Study Abroad

Delaware Diplomats

Engage with the global community.
Connect with other UD students.
Earn scholarships for study abroad.

Apply Here by September 15.

The purpose of the Delaware Diplomats is to increase accessibility to study abroad, to prepare students for successful experiences abroad and to encourage their growth as global citizens. The Delaware Diplomats are a community of UD undergraduate students interested in international affairs, cultures, art, history and international education. By participating in on-campus events with a global focus students earn scholarship funds for UD study abroad programs.


Why join the Delaware Diplomats?


The University of Delaware values global citizenship, which requires a sustained effort to connect students with the global community, both on and off campus. Delaware Diplomats helps students engage with the world, find their passion and think critically about their role in the global community.

By joining the Delaware Diplomats, students connect with the global community on campus. These connections help develop cross-cultural competency, language skills, readiness for study abroad, insights that are helpful in the global job market, new friendships and awareness of global issues.

Delaware Diplomats earn scholarship money for UD study abroad! Students can earn from $500 to $1,500 towards a UD study abroad or UD internship abroad programs.

Want to become a Delaware Diplomat? Apply here to join the program from May 1 through September 15. Once accepted you will start earning your scholarship.  

Who should apply? The program is open to all current freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

Please email us at if you have further questions about the Delaware Diplomats Program.





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