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Please note that this page is no longer being updated. The following UD study abroad alumni asked that their information be published on this website. They welcome contact from other participants on their program.




Nancy C. Maloney (Carson)
Geneva Winter 1975

Mark A. Ashwill
Federation of German-American Clubs Scholarship to Hamburg, Germany (1979-80)




Prudence (Staubach) Cooper
Vienna, Austria in Spring, 1980

Amanda (Weir) Buoni
London - 1981 with Jay Halio
I live in West Chester, PA with My husband, John and our two Children, Rachel 4 1/2 and Brendan, 2 1/2. We are expecting our 3rd child in January, 2001! I do keep in contact with two other alumni from London '81, but would love to plan a 20th reunion for February 2001! Please post my email address and interest in a reunion!

Karen Fox

London, Spring semester 1981

Jay Halio, faculty

I am returned to the east coast, after 20 year out west. I teach aerial arts and write, direct and perform theatre and dance.
Bella Deluxe Entertainment

Amy M. Graves
London - Spring Semester '81

Scott Fifield (AS 1982)
Paris, France 1982

Natalie Bundick Story
London, Spring 1982

Sylvia Hamerman-Brown
London 1982




Brett Schmidt
Geneva, Switzerland 1986

Elizabeth Winkelmayer Draper Bollana
Vienna, Austria 1986

Paul Phillips
London 1988

Lisa Edler
London Fall semester 1989
After living and working in Manhattan for five years, and having a blast, I've returned to Newark, DE to raise my beautiful daughter, Maitland. I credit my experience in London as one of the pivotal experiences of my life. I am currently working at UD and finishing my Master's degree in Educational Leadership. Someday I plan to return to either Manhattan or London to live permanently.

David Piergrossi
1440 Tyler Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103
London Fall semester 1989
I'm currently a school administrator for the U.S. dept. of education and chairman of San Diego's chapter of GLSEN- gay, lesbian, straight, education network. I also serve on the board of directors of PFLAG- parents, friends of lesbians and gays and am a resource specialist, teacher, and psychologist.

Martin T. Mitchell
Granada Winter Session, January 1990

Ursula Sadiq
Fall 1989 - MADRID
Summer 1990 - LONDON - Intern as a Science and Engineering Scholar
I'm current working for an engineering plant design software company; living in New Orleans; renovating a 100+ yr Victorian house.

Heather (Kyle) Shiembob
Winter Session 1990 - Geneva, Switzerland
My husband Henry and I live outside of Dallas, Texas. We have two year old twins, Madeline and Matthew.

Erik Flannigan
Costa Rica Winter '90
Currently a Network Engineer in Delaware. Also dabbling in Real Estate in New Castle (my hometown) Eager to hear from fellow alumni!




Robert Keith Erdman, Jr.
Martinique Winter session 1991
Just curious to see how anyone from my trip is doing, and what they are up to… Drop me a line.

Anne Elizabeth Esposito
Costa Rica Winter session 1991

Kathleen (Kate) Schafer (work email)
London Winter session 1991
I traveled again to London after graduating from UD and lived there for six months on the BUNAC Work Abroad program. I'm currently living in NYC and working at a literary agency, representing both Foreign Rights and a select few childrens' book authors.

Barb (maiden name Chisholm) and Bob Long
Geneva Winter session 1991
Bob and I met in a pub in Geneva on I think day 2 of our trip. We married in 1992 and now have 2 children, Kristyn 3 1/2 and Ashley 13 months. We live outside of Charlotte, NC and just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.

Erik Flannigan
Costa Rica, Spring '91
Granada, Spain Fall '92
Siena, Italy Winter '93
Kobe, Japan Winter '94
Currently a Network Engineer in Delaware. Also dabbling in Real Estate in New Castle (my hometown) Eager to hear from fellow alumni!

Christopher Bova
Scotland Spring semester 1992
I am currently a high school history teacher and coach in South Jersey. I would love to hear from my Scotland pals as well.

Todd P. Schwartz
Costa Rica Spring semester 1991
Israel Winter session 1992
I currently live and work in center city, Philadelphia where I am a probation and parole officer. I am also (currently) writing my master's thesis at the University of Pennsylvania and will be finished December, 2000.

Jennifer Finn
Edinburgh, Scotland semester 1992
I went on to be a New York City Public School Teacher. I taught 8th grade science on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for 4 years. I recently obtained a Master's degree in Biology Education from NYU. I hope to begin my MBA this coming Fall. Currently I work as an Account Manager for Fisher Scientific. I live in Eastern Long Island. I hope I will be able to get in touch with my study abroad pals through this venue. The program was wonderful and I have a lot of really great memories of that time!

Stacy L. Broad, Esq.
London, Spring 1992

Cassandra Callaway
London, Spring 1992

Nichol Y. Connell
London semester Fall 92

Bryan Dingle
London, Spring 1992

Nancy (Peloso) Gervay
London, Spring 1992

Jeff Hirsch
London Winter Session 1992 - Business

Esther (Fan) Michael
London, Spring 1992
Living near Seattle, WA and working as a programmer/writer for Microsoft.

