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Financial Aid

Financial Aid for UD students

UD students may use the federal financial aid they receive - Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), Perkins, PLUS and Direct loans - plus loans through private educational lenders to offset the cost of semester-long study abroad programs. If you are not currently receiving federal aid, you may wish to consider applying for it to help cover your overseas expenses. It is important to keep in mind that any financial aid you wish to apply to program fees for study abroad programs must be received and processed before you leave for your study abroad destination. Promissory notes must be signed and their amounts must be reflected in your university account in advance.

Federal financial aid may be used to cover portions of the program fee and tuition. Students should check with Student Financial Services (SFS) regarding how their federal aid and scholarships can be used, and when they will be disbursed.


Students may also use eligible UD scholarships and grants for Fall or Spring semester study abroad programs.


Federal aid and UD aid may not be applied to Winter or Summer Sessions; however, a student may be able to use federal PLUS loan funds, alternative loans, and credit balances toward the cost of short-term study abroad programs.


If you are not currently receiving federal financial aid but are interested in applying, complete the online FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form at This site provides details concerning the federal financial aid program, as well as instructions on how to complete the online application. You should apply at least four weeks in advance of all payment deadlines to allow for processing and award packing. If you are applying later than this and are selected for a Verification Audit review, please contact an SFS advisor to ensure that your packaging is not delayed.


If you have already applied for financial aid for study abroad and/or have scholarship availability, please make an appointment with an SFS Advisor by calling 302-831-2126 or writing If you are approved to receive financial aid for study abroad, make sure that before departure you complete all requirements to disburse aid, resolve open items in your Financial To-Do list, and ensure that all study abroad fees will be covered.


If you are receiving Commitment to Delaware aid, please note that this funding cannot be applied to the program fee and may or may not be applicable to study abroad program tuition. Commitment to Delaware recipients should contact the Student Financial Services office with questions about the applicability of their aid package BEFORE making a commitment to study abroad.


Questions about financial aid for study abroad should be directed to a Student Financial Services Advisor at (select “Financial Aid” from the dropdown and the “Study Travel” subcategory) or by calling 302-831-2126.




Financial Aid for Non-UD students

If you are a student from another school, financial aid from your home institution may be applicable to UD semester-long study abroad programs. For example, federal loans and grants (Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Perkins, PLUS and Direct loans, etc.) can be used for study abroad. Federal financial aid can be used to cover the final balance of the program fee (not the initial deposit). Federal aid may not be applied to winter or summer session programs.

See the financial aid officer at your school to determine whether your current financial aid can be used for UD study abroad. And ask whether there are any other scholarships, grants, or loans for which you can apply.

Please note that any financial aid you’d like to apply toward study abroad must be received - checks must be signed and processed, and the information must appear on your student account - before you depart for your destination.

Once you have identified financial aid from your college/university that you want to apply to a UD study abroad program, ask your institution if they have a consortium agreement with the University of Delaware. If they do, have your institution send the appropriate completed consortium agreement forms to Operations Group, Student Financial Services, 30 Lovett Avenue, Newark, DE 19716. If no consortium agreement exists between your school and the University of Delaware, have your school write a letter requesting an agreement. Again, send the agreement request to the SFS Operations Group as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the process, contact Student Financial Services at 302-831-2126 or

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