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English Language Assistance

As the program might very well be your first time in an environment where English is the only language used for communication, many students worry about not being able to catch up with the speakers or not being able to express their ideas adequately. If this is the case, or if you don't feel very confident in your fluency, you can use information from this page to help you prepare for the program. Listening to talks that are provided by speaker platforms (Like TED), or lectures from various English-speaking universities around the world (Available on Youtube, iTunesU,, and many other websites), or learning about conventions of academic writing in English is definitely something that will come in handy in the program, as language will be less of an issue and you will be able to focus on the content of the discussions.

The program will not only require you to have strong speaking and listening skills, but will also have an intensive writing component that could help you in the future for writings grants, working on your own projects, or even for your personal benefit. The writing center at the University of Delaware has a webpage that provides students with a number of resources and handouts to help them learn about matters of style, grammar and citing; you can access it here to improve your writing skills.

Moreover, you can access any of the following websites that can provide you with access to more resources to develop your English skills:

Funding for the Student Leaders Program is provided by the U.S. Department of State.



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