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Non-Credit Travel Study

Non-Credit Travel Study – Information for Program Leaders:


In addition to traditional study abroad programs, the University offers non-credit travel study opportunities, sponsored by a variety of units across campus.  The Institute for Global Studies collects basic information about the program and its participants so that we can help in case of an emergency.  All participants will be required to complete a Registration Form in the IGS database, and those traveling internationally will also purchase GeoBlue insurance (at a cost of $12.45 per week).


Here are some guidelines and considerations for finding your own internship, volunteer experience, or work experience abroad.


If your unit will be sponsoring this type of activity, please email James Bell with information regarding your trip. Once the information is received, Ruthie will add the program to the IGS database and respond with instructions for you to forward to your students.


A minimum of 30 days prior to your group’s departure, please email the following to James Bell:


        • Flight details
        • Daily program calendar/itinerary
        • Contact information for the group (at every site)
        • Complete contact information for the official program leader (should be UD staff)
        • Name list of final participants



Non-Credit Travel Study – Information for Program Participants:


WAIT! Only complete the steps below if you have received official instructions to do so.  If you are participating in a non-credit travel study opportunity through the University, but have not received instructions to “Register with IGS,” please contact James Bell in IGS.  The instructions below will only work for programs that are already in the IGS database.


Step 1:  Prepare Your Information


Before completing the Registration Form, make sure that you have the following information.


  1. Passport #, issue date, and expiration date (for programs traveling outside of the U.S.)
    (If you do not yet have a passport, apply for this immediately - you will need to log in and update your registration form when your passport arrives)
  2. Emergency contact (name, email, daytime phone, evening phone)
  3. Health insurance (carrier, group/policy number)
  4. Names of medications that you are currently taking


Step 2:  Complete the IGS Registration Form


Completing the Registration Form will register you as a “student traveler” in UD’s database. If you have an emergency abroad, UD will use the information provided to help you and to notify your family.


  1. Log in via CAS
  2. Complete Student Profile
  3. Click “Update Profile Information”
  4. Click button to “Return to Student Programs Page”
  5. Click button to “Start a New Program Application”
  6. Select the correct term (Summer, Winter, etc.) as the Academic Session
  7. Select your program from the list (if you do not see your program, STOP, your program is not in our system – email James Bell for guidance)
  8. Complete the Registration form
  9. If you have difficulty submitting the form, do not submit it twice - contact our office for assistance -  302-831-2852  or


Step 3:  International Health Insurance


INSURANCE: All students on programs traveling outside of the U.S. are required to purchase Geo-Blue International Health Insurance to cover them abroad. Cost is $12.45/week. Follow the instructions from your program leader regarding how to obtain your Geo-Blue insurance. The insurance provides 24-hour emergency health assistance as well as $250,000 in coverage. Complete details can be found here:


Step 4:  SOS Coverage


ALSO NOTE:  As a UD student, you are automatically covered by SOS International for emergency travel assistance outside of the U.S.  We strongly encourage you to register on SOS’s website and sign-up for emergency email updates for the countries you will visit. To access UD’s SOS group membership number, follow these steps.


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