Study Abroad

Information for Faculty

Thank you for exploring the possibility of developing and directing a study abroad or domestic travel study program! The information on this page was written to help potential faculty directors think through the planning and proposal process. If you don't know much about directing a program, we encourage you to read the information that follows and to talk to staff in the Institute for Global Studies and to colleagues who have directed programs in the past. (Go to the list of programs for winter and summer session, and you'll see the names of the faculty directors.) We also encourage you to attend one of the workshops on developing a program. Proposals are due approximately one year in advance, and you will probably need a semester of lead time to prepare. We look forward to working with you during this early phase of your program.



Getting Started

Experiencing and teaching in another place can be a great opportunity, and we want to make sure that it fulfills your expectations. Read the info in this section to get you started.




IGS Database

Use this resource to complete forms and manage your program. Organization is key and we want to ensure you have a wonderful experience.



Once Approved:

We've created a checklist that outlines what to get done now, over the coming months, and before your group heads overseas.



For any additional questions, don't hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call:
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