but our spirits were as light as ever, as our journey into the birthplace of democracy had just begun.”




A seaside view of Prague, with a gray sky, boats, and tan buildings, many with a red roof.

1st Place: "Dare to Wander" by Alexandra Guenard

'16F Prague, Czech Republic

“Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge were two of my favorite sites to visit and explore while I was living in Prague. When I was at the Castle I would take pictures of the bridge and when I was on the bridge I would take pictures of the Castle. It was not until my second to last day in Prague that my friends and I found a place where we could capture both in one picture. I snapped this picture on that cloudy, rainy day and it became one of my favorite pictures I took all semester. It captures the fact that Prague is an incredibly beautiful city, rain or shine!”


2nd Place: "As One Moment Ended, the Next 'Bagan' " by Tyler Garrison

'17W Thailand/Myanmar LEAD

“Sunset over the temples and mountains of Bagan, Myanmar.”


3rd Place: "Kinkaku-Ji" by Sarah Zuk

'17W Japan BHAN

“Kinkaku-ji, also known as the Golden Temple, is a Zen Buddhist Temple we visited in Kyoto, Japan.”




1st Place: "A Trek through the Sahara" by Hailey Zirkle

'16F World Scholars, Madrid

“Taken on November 26, 2016. While in Morocco, I decided to take a trip into the western Sahara Desert. I snapped this picture on our way back to the Berber village after spending a night in the open Sahara Desert. We rode camels for two hours, stopping once to take pictures as the sun rose. The man pictured here was my Berber guide who calls the desert his home.”


2nd Place: "Mellow Monk in Myanmar" by Tyler Garrison

'17W Thailand/Myanmar LEAD

“While exploring on motorcycles in Yangon, Myanmar, we found a collection of pagodas that were illuminated by the setting sun. On the way to the largest pagoda, a monk heard us speaking and asked where we were from. He wanted to practice his English with the first Americans he had seen in a long time. He was kind, inquisitive, and loving. We learned about his life story and he asked us about ours. I learned so much that night and the impact he had on me is only partially captured in this photograph.”


3rd Place: "Gondolier" by Natalie Fiacco

'17W Florence ART

“This photo was taken from a gondola in Venice, Italy at sunset.”




1st Place: "Our Spanish Family for the Weekend" by Noah Burchard

'17S Rome, Italy

“After meeting our new Spanish friend Gerard at a hostel in Florence, he invited us to spend a weekend with him and his family and gave us a tour throughout the coast of Spain and through Alicante to his hometown of Denia! His family made us great homemade paella as well as many amazing tapas. He and his family were such giving and kind people and gave us an unforgettable experience.”


2nd Place: "Friends Across Borders" by Daniel Bresnahan

'16F World Scholars, Madrid

“My fellow World Scholar and roommate Matt (far right) introduced me to his old Belgian friend Martijn (middle). This photo was taken in Ghent, Belgium after a day of exploring.”


3rd Place: "Garlic Peeling with the locals in Myanmar" by Kassidy Kellagher

'17W Thailand/Myanmar LEAD

“While visiting at a local fabric making business, we noticed everyone getting ready to prepare dinner so we asked them if they needed any assistance. They were so happy and let us help them peel their garlic.”