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2016 Study Abroad Photo & Video Contest

Dare to Take Us There in 60 Seconds or Less



Video by Emily Mozal

Fiji, Geography & Environmental Science, Winter '16  


Overall Photo Winner


"Open Wide" by Tyler Lavender

New Zealand, Animal & Food Sciences, Winter '16

"Here is a New Zealand Fur Seal, yawning in the middle of the day. We came across this individual, part of a larger seal colony, along the shoreline in Kaikoura. Many were sleeping on the rocks, but this one was waking up as we got there and spent the duration of our visit stretching out on the rocks."




1st Place: "Sea Breeze" by Kyle Weinberg

New Zealand, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology, Winter '16

"This photo was taken in Raglan, New Zealand. Raglan is famous for being a surf town with smooth beaches, but there are some spots like this that have weather-worn stones. I named it Sea Breeze because when I look at it I can almost feel the breeze from the ocean rolling over the rocks."


2nd Place: "When the Rain Stops" by Brian Griffiths

New Zealand, Animal & Food Sciences, Winter '16

"This rainbow appeared on the horizon over Queenstown's mountains after an entire day of rain."


3rd Place: "Where Land Meets the Sea" by David Litz

Italy, Honors Philosophy, Winter '16

"The city of Riomaggiore, one of five small cities along a stretch of coastline that make up Cinque Terre, Italy"




1st Place: "RakiRaki Boys" by Matthew Kantner

Fiji, Geography & Environemntal Science, Winter '16

"These were just four boys of the Rakiraki Village. Although they knew very little english, you could always catch them following you around and asking you to play. Osea is a kid that truly impacted me and my perception of life and the Fiji Islands. I hope to see all of them again one day. Pictured left to right: Thomas, Osea, Paula, Trona."


2nd Place: "Cat Man" by Cailin Murphy

Turkey, Education Micro Program, Winter '16

"This man could be found on Istiklal Caddesi, a street near my hotel during my stay in Istanbul. In the mornings as we would set out for our day, he could be found sitting on the side of the street surrounded by cats in places where musicians would typically play their instruments by night. Even though these cats were stray, the Turks instead labeled them "community cats" because the community would put out food for them and help with their care. They were extremely friendly animals, but took an exceptional liking to this man."


3rd Place: "Real Life Nala and Simba"

South Africa/Tanzania, Nursing, Winter '16

"It was the start of mating season in the Serengeti, Tanzania. A male and female lion sit in a flat top acacia tree to escape the African sun."


Impactful Moments


1st Place: "Tears of Reflection" by Tyler Roberts

Germany, Materials Science Engineering & Physics, Winter '16

"A rain shower drops tears of reflection onto the graves of honorable servicemen at the American Cemetery in Normandy, France."


2nd Place: "Paris Après les Attaques Terroristes: Même Pas Peur" by Laura Woodward

France, Fall '15

"This photo was taken in Paris at Place de la République after the terrorist attacks on Friday the 13th of November, 2015. The memorial for the victims was set up at Place de la République, which is located near the Bataclan Theater and the restaurants that were attacked. You will also notice the remnants of the "Je Suis Charlie" memorial from the Charlie Hebdo shooting. I captured the photo at this angle because the woman on the statue is looking into the distance while raising olive branch in her hand, a symbol of peace. Above her raised hand, the statue reads liberty, and below her, the banner which reads "même pas peur" translates to "not even afraid" or "no fear."  I feel that this picture is very symbolic of the French sentiment and strength after the terrorist attacks. This was by far, the most impactful moment of my study abroad."


3rd Place: "Dominica After Hurricane Davis" by Grace Hassler

Dominica, Geography, Winter '16

"During Hurricane David in 1979, a Baobab tree in the Botanic Gardens of Dominica was blown over onto an empty school bus. The tree still continues to grow and thrive to this day. This scene was a vivid reminder of the power and resilience of nature."