Study Abroad


Checklist for
Fall and Spring Semesters

To help you figure out what to do next, we've created this checklist that outlines what to get done now, next month, and before you go. Read the checklist carefully and print a copy for your files. Remember, it is your responsibility to see that you complete all of the following. If you fail to turn in required materials and payments, you will not be allowed to participate in the study abroad program.


  • Get a passport, or, if you have one already, make sure it is valid for at least SIX months after the end of your program (does not apply to domestic program participants). If you need to apply for a new or renewed passport, do it NOW. The process currently takes 6-8 weeks.

There will be a Passport Day held on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, in the conference room (Room 104) of Elliott Hall, 26 E. Main Street, from 11:00-4:00. There will be a representative from the Post Office here to assist you. To apply for a passport you will need the following:

    • Birth certificate or naturalization certificate with a raised seal
    • Driver's license or state ID
    • Two official passport photos (can be taken on-site for $15 or at the UPS Store on Main St. -next to Newark Bagel - for $9.)
    • Cash or check for $110 passport fee made out to the USPS (no credit cards)
    • Separate cash or check for $25 processing fee

    The U.S. Department of State offers more information on obtaining a passport here.

  • Make deposits and final payments to your program fee by the deadlines. Non-UD students must mail a check to our office in Elliott Hall.
  • Non-UD Students: complete Biographic Info form
  • Requesting alternate flights: Before you complete the request form, we'd like to emphasize that these are only requests. Some airlines allow deviations within group reservations on the return flight only. If you need to fly separately to the destination, you will have to purchase your own flight. Please do not book a separate flight until you've received our approval. Requests will only be considered until the deadline date announced in your acceptance email. If your request is approved, the airline may charge you an additional deviator fee ($200 is not unusual). The request form may be submitted via the portal.
  • Read the Center for Disease Control and Department of State information regarding the regions and countries that you'll visit (do this before going to the step below)
  • Complete the mandatory on-line student orientation
  • Complete visa paperwork
    • If you are on a program which requires visas for U.S. citizens (e.g. Granada, Paris), watch for email instructions from your faculty director(s) or program coordinator.
    • For non-US citizens: it is your responsibility to research and complete all necessary paperwork. Your program coordinator is available to provide guidance on the process and, if needed, and official letter detailing your "proof of participation"
  • Review your HTH and SOS insurance policies (not for domestic program participants)
  • Read and agree to the mandatory agreement and release form. This can be accessed through the online portal. Students who do not complete this step wil not be permitted to participate in a program. Students under the age of 18 will need to obtain the signature of a parent or gaurdian. A copy of the release is available here as a PDF document, FOR READING ONLY.




  • Attend your program's orientation meetings (check here for dates)
  • These orientation/pre-departure meetings require a total commitment of 4-5 hours. The meetings are required to prepare you for your program and include details related to expectations, conduct, housing, food, weather, and travel etc. University study abroad policy requires that the course content be taught while you are abroad (not before you leave) and although these meetings are not specifically course-related, they are required.
  • Bring two copies of your passport to your program's first orientation meeting
  • Register for courses. (For Fall participants, complete this by early May. For Spring participants, complete this by late-November)
  • Make arrangements for financial aid (For Fall participants, complete this by late-April. For Spring participants, complete this by late-November)
  • Remember to make deposits and final program fee payments
  • Make sure that you've completed the on-line orientation
  • Cancel or defer your on-campus housing
    • To do so, log into UDSIS and complete a "Request for Release" form. Select "other" as the reason for needing to cancel your contract, and write "study abroad" and the semester in the Comments section of the form. Then, forward your study abroad acceptance e-mail to the Housing office at Ask for a written confirmation from the Housing office to make sure that they received your request. Note that cancellations/deferrals are due May 31 and December 20. For information on releases and cancellations, please see
  • Attend any mandatory Student Health orientation meeting which may be required for your host country. NOTE: Students who do not attend one of these meetings are ineligible to receive travel immunizations at Student Health Services.



PRIOR TO DEPARTURE (For Fall participants, complete these in May or August. For Spring participants, complete these in December.)

  • Make final program fee and tuition payments by the deadline
  • Watch this Program Orientation Video Series when assigned by your faculty or program director.
  • View the online health video, which is relevant to ALL travel destinations.
  • Attend your program's orientation meetings (check here for dates)
  • Check with your faculty director about registering at the U.S. embassies in the countries where you will travel
  • Carefully read this health & safety handbook
  • Make sure to update your contact information, in case anything has changed
  • Buy your textbooks
  • Pick-up your plane ticket. Make sure you have your plane ticket before you leave campus. Remember, we cannot release your plane ticket if you have not paid your program fee or turned in all of your program materials.
  • See your doctor/dentist to:
    • get any vaccinations you may need
    • get copies of all prescriptions (including chemical composition)
  • Arrange for transportation to the departure airport (at your expense).




  • Health and Safety is a top priority for us while you are abroad - make sure it is one of your priorities as well. We've created an extensive resource to address other things you'll need to know while abroad - from managing roommate issues to obtaining the right voltage converter for electrical equipment (such as a hairdryer). Please take the time to Know Before You Go.






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