Where will we be staying?

You will be housed in a single-bed hotel room at the Candlewood Suites in Newark, and share a hotel room with another participant of the same gender during the study tour. On the study tour, you will have your own bed, but share a bedroom and bathroom with another person.

How can I contact people at home?

We encourage you to use Skype and/or WhatsApp for less expensive means of communicating with your families back home. In your Newark-based hotel, wired and wireless options are available in Rooms, Suites, Business Center, Public Areas, and Meeting Convention Spaces. Per the hotel, standard wireless internet service is free for all members.

While computer labs are available to you throughout the program, we suggest you bring a laptop. Please note that laptops left unattended may be stolen or misplaced, so remember that you are responsible for your laptop while in the U.S. If you decide not to bring your laptop on the study tour, it can be stored in a secure location.  If you’d like to buy a mobile device while in Newark, there are many options on Main St. and staff will assist you in getting to the store.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

Since the weather will be hot, bring comfortable (light-weight) everyday clothes. We will have 1-2 more formal events where the dress code is business casual. You are also welcome to wear traditional clothes at a formal dinner if you like. We would also suggest bringing swimwear if you wish to use the pool or visit the beach while in the U.S. We also recommend sunglasses and a hat since you will be in the sun when you walk around campus and when we travel. It is also recommended that you wear sunscreen, especially when the weather is sunny, and drink plenty of water.

What places will we visit?

You will be in the small college town of Newark, Delaware (not to be confused with the huge industrial city - Newark, New Jersey - just one state away) for most of the program with focused study tours in New York City; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Carlisle, Pennsylvania; Austin, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; and Washington, D.C. Each of these regions has distinct cultures and sometimes even the language (dialect) is quite different.

I'd like more information on the Institute. Is there a calendar of activities?

Yes, a calendar of activities will be uploaded soon!


How will I pay for meals?

You will receive cash payments in U.S. dollars to cover all of your meals and incidental expenses (laundry costs, etc.). We will be giving you these payments in two disbursements, and you will be responsible for the monies so be sure to budget accordingly.


I want to buy some books that aren't part of the program. Are these covered by the program?

In addition to the monies you will receive for meals and incidental expenses, we will also be giving you an allowance to cover the costs of any books or cultural materials you wish to purchase that are not part of the program. This will be given to you when you arrive.


When will sessions meet?

When at the University of Delaware, sessions will usually start around 9:30 am and you are expected to attend each meeting. All times are noted on your schedules and any changes will be announced to you in advance. In the event that illness or any other urgent or unforeseen circumstances prevents you from attending a session, please let a program staff member know immediately.

I have dietary restrictions, how can UD accommodate these?

Newark’s main street has several restaurants that cater to numerous dietary needs (Halal, vegan, vegetarian, etc.) as do the University of Delaware’s cafeterias and local grocery stores. No matter what diet you choose to follow, we will work with you to accommodate your needs.

I want to attend religious services during the program, can I go?

Yes, we will provide transportation to your places of worship during the program.

How far away is our hotel from campus? Do we need to take a bus?

Your hotel is an approximately 30-minute walk from UD’s main campus, so it’s recommended that you take a UD bus.  When taking the UD bus, you will primarily use the North South College Avenue route.  Further information can be found by clicking here. For a campus map, please click here.


I would like to plan my own meetings/visits during the program Can I take a weekend off for a visit?

Independent side trips are allowed during the SUSI program’s free days, but you must be present for all program activities. Please discuss any travel plans with the SUSI program staff.

This is a program of the U.S. Department of State, administered by the University of Delaware.

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