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The MEPI students assisted the Mary Campbell Center residents during a recreational therapy session The center is home to 67 residents, each with different disabilities.

MEPI Civic Engagement Poster Projects: Overview

Dear MEPI Student Leaders,

The poster project represents a fundamental component of the MEPI Student Leaders Program and MEPI Student Leaders Alumni Professional Development Conference to be held in February. At the conference, you will present your final posters, which are designed to convey the civic engagement project idea that you initially developed during the MEPI program last summer. The poster that you present must follow specific formatting and content guidelines, which remain unchanged from the template that you created during your MEPI experience. Accordingly, this website is intended to provide you with specific information about how to format your poster and the steps that you will need to take in order to ensure that your poster meets all guidelines for the MEPI SLP and alumni conference.

On this website, you will be able to find guidelines and instructions that walk you through the process of creating and developing a poster. You can skip the first section if you already know how to use Microsoft Powerpoint, but please read the rest of pages thoroughly and use the specific color and background guidelines provided to you. Your poster project is an integral element of the MEPI SLP and alumni conference and may serve as a precursor to pursuing your civic engagement project idea in your home community.


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  • Professor Carolyn Bartoo (Communication)
  • Associate Director Dan Bottomley (Principal Investigator)
  • Professor Barbara Cullis (Business and Economics)
  • Professor Alan Fox (Philosophy)
  • Dr. Daniel Freeman (Business and Economics)
  • Rachel Garcia (Program Coordinator)
  • Professor Debra Hess-Norris (Art Conservation)
  • Professor Tracey Holden (Academic Director)
  • Professor Muqtedar Khan (Political Science and International Relations)
  • Professor Jennifer Lambe (Communication)
  • Professor Jason Mycoff (Political Science and International Relations)
  • Professor Kate Riera (Human Development and Family Studies)
  • Dr. Bahira Trask (Human Development and Family Studies)


Participants From:

Saudi Arabia
West Bank
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