Study Abroad

Internships and Professional Experience


Want to take a strategic step towards your future career? Internships combine real world work experience with the resiliency and independence required for studying abroad. In a globalized economy, an international internship looks great to future employers.


There is no single format for UD’s internships abroad, as this will vary based on your discipline and the program to which you choose to apply. Unlike traditional study abroad, most internships require students to be placed within their major or intended career path. Often they are more selective, enroll fewer students than traditional study abroad programs, and some are limited to juniors and seniors. Some programs have an accompanying UD faculty member who arranges and oversees the internship placements on site;  others are supported by the local staff of an internship provider organization with whom UD is affiliated, and UD faculty supervise the internship course from the U.S. via distance learning. Students are responsible for reading the program webpage to find the specifics on their program.  All internships administered by IGS are unpaid and require enrollment in coursework for graded academic credit.


Some semester programs also include internship opportunities, allowing you to combine a traditional study abroad experience with professional development. Browse our program database by "Program Type" and "Internship" to see which programs offer internship opportunities. Check the program webpages for specifics.


Here are some guidelines and considerations for finding your own internship, volunteer experience, or work experience abroad.



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