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Welcome back!  


This section is designed to help returning students bring culturally appropriate closure to their journeys, while preparing them for their homecoming and long term reflection on their experience.


You probably looked forward to coming home – regardless of how exciting and life-changing your study abroad experience was – and now that you’re here, you may be feeling confused, with many mixed emotions.  This is completely normal.  In fact, many students returning from studying abroad find that in some ways it may be more challenging to readjust to life back in the U.S. than it was to go abroad.  Chances are, the U.S. may not look the same way it did before leaving to study abroad. A student may see home with new eyes and may also be more critical of U.S. cultural traditions once thought to be "normal". This is called reverse culture shock, and UD offers tips to help you cope with re-entry stress


In addition, most students are eager to share their journey, and would love talk to other students about how the experience changed their lives. You may also be interested in learning how your study abroad experience may benefit your career, or at least how it might make your resume stand out to employers.


10 Steps for Once You Get Back


  1. Follow @UDGlobal on Twitter to keep up-to-date with global activities on-campus.
  2. Think about submitting an entry in the Study Abroad Photo Contest.
  3. Share your stories!  The University of Delaware invites you to share your positive impressions of the world with the world. Mention @UDGlobal on Instagram and Twitter to appear on official University social media, and include #UDAbroad.  Remember to use good judgment when creating posts as content can go anywhere on the Internet, and represent the University, as well as you. For more information, visit
  4. Order your study abroad sash for graduation through the UD bookstore.
  5. Contact a faculty director to see if you might be needed to speak at an interest meeting. The next group of study abroad participants would love to hear stories of study abroad alumni.
  6. Work in the Institute for Global Studies office. Students are hired to assist the staff and answer questions about study abroad programs. Contact James Bell at 302-831-2852 for more information.
  7. If you acquired fluency in a second language, find opportunities to use your skill at home. You can volunteer to work as a tutor for the English Language Institute, or become a member of a language club on campus.
  8. Join one of the student clubs that support international students and students who have had international experiences.
  9. Keep in touch with the culture:
      • Correspond with your homestay family if you had one.
      • If living with someone from that country appeals to you, consult UD Residence Life, or put an ad in the UD classifieds (if you live off-campus).
      • To keep current on events in your study abroad country, the University of Delaware's library has a wide variety of foreign newspapers and periodicals.
  10. Non-UD students: request a copy of your transcript.


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