2018 NSP Staff

Dr. Muqtedar Khan
Faculty Director

Dr. Muqtedar Khan Ph.D. (Georgetown University, 2000) joined the Department of Political Science & International Relations in 2005.

His areas of interest are Politics of the Middle East and South Asia, Political Islam, Islamic Political Thought and American Foreign Policy in the Muslim World. Professor Khan teaches courses on Arab and Middle Eastern Politics, Politics of Development, Globalization, and Islam in World Affairs.




Dr. Dan Bottomley
Principal Investigator

Dr. Dan Bottomley is the Associate Director for Global Partnerships & Programs at UD’s Institute for Global Studies.

A native of Rockford, Illinois, Dr. Dan spent his childhood and undergraduate life in the Midwest, but moved to escape the frigid winters of Illinois and earn his Doctorate in Political Science & International Relations.  Dr. Dan’s research background is in on the religions and politics of Southeast Asia with a focus on the relationship between Islam and Indonesian nationalism.

When not working, Dr. Dan enjoys spending time with his wife Caitlin (they will be celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary at the very beginning of the program this year), playing with 2-year old daughter Mae, and relaxing with his dogs Simon and Louie.  He is also an enthusiastic traveler who likes to meet new people and experience foreign cultures throughout the world. In fact, he has set a personal goal of getting at least one new stamp on his passport every year and can’t wait to have the opportunity to visit your home country sometime soon!


Rachel Garcia
Rachel Garcia
Program Coordinator

Rachel Garcia Rachel Garcia is a Program Coordinator at the University of Delaware and attended University of Delaware for her bachelor's and master's degrees. Her passions lie in cross-cultural and global engagement. She strongly believes that an important component in creating a more tolerant, diverse world, is focusing on internationalizing our university campuses through meaningful cross-cultural experiences.

Aside from Rachel's work and studies, she enjoys anything involving fitness, sports and being outdoors. This is includes her most recent fitness passion; Crossfit. Her favorite sports are soccer and baseball, though football and basketball follow closely behind. Typically in the summer when not working, Rachel can be found at the beach, her favorite place to be when it is warm. Her summer also usually includes a trip to Puerto Rico to visit her family and of course, spend as much time on the beaches as possible. She also enjoys reading during her free-time, especially books about anything political. She is also an avid lover of film, especially Spanish & Latin American films and political documentaries. When she isn't reading, working out, watching movies or at the beach, typically she can be found out with friends or spending time with her family.


This is a program of the U.S. Department of State, administered by the University of Delaware.

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