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Congratulations! If you've been accepted into a University of Delaware study abroad program, it's time to start taking care of program-related details. Click on an academic session below to see what's next. You are responsible for completing everything on the following checklist.


Pre-Departure Information

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Pre-Departure Information for Accepted Students

Over 1300 students study abroad through UD annually. It's important for these students to be as prepared as possible. To this end, IGS provides the following pre-departure resources to students.



Travel Study Handbook

What should you pack? What method of payment should you plan to use to buy meals and souvenirs? How can you look after yourself and your classmates while abroad?


Most study abroad programs go smoothly, and we hope that yours will too. To help ensure that, we suggest using the Travel Study Handbook for general reference and for understanding the importance of personal health, safety, and what to do in an emergency.


Travel Study Handbook (PDF)



Program-Specific Information

Every program has specific acceptance instructions and other program-specific information. To download and read the acceptance instructions for your program follow these steps:

  • Login to your application.
  • In the table, click the title of your program.  This will open your program’s website.
  • Scroll down the program’s webpage to the "Accepted Student" section (only visible to students Accepted to the program). This is where we will post important materials for your group over the coming months, so please check the website regularly.
  • Download, save and read a copy of your program’s Acceptance Instructions. It is your responsibility to complete all assigned steps by the deadlines.



Mandatory Pre-Departure Meetings

The mandatory pre-departure meetings will be announced by your faculty director or program coordinator. All times, dates, and locations will be posted to the program’s webpage. These meetings prepare you for your program and include details related to expectations, conduct, housing, food, weather, travel, etc. University study abroad policy requires that the course content be taught while you are abroad (not before you leave), and, although these meetings are not specifically course-related, they are required for your participation in the program. If you cannot attend, it’s your responsibility to contact your faculty directors ahead of time.


If there's specific information you would like to see, feel free to contact us; we welcome additional suggestions.

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