Morgan Icenogle-Morrison
Italy/Greece Winter Session 1992
Madrid, Spain Fall Semester 1992

Shannon (Finch) Athey
Costa Rica, Winter session 1992, Millicent Bolden
London Winter Session 1993, Peter Rees

Stacey Kaskey (Promish)
Martinique Winter Session 1993

Jennifer Brittingham
Siena, Italy Winter Session 1993 - Finizio
Caen, France Fall Semester 1993
Geneva, Switzerland Winter Session 1995 - Abrams
I live in Boston. I am pursuing a Masters of Science in Finance with an international concentration at Brandeis University. I work in accounting at Sepracor Inc, a specialized pharmaceutical company.

Julie Chickadel-Cardena,
Merida 1995
Costa Rica 1996
Granada, Spain 1996
In June of 2006, my family and I moved permanently to Merida, Yucatan Mexico. I also started a study abroad company called YucaTOURS Merida. I offer a teen study abroad camp to Merida every summer, as well as tours and study abroad programs for individuals and groups. My husband (the Yucatecan) started a restaurant called Burrito Express. At present, we have two locations. We sell burritos California style. We also had another baby in 2003, so that makes two boys!
My website: Aime Marshall
Paris, Fall Semester 1995

Stuart Feldman
Granada, Spain
Winter Session 1995
(con Amalia)

Joanna Rovito
Granada, Spain
Fall 1995
I currently live in Hoboken, NJ and work for Standard & Poor's in NYC. I haven't been back to Spain but I spent a year in England and Ireland working after graduating in 1996.

Donald Raymond Poole
Merida, Mexico Winter 1993
Prof. B. Ware and Prof M. Huddleston
I live in Gardnerville, Nevada (just south of Carson City, NV) and have four wonderful little boys. I was looking through the pictures I took while studying in Merida and would like to contact others who were there and see other pictures of the time we were there. My sister also went and studied abroad as well. It was such an awesome time. Thanks.




Michele Besso
Granada, Spain Fall 1996
Brief note: I still live in Newark, Delaware. I'm a reporter for The News Journal. I would love to talk to other study abroad participants/graduates who are living in the area.

Julie Chickadel-Cardena
Merida 1995
Costa Rica 1996
Granada, Spain 1996
It all began in Merida! That is where I decided to major in Spanish, study archeology and most important of all, I met my husband Luis (and his family still hosts students from Delaware every winter)! We now live in Bear, DE and we have a baby boy. I work at the Wilmington Charter school as a Spanish teacher. We return to Merida every year to visit the family. We hope to permanently move our family there soon!

Matthew Waters
London, Fall 1996

Tami Lunsford (Hutchison)
Costa Rica Spring 1997
I am an adjunct biology professor at the University of Delaware, Wilmington campus. I also do consulting work for the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Ocean Exploration.

Edina Buzgon
Geneva, Switzerland, Winter session 1997
I had such a wonderful time studying abroad. We toured 7 countries during the Winter session that I was there. Absolutely amazing!! I would love to hear from anyone who was on this program!

Alexandra Taafe Suttell --Maiden
Alexandra Taafe Baird -- Current
Winter 1998, Granada, Spain
Faculty Director: McInnis

Victoria Haje
London ECON, Winter 1998 (Link and Black program)

Michael Bennett
Costa Rica, Winter session 1999 (Martinez-Lewis and Tierney-Gula)
Yeah, I am the one who got hit by the car...

Kristi Mickles
London, Spring 1999 (Julian Yates)

Erin Kost
Costa Rica, Spring 1999
I'm in an all female rock band (named Auburn Court - in los angeles. I have many friends to help keep up my Spanish, and I plan to go to Spain very soon.

Audrey Danica Zwolski
Caen, France, Winter session 1999 (Alice Cataldi)
I am an attorney licensed in NY and CT. I currently do litigation/trial work for a small general practice firm in Stamford, CT.




Brett D. Elliott
Granada, Fall 2001
HEY! How's Granada fall 2001 doing!? I'm in Newark, at the University of Delaware and at Wilmington College working on my Masters. I'm currently teaching Spanish at Newark HS; my old High School. I am ready to go back to Spain soon to visit Manuela, who's coming with me? Let's hit up Granada 10, and let's hit 'em hard.

Kristyn A. Farrell
Paris, Summer 2001
China, Winter 2003 (David Barlow)
I am currently still at the University of Delaware in Nursing school for the next 16 months.

Janeen Farrell
Paris, Summer 2001
China, Winter 2003 (David Barlow)
I am currently at Shenandoah University in Winchester VA for graduate school in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. I will finish in August of 2007 so until then I will be studying hard and hardly sleeping!



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