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The US Embassy (or other U.S. mission) working with you will supply your visa and other required documentation to enter the United States and will provide your airline tickets. If you have any doubt about your documents or have concerns about your tickets, please contact the Embassy immediately.

Participants will arrive at the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) directly from overseas; others will first arrive elsewhere in the United States before continuing. You will process through customs and immigration inspection at whatever airport you first arrive into the United States. This process is carried out by U. S. Customs and Boarder Protection. Before you depart, you should refer to the Institute's customs page.

If you are not arriving directly into Washington, it is extremely important that you deplane quickly, then proceed directly to claim your baggage, and proceed directly through inspection as these matters may take some time. After being admitted into the United States, go directly to your connecting gate - so as not to miss your flight. Once there, you may have time to get some food or make a phone call.

If you arrive in Philadelphia after first entering the United States elsewhere, proceed through the exit door from the gate area towards baggage claim and ground transportation. You will be met on the public side of the exit door. If you do not see your greater, proceed to the baggage claim for your flight, collect your baggage and wait there. (Please do not leave the baggage claim area; DO NOT go to the international arrival area).

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