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To ensure that the Poster Gallery is successful, we expect the active participation of all conference participants. The goal of the Poster Gallery Project is to strengthen the civic engagement projects you are developing in your home countries. The three objectives of this session are as follows:
1) Communicate your individual idea, project, or advocacy initiative.
2) Challenge your peers to improve their projects through constructive feedback.
3) Network with others pursuing similar goals in your country or across the region.


You will create electronic presentations using PowerPoint. The final draft will be printed by the University of Delaware and will be brought to the conference by university administrative personnel. Please use the attached template to create your poster. All posters must be saved in PPT format. Poster will not be accepted in other formats.
All posters must be 24 inches by 36 inches (61cm by 92 cm) in size. You are free to design your posters within the confines of the formatting and content guidelines provided.

Your poster should reflect the current stage of your project (idea, planning, beginning, or advanced). The poster should address questions such as:

o Title of Project

o Author

o Country

o Statement of the Problem: Why are you doing this project? The problem is something missing in your community, or something exists and you wish to improve, it is not the objectives!

o Data: What information or data exists to prove that this is a real problem in your country? (graphs and charts work well)

o Objectives: What are the objectives of your project? What will it do for society?

o Activities: What are the steps you will take to reach objective?

o Measurements of Success/Evaluation: How will you measure the success of your project? Have you accomplished your objectives?

o Budget: How will you be funded?

o Collaborators: Any organization that will work with you, including, but not limited to, sponsors

You will be required to submit a draft copy for review by Professor Tracey Holden, who will in turn suggest changes to help you convey and communicate your project effectively. After receiving the commented draft poster from UD, you will edit and resubmit a final poster for printing. Failure to submit your draft and final poster by the set deadline will result in your ineligibility to attend the MEPI Alumni Professional Development Conference.