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Institutional Agreements

The Institute for Global Studies provides assistance to all academic units in drafting formal institutional agreements with colleges and universities overseas and expedites the approval process within the University. We also serve as the central repository of information on UD's ongoing global partnerships and provide an interactive map of active international institutional agreements.


Institutional Agreements are designed to establish a formal foundation for long-term, recurring international collaboration with strategic partners identified by the University community. The University of Delaware uses a two-tiered system for global partnerships:


  1. A General Agreement is signed by the University of Delaware President and his counterpart.  This document creates formal linkages between the partnering institutions and provides a broad framework for collaborative activities.  This is a University-wide agreement that allows for all colleges and administrative units to negotiate collaborative activities with the partner institution in Supplemental Agreements.  General Agreements must be signed before Supplemental Agreements can be initiated  


Note: General Agreements do not commit any UD resources to the partnership; those details must be clearly identified and described in Supplemental Agreements.


  1. A Supplemental Agreement is signed and entered into by the relevant campus unit(s). As stated above, Supplementary Agreements detail specific activities, including the commitment of resources and acceptance of obligations by the partner units. These agreements are flexible in design length and commitment, although they will be vetted to assure there is no violation of university policy.


Additional Supplementary Agreements may be signed as new departments become interested in collaborating with an established partner institution.  Once a General Agreement is signed, any and all colleges and academic units are able to negotiate Supplemental Agreements specific to their proposed activities.  Supplemental Agreements are normally signed by the relevant college dean and the relevant unit head.



When unusual circumstances prevent the use of the University of Delaware’s template, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) may be signed.   In all cases, IGS must be contacted before the agreement is signed to review and ensure compliance with University policies.

Getting Started

The University of Delaware has a mechanism for establishing formal international partnerships through General (GA) and Supplemental Agreements (SA).  When initiating a new partnership, the University of Delaware prefers to use its own template that has been vetted by UD’s General Counsel rather than accept an agreement model from another individual or institution.  If the UD template cannot be used, then alternative formats may be used provided they are processed through IGS.   

UD faculty and staff should contact IGS regarding any potential and viable partners. In order to be valid, all international agreements require appropriate approval and authorization and must be routed through IGS prior to being shared with a proposed partner.


All new General Agreement Proposals require: 


  1. A completed General Agreement Proposal Form
  2. Letter of Support from relevant Dean
  3. Letter of Support from corresponding Department Chairs or Director. 

 It is essential that you discuss the proposed activities with your unit administrators in advance to ensure that there will be resources available to support the partnership. International agreements that engage multiple departments, units, or colleges at both UD and the partner institution are strongly encouraged.


Proposals will be reviewed by IGS and approved by the Associate Provost for International Programs/Director of IGS.  If approved, IGS will generate the UD General Agreement, as well as any required Supplementary Agreements tailored to the specific proposal.


After the approval of the agreement, IGS will obtain the necessary signatures from UD's President, Provost, Deans, and other corresponding parties, as appropriate; will forward copies to the partner institution; and will house the University's copies of all agreements. IGS also maintains an interactive map of all UD international partners.


Academic units seeking to establish new Supplementary Agreements with partners with whom UD already has a General Agreement will not be required to submit a proposal form, but must work with IGS in developing specific programs and/or activities.


While IGS is the unit authorized to negotiate drafts of international agreements with contacts at partner institutions, this process will be conducted in consultation with the corresponding units at UD and the senior administration.


If you have any questions about this process, or how to submit a proposal form, contact IGS directly at (302) 831-2852 or email Dan Bottomley (, IGS Associate Director for Global Contracts & Grants.




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