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August, 2012

Moamed Hamed, President of the Mariam Foundation, returns from his trip to the USA

The Presidenta of Mariam Foundation - Mohamed Hamed - came back from his trip to the United States for the MEPI Students Leaders Program, that is funded by the US State Department

Ambassador leaders were chosen from Arab countries and the Arab community in the country, to represent their communities and the problems they face at home, in front of American government ministries and civil institutions there. The program allows an opportunity for students who have civic participation and academic achievement. The students have been trained in the program on the development of civil society, and deepen the concept of democratic participation, and positive leadership skills.

Mohammed Said Hamed was chosen to participate in the program at the University of Delaware, in addition to ambassadors from various Arab countries. Mohamed Saeed Hamed has expressed how pleased he is of this program, where it opens doors to get to know a lot of ambassadors of the Arab countries and addressing their problems and find common solutions to these problems. Hamed stressed on the efforts made by the university administration to create a family atmosphere, and contribute to the success of the program and support the ambassadors of the Arab countries.

In this program, which lasted for more than a month and a half, Moahmed Saeed Hamed had met many representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives and senior staff in the State Department, most notably Senator Jack Reed, MP for the state of Rhode Island in the Senate.

Mohamed Said Hamed was selected as a representative of the Arab community in the country in addition to five others, are: Amal Nasser Aoun, Shaima Mahajna, Ubaida Abu League, Mahmoud Abu Arbor and Mary Hadad, where each of the represented a group in the Arab community in the country, and Mohammed Said Hamed represented the businessmen in Mariam Foundation to fight cancer, which offers financial and emotional support to cancer patients and their families, which is the first of its kind that keen to provide all possible for them.

It is worth mentioning that Mariam Foundation is preparing to accomplish the Mariam Foundation conference for businessmen, where there will be an introduction of the foundation and its work and achievements so far, and to open the opportunity for them to donate and support the foundation.


Translation by Duaa Al Meshqab

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